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Suggest a panellist

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

A selection of viewers' suggestions are published below.

Your suggestions:

Professor Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics New York University and Chairman of Roubini Global Economics, expert on international finance and the first economist to accurately predict the financial crisis.
Kaleem Mirza, London

I would like to see Max Keiser appear on the show as I feel he would convey in great detail exactly how current government policies are failing and pushing us towards a double dip recession.
Kevin, Clackmannanshire

John Denham may have different views now retiring from the Cabinet. Joanna Lumley intelligent ex-working class background actress should have some interesting views, Michael Palin, much travelled and knows how some of the other half live around the World.
Alistair Inglis Tritten, Southampton

Kate Hoey: a brilliant local MP, very hard-working, and would make a nice change from the usual Labour robots. Boris Johnson: Expose him for the fool he really is. Simon Hughes: One of the few decent Lib Dems, and a good local MP. Nick Griffin: the man's views are toxic, and that is why he should be on the programme, so he can be properly analysed and questioned on a range of issues and exposed as the bigot he truly is. Kevin Maguire: One of the best journalists around at the moment, and extremely funny too. Would make a nice change to have a left wing journalist too, rather than the usual Sun/Mail suspects.
George, London

Douglas Carswell, at least with him we get to hear what HE actually thinks as opposed to someone spouting the party line.
Paul, London

Daniel Hannan. The best speaker in the Conservative Party.
Chris Mackay, Glasgow

David Aaronovitch, currently the finest journalist on the left - Britain's Christopher Hitchens - who by the way should appear via satellite.
Joss Richards, Manchester

I would like to see Mrs Angela Knight, the Chief Executive of the British Bankers Association, of who I am a great admirer, on the Question Time panel. She is not only the former MP for Erewash but served as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. It would be interesting to hear her views on the Euro zone crisis and on the recovery of the British economy.
Sam Griffiths, Stockton-On-Tees

Sir Alex Ferguson.
Ben Blades, London

I would like to see our MP, Peter Lilley on your programme as he talks a lot of sense.
Geraldine Mitchell, Harpenden

I would like to see Peter Hitchens from the Mail on Sunday give his take on the riots.
Ray Barker, London

Camila Batmanghelidjh, Idris Elba, Brian Eno, Hugh Grant, Greg Dyke, Paul Lewis (of the Guardian), Shami Chakrabarti and someone from London Fire Service. Let's have no politicians or policemen. They have no right to comment on the riots.
Tigger, London

Let's hear from the anarchist community. They've been involved in recent demonstrations, rioting and at the rough end of the police baton. Why not someone from the Anarchist Federation or Freedom Newspaper or London Action Resource Centre? If you have to, get Ian Bone the old class war agitator.
Albert Parsons, Haymarket

Dr Charlie Alcock - clinical psychologist - on Sky News re rioting. The most articulate person I have seen talking about the problems the youth of today face. Very calm and softly spoken but every word I kind of understood it more from their side rather than being bitterly angry at these yobs!
Kelly Hopwood, Taunton

Boris Johnson, Ken Livingston, Theresa May, Nigel Farage, a top Police Officer, MP for Tottenham. Plus one of Shami Chakrabarti, Trevor Phillips or Ian Hislop.
Clive, Peterborough

Bob Diamond.
Martin Fowler, London

Mary Ridell has been absolutely the best mainstream journalist on riots. Dianne Abbott, Baroness Warsi, Sir Ian Blair (or other ex-copper).
Alison Charlton, London

Darcus Howe, Billy Bragg, Benjamin Zephaniah, David Mitchell, Alexi Sayle. Please, no politicians.

