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Series 4 of the Real will be broadcast in September and October 2010 on BBC World News.

All times in GMT.


25/09/10 - 03:30, 18:30

26/09/10 - 10:30, 22:30

Buenos Aires

02/10/10 - 03:30, 18:30

03/19/10 - 10:30, 22:30


09/10/10 - 03:30, 18:30

10/19/10 - 10:30, 22:30


16/10/10 - 03:30, 18:30

17/19/10 - 10:30, 22:30

New York City

23/10/10 - 03:30, 18:30

24/19/10 - 10:30, 22:30

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New York The Real New York
One of the world's most fast-paced and exciting cities

The base of the Oriental Pearl Tower The Real Shanghai
A high-tech, sci-fi city of the future and a symbol of the new China

The view from the Galata Bridge at sunset. The Real Istanbul
The world's only city to straddle two continents

Alt tag The Real Buenos Aires
The grandeur and refinement of Europe with a South American buzz

The Berliner Dom The Real Berlin
One of Europe's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities


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