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House price boom
Estate agents
In the first programme of a new series, we look at the real story behind house price surveys, care home closures and Jeffrey Archer's future as an ex-convict.

House price boom

As the average first time home now costs more than the average first time buyer can afford, demand for houses at the bottom end of the ladder is drying up.

Real Story has spent six months following couples struggling to become homeowners, and examines how the shortage of first time buyers is depressing house prices across the country.

But what we all want to know is - will things improve?

Fiona Bruce reports.

Care homes

Going into a care home or placing your elderly relative in one can be a distressing experience. But what if the home then closes down?

Moving care homes can not only be traumatic for the residents, it can prove fatal.

Morland Sanders followed the closure of a residential care home in Liverpool - Erlscote. Within just nine days of closing down one resident died and within eight weeks three more followed.

Real Story also looks at the case of Violet Townsend from Gloucester who died five days after being moved from her care home of six years after Gloucestershire County Council refused to pay an increase in fees of less than 10 a day.

Reinventing Jeffrey

Jeffrey Archer has gone from political heavyweight to panto villain. He has been an actor, a writer, a politician, a teacher and even an art dealer.

But will he be able to reinvent himself when, in a week's time, he leaves prison and goes on parole after a life of money, power and influence?

Max Flint asks whether Lord Archer the ex-convict has any chance of winning back his old friends.

The millionaire author will doubtless emerge from jail with hundreds of storylines for crime novels. But will prison have taught him to be sorry for what he has done?

Real Story was broadcast on Monday, 14 July, on BBC One and on the Real Story website.

Morland Sanders
"It's time for Maisie to say her goodbyes"

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