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Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown is a familiar voice on Radio Four
Carolyn is a yachtmaster, and when she began reading the Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4, she found the perfect complement to her passion for sailing.

Her career as a broadcast journalist began at Radio City in Liverpool, at the time one of the biggest and best newsrooms in Independent Radio.

Soon she joined BBC Radio Leeds but the call of the sea took her to regional television, working first for Spotlight in Plymouth and then for Points West in Bristol.

She decided radio was where her heart was and in 1991 joined BBC Radio 4 on a six month contract. She became a continuity announcer and has never left.

When she was given the job of reading the Shipping Forecast, her sailing friends joked that she should have buckets of water thrown at her as she sounded too smug.

After a brief flirtation with television, I decided my heart was in radio
Carolyn Brown

It was not until December 2001 that Carolyn began reading the news on BBC Radio 4 and she came into her own when given the task of breaking the news of the Queen Mother's death.

She claims: "It felt very scary afterwards although at the time there was a blanket of calm as I had thought about it and rehearsed it".



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