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Having just watched your programme on victims of terror, I am appalled at the lack of help for these people when one considers how much money is wasted in this country on criminals.
Lois Pack, UK

I was incredibly moved by the plight of the families interviewed as part of this week's Real Story.
E R Light, UK

My son was killed last March in Thailand by a Thai National and I too was appalled by the lack of help you receive from the F.C.O.
Yvonne Hart, England

Firstly, I would like to send my condolences to the relatives of victims of terrorism, both here and abroad. I watched with interest your programme last night about the bomb victims and the failure by our government to compensate them. I think its absolutely disgusting that these victims are left to fend for themselves. Many of them cannot work and have no real source of income. I was astonished that the government recommended the relatives to seek compensation from the perpetrators! The work by the campaigner is commendable and I wish him luck in his tireless campaign to seek financial security for the victim's relatives.
Ryan Clark, UK

Shockingly informative. It is admirable what Trevor Lakin is trying to do for the victims of terrorist attacks whilst abroad.
Judith Rowe, England

Just a quick note to congratulate you all on a very needed and well made film on the Forgotten Victims of Holiday Terror last night.
Peter Chambers, England

I was shocked at the plight of the victims of the terrorist bombs abroad. The government representative quite rightly said that it is not their fault that these people have been injured but we must set up a fund to help them. I regularly donate money for people in need all over the world. Here we have families on our own door step who need our help and support.
Mrs C Hill, UK

I would like to thank Fiona Bruce and team for the programme last night about compensation for terrorist attacks. My daughter was in the Bali bombing in 2002 and the effects on her have been devastating.
Patricia Sandall, Bovingdon, Herts, England

It was disturbing watching last night's programme about the lack of help and compensation from the UK Government. I have emailed Fiona MacTaggart to explain her stance and attitude towards the victims.
Mr G Edwards, Uk

I was completely moved by the stories of those injured in terrorist attacks whilst abroad and the lack of support shown for them by our government.
Marisa Baldwin, UK

Is there any way ordinary members of the public can bring pressure on the government to recognise its basic duty of care to its citizens? To try to sue a suicide bomber for damages sounds nonsense.
Ted Rose

This is what the BBC is about, but don't let the pressure on the government drop. I was so disgusted at the government's response I was ashamed to be British.
Sally Bellamy, UK

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