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Parenting lessons
Parent with child

Unruly children regularly hit the headlines and invariably fingers are pointed at the parents.

This Real Story follows a single mum of five who, desperate to control her kids, embarks on a new parent education programme developed in America.

Rhonda from Wigan is having problems with some of her children - they don't come in on time; don't go to bed when they are told to and are constantly arguing and fighting.

She turns to the Behaviour Support Team who suggest she tries out a brand new parenting system from the United States.

Desperate to regain control over her children, having tried threats, smacking and shouting, she agrees to participate in the programme.

Fiona Bruce follows Rhonda and her children to find out if the scheme can make the difference in this large household.

Diana Fund

The public gave millions so that Princess Diana's charity work could carry on after her death.

We examine the real story of why her fund's grants have now been frozen.

A legal battle over Diana dolls has been draining the trust's resources and means charities will have to close.

Facing a compensation bill which could put them out of business for good, the trustees now admit they should not have pursued the case against the Franklin Mint.

John Stapleton asks how a fund with access to some of the most experienced and expensive lawyers in the land could embark on legal action it was destined to lose.

Body art

It used to be considered an extreme of self-expression, now it's the ultimate in designer retail therapy.

Body art - tattoes and piercings - has well and truly moved on from its old image of backstreets and blood poisoning.

Morland Sanders meet Britain's most modified man - Dave Smith - who's spent almost 40,000 on tattooes and metal implants for his body.

We also talk to the celebrity tattoist who has designed tattoes for David Beckham and Spice Girl Mel C - and we go behind the scenes at Selfridges exclusive tattoo parlour where shoppers can indulge in the latest designs.

Real Story: Monday 28 July at 1930 BST on BBC ONE and the Real Story website.

The following organisation produces the Parenting Wisely CD rom which was featured in the programme:

Family Works, Inc.
340 West State Street
Suite 135B, Unit 19
Athens, Ohio 45701 USA
Phone: (001) 740 - 5939505
Email: jolleyg@familyworksinc.com

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