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5Pointz Aerosol Art Center

Map shows the location of 5Pointz

5Pointz Aerosol Art Center - also known as "the institute of higher burnin'" - is a remarkable outdoor art space at a former factory complex.

Here graffiti artists from around the world can add their work to this unique canvas - provided they are approved by Jonathan Cohen (known by his tag 'Meres One'), a graffiti artist who developed this space in 2001 and has since become its curator.

Visit the site, and you're likely to find not only graffiti artists at work, but also photographers, film crews, break dancers and musicians.

The name '5Pointz' name refers to the five boroughs of New York, but the reach of this graffiti mecca is now much wider than that, with artists from Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and all over the United States contributing to the space.

5Pointz is located in Long Island City, a neighbourhood in Queens known for its thriving arts scene.


5Pointz is an outdoor museum for graffiti in Long Island City, Queens.

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