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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 18:06 GMT
Killer in the Cab
Killer In The Cab
Monday 21 November 2005
1930 GMT, BBC One
BBC Action Line: 08000 922 021

There are around 500,000 active HGV drivers on Britain's roads, according to the Department for Transport.

Hundreds of thousands more drivers hold the same license to drive goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Real Story reveals that an alarming percentage of them could suffer from a common sleep disorder which, if left untreated, could lead to potentially fatal road accidents.

We discover why some truck drivers who suspect they may have the condition are to frightened too come forward.

Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is not funded in some parts of the country, while in many others there are long waiting lists.

Real Story shows the full extent of this disorder and the devastation it can cause if left untreated or a diagnosis is ignored.

We feature the families whose lives have been torn apart following accidents caused by HGV drivers suddenly falling asleep at the wheel.

The BBC Action Line: 08000 922 021 can provide information on organisations dealing with sleep problems.

Real Story: BBC ONE on Monday 21 November at 1930 GMT.

This is a BFM / GRACE production for BBC ONE.

Unfortunately, this edition of Real Story is not available to watch on the website because of copyright issues. We're unable to provide viewers with tapes for the same reason.

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