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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 October, 2003, 17:44 GMT
Baby deaths mother
Angela Cannings
Angela Cannings is appealing against her conviction
Last year Angela Cannings was convicted of murder after three of her children suffered cot deaths. From the moment she was arrested Angela has always maintained her innocence.

Reporter John Sweeney produces new evidence that suggests that far from being a killer Angela is the latest in a line of women falsely accused of killing their babies.

The case against Angela was supported by the same experts who got it wrong in the prosecutions of Cheshire Solicitor Sally Clark and pharmacist Trupti Patel.

The original trial heard that her babies could not have died of cot death if they were healthy one minute and dead the next.

But ahead of her appeal next week new experts have come forward to give evidence that suggests this is not unusual in cot death families.

And extensive research into Angela Cannings family tree by the BBC has unearthed startling new evidence that one expert has described as "the Eureka moment that will set Angela free."

Real Story: BBC One, Monday 3 November 2003 at 1930 GMT and streamed live on the Real Story website.

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