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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 February, 2004, 16:10 GMT
Radio news quiz
How closely have you been listening to the news?

Try this quiz and test your knowledge on the stories of the past week.

Question 1
Jonathan Ross was awarded which honour in the Queen's birthday honours?
Question 2
Which country is experiencing its worst drought in 60 years.
A: Spain
B: Australia
C: India
Question 3
What is the name of Iraq's feared counter-insurgency unit?
A: Fox Brigade
B: Jackal Brigade
C: Wolf Brigade
Question 4
Why were thousands of items of children's clothing recalled by Marks & Spencer?
A: Poisonous dye had been used
B: Sewing machine needles found in garments.
C: All had been mis-labelled.
Question 5
Which pop group who have not performed since 1981 is to reunited for the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park?
B: Ultravox
C: Pink Floyd
Question 6
Where is the headquarters of OPEC?
A: Geneva
B: Venice
C: Vienna
Question 7
Which big fish may be moving north possibly as a result of climate change?
A: Porbeagle sharks
B: Basking sharks
C: Reef sharks

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This quiz will be updated every Friday.


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