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Chris Aldridge
Chris left school with a bent towards the sciences and read mathematics at London University, Bedford College.

As an antidote to secondary differential equations he trod the boards in a couple of drama groups and helped out at his local hospital radio station; he was also a volunteer programme researcher at, as it was called then, BBC Radio London.

Chris joined the BBC in 1985 as a trainee studio manager. Among his duties were archiving many hours of Hitler's speeches from the 1930's and spending the whole day on a crutch in a BBC Radio Drama studio being the sound effect of Paul Eddington's wooden leg.

Chris joined the fledgling BBC Radio Five where he learned the ropes of announcing and newsreading and moved on to BBC Radio 4 in the mid 1990s.

He has now been one of their announcers for over six years and his duties include introducing programmes, reading the news and the Shipping Forecast. Apart from his normal announcing duties he likes to get 'on the road' occasionally as the warm-up person for Any Questions.

Chris is married with two children who are at the age where they seem to occupy most of his time outside work.

As a family they are members of their local Baptist Church and in the occasional spare moment Chris enjoys digital photography, playing the piano, jogging and counted cross-stitch. He also enjoys public speaking to local groups on the mysteries of the Shipping Forecast!

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