UKIP's Nigel Farage, he is an MEP who has backbone and common sense in my opinion. Also he maybe has some knowledge of how things in other European countries are conducted to counter rioting.
James, Haverford West

Zac Goldsmith. I suggest this as a Lib Dem, not as a supporter of the Tories. My opinion of him has changed completely over the past year, and I admire his passionate environmental work and campaigning. He is very articulate, intelligent and engaging - and I would absolutely love to see him on QT expressing his views on various topics.
Linsy Varatharasan, London

Dave Nellist, a man who as MP only took the working salary of his constituents. Would have interesting views about current financial propaganda.
Michael Rowland, Halesowen

Sir George Young, the Conservative MP, sits on the government front bench. He is leader of the House of Commons. He served under Thatcher's government and is very experienced. He is involved in the Tory Reform Group which promotes One Nation Conservatism. He has not been on the show for many years and would be formidable on the panel.
Jeremy Omar

Tariq Ali - because he's highly intelligent, thoughtful, speaks with both eloquence and honesty, and is truly left wing (as opposed to all the centre-left wingers who make up the majority of the Labour Party these days). It would also be lovely to see Tony Benn on this show.
Sarah, Wells

Wynne Evans, opera singer and star of the Go Compare adverts. Next time you're in Wales, he would be a lively guest - politically astute, strong views and lots of fun!
Anne Brown, London

Johann Hari. He is an excellent journalist, has no affiliation with any party and is passionate, intelligent and not afraid to be controversial.
Jen Lawson, Oxford

Alex Callinicos, one of the most intellectually gifted people in the country, he would make a brilliant exception from the usual suspects and would be able to make collected, comprehensive responces to a huge variety of subjects.
Dexter Hill, Sheffield

My suggestion is Andy Bell from Erasure. I think he would be fantastic and believe he has strong points of view on most aspects of politics, especially human rights.
Keith Vass, Medway

Louis Theroux.
Ben Humphries, Nailsworth

Stewart Lee would be a tremendous guest. Possibly the most thoughtful and intelligent comedian in the country, he would not simply show up with a few gags in his jacket but really engage with the questions and add a perspective unencumbered with party political dogma.
Miles Bell, Lincolnshire

Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, George Osborne.
Harry Holland, Brighouse

Karl Pilkington. The man is a genius. His views are original, insightful and utterly hilarious. He would make a refreshing change from the regular panellists of journalists and politicians on QT, offering up completely different opinions and insights that, although strange, are still valid. Please liven up QT a bit by getting this god of a man on!
George Tomlinson, Birmingham

I deeply suggest Sameh A Habeeb to be on the panel regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I have been following your programme closely and I think you are not giving much space for original Palestinians like Mr Habeeb. Sameh is a journalist from Gaza who is very talented and good on debates.
Basma, London

Neil Duncan-Jordan who is the National Officer of the National Pensioners Convention the largest UK independent non-political organisation representing pensioners. He is able to put forward the points of view of UK pensioners in reply to the government's imposition of a reduction of quality in value and effects of the lowest state pension in the EU, which affect millions of today's and tomorrow's pensioners, especially the plight of many women existing on the lowest, if any, state pension, who have been totally disregarded by the government's new proposed pension rules.
Christopher Smith, Coventry

Nick Clegg. He has had much undeserved criticism and would like to see him have a chance to counter these criticisms.
Brian Blewett, Blackwater near Camberley

Michael Portillo speaks a lot of sense and gives erudite, balanced criticism to both sides of the political spectrum. As a complete foil to MPs, how about the poet John Cooper-Clarke?
Carol Drummond, Lydney

Laurence Durnan who is the editor of Political Scrapbook - incredibly articulate and is part of the new media revolution. Would send out a positive message if he were to be a panellist.
Matt Zarb-Cousin, Southend

Derek Wall, former speaker of the Green Party, an excellent and intelligent speaker, who can cover any issue thrown at him. Caroline Lucas as well of course, and anyone from the Green Party, never enough Green representation.
Rachel Hardy. Sheffield

Daniel Hamilton, leader of 'Big Brother Watch' campaign. He is the leading force for opposition to this governments continuation of New Labour's assault on our civil liberties.
Philip Croft, Bristol

Dennis Skinner vs. Peter Tapsell. Staunch left vs. staunch right. Neither sit on the fence. Heir to the Father of the House vs. Father of the House. Television gold.
Ben, Liverpool

Jonathan Dimbleby & David Dimbleby and the panel to be hosted by David Mitchell. Lets hear their political views.
Oliver Ryan, Manchester

