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Kosovo massacre trial
Saranda Bogujevci
Saranda returned to the scene of the massacre

When Saranda Bogujevci was 13 years old she was among 19 women and children gunned down by a Serbian death squad in Kosovo.

Saranda lost her mother, grandmother and two younger brothers in the massacre which left seven women and seven children dead. Saranda was shot 16 times and left for dead among a pile of corpses in a garden of her hometown of Podujevo.

Real Story follows Saranda, now 18, as she returns to Serbia in search of justice.

She, together with her four cousins who also survived the massacre, travel to Belgrade to give evidence against the people they believe carried out the atrocity in March 1999 - a special Serbian unit known as the Scorpions.

Recalling the moment she was shot, Saranda tells the programme: "When it hit me my whole body just went numb. I couldn't really feel anything.

"I saw holes in my coat and a big hole in my hand. When I moved I heard something just click around the elbow - I think my bone just broke."

Saranda and her cousins were taken to a Serb-occupied hospital in Pristina by a local doctor who warned them to say they were victims of Nato bombing.

When United Nations forces entered Kosovo a British Army surgeon arranged for Saranda and her cousins to be evacuated to Manchester from where their lives would be transformed.

Real Story: Monday 18 August at 1930 BST on BBC ONE and the Real Story website.

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