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Behind the scenes

Claudine Parrish
Producer, The Real

Crew filming The Real New York
The crew and Russell Young took to the water to film this episode

I have been to and filmed in New York many times and it never disappoints.

It's vibrant, it's energetic, and it always throws something at you that you're not expecting.

So picture the scene: Russell Young has kindly undertaken his first presenting role and is taking us out on the Hudson for some free kayaking - an inspired idea.

We take to the water, Russell in one kayak, the cameraman in another with a helpful volunteer to row him, the soundman in another also being rowed, and me and our local fixer bringing up the rear.

We can't clip a radio mic on Russell because it's too likely to get wet and break, therefore we have to hold a boom mic over the top of him, and therefore we can only hear him speak when he's kayaking directly under the boom at the same speed as the soundman in his kayak and the cameraman in his.


Forty five minutes later, with thunder and lightening all around and the very likely threat of a deluge, we at last manage to co-ordinate our troop of kayaks and get our 10 second line of audio in the can.

"That's great, everybody back to shore" I order, terrified that it's about to bucket down and we'll have ruined thousands of pounds worth of equipment that we need to be using for three more weeks. Furiously paddling back to dry land I look behind me, only to see the rest of the crew still on the water, ambitiously trying to get a few more shots!

So fun times were had in the Big Apple.

It was a blast to meet with the legendary fashion designer, Pat Fields, in her downtown store. She was as zany and entertaining as you might imagine. I only wish I'd had time to stay longer and try on the leopard-print cat suits and feather jackets on offer.

Ultra Nate, the dance-hit diva was down-to-earth and brilliant fun to hang out with, and I can confirm that Mara's alligator nuggets were delicious (though yes, did taste quite like chicken).

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