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Last Updated: Friday, 7 July 2006, 16:51 GMT 17:51 UK
Terror on the Number 30
Number 30 bus destroyed by a bomb in Tavistock Sqaure (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/PA)
Real Story
Friday, 7 July, 2006
One year on from the London bomb blasts Real Story tells the stories of those caught up in the terrorist attack now known as 7/7.

Real Story was one of the first programmes to report on the atrocity and featured compelling first hand testimony from those directly involved in the bus bomb on Tavistock Square, which claimed the lives of 13 people and injured more then 110 others.

We revisit those victim's lives on the anniversary to ask them how they have come to terms with the trauma.

We speak to Gous Ali whose partner, Neetu Jain, died on the Number 30 bus. He is still traumatised about the death of Neetu and angry at the bombers who claim to have acted in the name of Islam.

One year-on he travels to Beeston, in Leeds, where three of the London bombers came from to find answers.

As a Muslim he cannot come to terms with their reasons for the atrocity.

He goes to the house of bus bomber Hasib Hussian and confronts Hasib's father Mahmood Hussain.

In the programme, Neetu Jain was referred to as Gous Ali's wife. Mr Ali has asked us to to clarify that Ms Jain was his girlfriend and the couple were not married.

Why Gous Ali confronted the suicide bomber's father


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