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Anthony Walker - The Real Story
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker - The Real Story
Friday 2 December, 2005
1930 GMT, BBC One

The family of murdered black teenager Anthony Walker reveal their anguish, as well as an extraordinary capacity for forgiveness, in an exclusive interview with Real Story.

Paul Taylor admitted inflicting a fatal blow to Anthony's head with an ice axe. Michael Barton, who denied the killing, was convicted for suppying the weapon and starting the confrontation.

Speaking from their home in Merseyside, Anthony's parents Stephen and Gee tell Fiona Bruce about their teenage son's life - his devout Christianity and his love of sport.

Gee remembers chatting at Anthony's primary school gates with Paul Taylor's mother. The Walker, Taylor and Barton families all lived in the same neighbourhood.

'Never had a chance'

Anthony's white girlfriend Louise was standing at the bus stop with him on the fatal summer's evening when Barton and Taylor started shouting racial abuse.

In her first television interview, she tells how she escaped with him through the park, only to witness the attack in which he "never had a chance."

The programme also hears from Anthony's sister Dominique who begged local people to give information to the police.

The chief investigating officer from the Merseyside force, Peter Currie, talks through the events leading up to the crime.

He reveals how the way he dealt with this case was affected by the outcome of the McPherson Report into the Stephen Lawrence murder.

Real Story presents a picture of this part of Merseyside - a mainly white area where two young men attacked and killed someone they had grown up with - because of the colour of his skin.

Anthony Walker - The Real Story - BBC ONE on Friday 2 December at 1930 GMT.

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