I suggest Max Pemberton of the Telegraph, at a time when we are cutting the NHS and education we need to see the points of view of those who are working hard within them. Max is a great example of someone who has connected with young and old: showing them what life is really like working in our health system and his years to get there. He writes for the Telegraph weekly but has also produced two great books, which are must reads for medical students. He's quirky, sure to bring MPs to account no matter what subject arises; articulate, and stands his ground. Just looking at some of his recent columns you can see that he has a mind for the problems and questions people want asking. He has in the past written articles on the idea of 'legal highs' something that is now becoming more mainstream. He would be an invaluable asset to a panel.
James Brown, Woking

Peter Mandelson. A man with great knowledge of the insides of government.
Joshua Williams, Stafford

Sir John Major, he is an honest man and a decent politician. I believe that his experience in holding the post of Prime Minister will be an interesting attribute towards his opinion of current political issues.
William Coles, Shrewsbury

Peter Hitchens - He should appear on EVERY broadcast of this programme, preferably with other individuals capable of independent, rational thinking, of which there have been few in recent times. And please, no more extremist politicians like Harriet Harman.
David Hargreaves, Hereford

David Mitchell (the actor not the author). He will give a well thought out, logical rant while being funny at the same time.
Edmund Watson, Kendal

Get some media-savvy rational thinkers on whose views are based on evidence rather than political expediency or prejudice, and who aren't "outspoken" or "controversial" for the hell of it. Such as; Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, Ben Goldacre. They'd cut through all the bluster.
Matt, Halifax

Frankie Boyle as he talks a lot of sense and doesn't care who he upsets maybe a lot of us should learn from him.
Cheryl McCool, Glasgow

George Galloway - Haven't seen this guy on this show in a long time.
Tony Matthew, Bristol

Tony Blair. As one of the most influential politicians in recent times, hearing his reaction to modern issues to which his legacy is still contributing to would be interesting.
Conor Stuart, Edinburgh

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit, with many books on the subject. In my opinion would add a lot to the debate from the usual debate had on terrorism.
Mike Grove, Bristol

I would like to see Michael Vaughan the former England cricket captain and writer for the Daily Telegraph on the show. He speaks eloquently with a lot of sense and would also bring a bit of humour too, along with the current Blackpool Football Manager Ian Holloway as well. Away from the world of sport I would like to see George Galloway and the historian Niall Ferguson share a platform and then sit back and enjoy.
Iain Langmaid, Woodbridge

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson. The English Defence League has seen a rise of numbers and interest in their aims. It would be interesting to discuss the feeling of the country at this time.
Elizabeth Darling, London

William Engdahl - freelance journalist, historian and economic researcher would bring a radical view to the table.
Steve, Cambridge

Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, One of the most experienced politicians in the country. He was the Defence Secretary that championed the modernisation - not just reduction of the post-cold war military. He was Foreign Secretary at the time of the Srebrenica massacre. Interesting panellist to have, given the problems in the Arab world and the recent defence cuts.
Alex, Newcastle

Dan Snow. His vast historical knowledge of just about everything will surely show up the lies that some politicians tell us!
Tim, Stevenage

I think Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson would make a good guest. If not her, then perhaps former Monty Python stars Michael Palin and Terry Jones.
Katherine Birkett, Boston, Lincolnshire

David Davis. A good, honest Conservative politician who seems to be fading out of the picture.
William, Hull

Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography in the University of Sheffield. Much is said by panellists on inequality but few have the knowledge and ability to articulate the true scale and impact of this than Professor Dorling.
Simon Landau, Sheffield

Stephen Fry. Wouldn't it be amazing to see how the genius brain of Britain would compete with the leaders of the political world? Viewing figures would certainly rocket up that week!
Paul Lichtenstern, London

Dennis Skinner - His socialist, working class views would make a challenging debate against the the current coalitions' policies.
Dale Tulley, Pontefract

My suggestion is George Monbiot, writer for the Guardian and environmental activist. Mr Monbiot has appeared in the media quite a lot recently, regarding his changed views on nuclear power.
Huw Jones, Swansea

The anarchist Ian Bone would be a good guest. He presents an alternative point of view, is intelligent and articulate and would make a change from the usual suspects!
Aidan Harris, Birmingham

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam- British born Muslim and former singer.
Mohmed Patel, Bolton

