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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 May 2006, 11:16 GMT 12:16 UK
Waiting in the wings

Sunday AM, on Sunday 07 May 2006

Gordon Brown MP
Gordon Brown MP

On today's programme, the Chancellor of the Exchequer re-emphasised his demand for a 'stable and orderly' transition of power from Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown said that because the Prime Minister has already announced he will not seek a fourth term, people would look to Mr Blair to manage the handover.

However the Chancellor would not be drawn on any possible timetable - despite calls from some of his supporters for Tony Blair to give details of when he will stand down.

"We don't need outriders dictating the agenda", Mr Brown said.

He went on: "It is a matter for Tony and the Labour Party themselves and no doubt people will continue to discuss this with him. But at the end of the day, I get on with my job."

George Osborne MP
George Osborne MP

Andrew discussed last week's local elections with the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne - who talked about how the Conservatives intend to build on their winning performance.

Mr Osborne outlined plans to broaden the party's appeal and make it more inclusive.

"It's about getting more women into Parliament, getting people from different social backgrounds into Parliament, getting people of different ethnic minorities into Parliament," he said.

However he continued: "I don't think it's how you look or indeed how you sound that matters.

People want to know, are you interested in their lives, do you understand the problems of their cities - and we are determined to show that we do."

Carol Thatcher and George Pascoe-Watson
Newspapers reviewed by Carol Thatcher and George Pascoe-Watson

Andrew also talked to the actor Samantha Bond - better known as Miss Moneypenny in the recent 007 films - who is currently starring in the West End revival of "Donkey's Years" by Michael Frayn.

The Beautiful South performed their new single "Manchester" live, for the first time.

Carol Thatcher and George Pascoe-Watson, political editor of The Sun, reviewed the newspapers.

Sunday AM will be back with a live outside broadcast from London.

Sunday AM on Sunday 14 May at 09.00am on BBC One.


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