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Last Updated: Monday, 10 March 2003, 11:16 GMT
Your Questions Answered
If you have a query for the Real Story team, please check this section before sending an email. It may have an answer for you.

Can I purchase Real Story videos?
We are sorry but we cannot provide tapes of Real Story. Our copyright and contractual agreements only cover broadcasts on television and online. This means we cannot make copies of our programmes for public distribution.

Can I watch this programme on the internet?
We aim to show Real Story on the internet simultaneously with UK transmission, and have it available to view for one week after transmission, by clicking on 'Watch Programme' on the Real Story home page.

However, programmes often contain excerpts from other sources, so rights issues may mean we are not allowed to show it on the website.

I can't get the online video to work
If you cannot see the forums or the programmes then it could be that your computer does not have the correct software needed to watch video from the BBC website. You can download the software needed for free from the Real Player website.

Can you send me information on a particular subject?
The pages on this site include links to related sites which can help you to research a subject further. We are sorry but we do not have the resources to make additional research material available.

Can you tell me about job opportunities/ work experience?

The site also includes information on careers and trainee schemes within the BBC. All BBC work experience queries should be directed to: BBC Work Experience, PO Box 27118, London, W12 8ZL. Tel: 020 8225 9883. Email: work.experience@bbc.co.uk

Why has my comment not been published? We cannot publish all comments that we receive due to the volume sent. However, we aim to publish a good cross-section of the views we receive.

Why has my comment been edited?
The BBC is responsible for all the comments published on the site. Therefore, we have to remove any libellous or potentially libellous statements from messages. We also aim to publish as many comments as possible, and will sometimes shorten statements to make it easier for users to read as many different views as possible.

How can I submit a programme idea?
All programme ideas can be submitted via email or by post. We are always keen to receive your ideas. Visit the Contact Real Story page for contact details.

How do I obtain information on forthcoming programmes?
We aim to publish programme details a week in advance of transmission on this site, though this can be subject to changes.


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