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Neil Sleat
Neil Sleat
Neil spent his childhood in Bath and studied French at Warwick University.

In 1987 he moved to London and became a "follow-spotter" at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, tracking the actors with a razzmatazz beam of light, thinking: "So THIS is London..."

He joined the BBC as a trainee engineer and was then a studio manager for the World Service, enjoying several years rattling teacups in plays, editing out interviewees' umms and errs, and learning how to recognise the words, "This is London" in 41 languages.

Sue MacGregor once called me Charlotte Green on air
Neil Sleat
In 1993 he became a World Service newsreader, where he uttered the words "This is London" every single day.

He started at BBC Radio 4 as an announcer in 1998.

Neil enjoys swimming in faraway places where he can be heard to rejoice: "This is NOT London."

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