The writer and comedian Pat Condell. The most honest, unbiased, politically incorrect and entertaining commentator in the country - by a long chalk.
Jim Hawkins, Isle of Man

Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Given his discipline of mind in strategies for endurance, his attitude towards challenges, and vast experience in conquering the impossible, I believe his input would be valuable. I'd like to have the wilderness terrain we find ourselves in, as a country, to be looked at by a seasoned conquering mind.
Lynda, Liverpool

Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons or Adam Walker of the BNP. It's about time they got a chance to put across their views to the people fairly without being labelled as racist and having a clearly rigged show like in 2009 when Nick Griffin came on Question Time. Whether people like it or not the BNP is one of the biggest parties in Britain and the 563,000 that voted for them in the election should be represented fairly.
Matt Scarisbrick, Taunton

Rowan Williams, intelligent and thoughtful, and could give a different perspective on the issues of the day.
Chris, Stratford on Avon

John Pilger! It would be really really interesting to see him on here discussing Libya and the Middle East.
Jono Shavelar, Portsmouth

The American economists Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz would be great to have their perspective on the prospects for the British economy under the coalition government.
Jide Ogunro, London

The LBC presenter and Conservative blogger Iain Dale.
Liam, Norwich

I would like to see Baroness Susan Greenfield on the panel, having just seen her interviewed on Hardtalk. What an amazing woman! Utterly fascinating throughout. I would love to know what she thinks about the issues of the day and am sure she'd make a superb panellist.
Tony, Greenhithe

Brian Blessed. Hugely entertaining and he speaks his mind.
Andrew Wood, Newcastle

Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP. Godfrey is a political genius regarding the EU and I would like to see him express views which are rarely found on mainstream television.
Ben Hassan, London

Gillian Duffy. She seems to ask the questions that politicians do not want to answer.
Mike, Epsom

My suggestion is Ken Dodd. He is still filling the theatres to sold out concerts and has a lot of interesting views but he would also help lift the panel into lateral levels of thought. Come on, don't be so ageist and anti-Ken.
Charles Barnes, West Kirby

Peter Reynolds of CLEAR - The legal status of cannabis is of importance to many people in this country and as such is a topic of discussion many would like to see. There is also a lot of confusion and mixed information about cannabis. Peter Reynolds is an ideal person to discuss it.
Gethin Thomas, Newport

Mary Creagh, she is new to the shadow cabinet and I would really like to see her battling it out against a member of the government.
Tom, Wakefield

Max Keiser - to really shed a more thorough spotlight on the real economic situation of this planet.
Jonathon Wilkins, London

Sir George Young.
Jon Lowe, Hampshire

Bear Grylls - Chief Scout. Supports young people in reaching their true potential and is an inspirational man!
Jak, Grimsby

Why do we never see non UK residents on the panel? It's normal in countries outside the UK to regularly have foreigners on current affairs panels. What about the UK correspondent from France 24 or from a German newspaper or an Irish UK correspondent for RTE/Irish Times? I don't mean as a one off. I would like to see more foreign perspectives on the BBC in general.
O Kennedy, London

Sir Alex Ferguson. He is a known Labour Party supporter and his views on politics would be very interesting to hear and create lively debate.
Geoff Mitchell, St Albans

The panel never includes journalists or Middle East media people! Can I suggest Abdel Bari Atwan of Al Quds newspaper he is probably the best mastermind on middle east affairs and I feel representation of the reality of the events ongoing in the Middle East is vital.
Inaam Atalla

Jeremy Paxman. Jeremy has a vast experience of politics and current affairs due to his position on Newsnight. He is articulate and outspoken and would be an excellent panellist.
Margaret Beamish

Lord Hutton. I understand that Parliament tends to quietly announce that millions of pounds have been paid into its pension pot shortly before a recess. Rarely is this challenged. Are politicians in Parliament subject to the same review as for other public sector workers, or are politicians a special case and dealt with differently?
Ann Hunter, York

Brian Cox (physicist). He has captured the nation's imagination with his series "wonders."
David Holderness, London

Richard Branson.
C.G. Ralph, Oxford

Writer Irvine Welsh. His bibliography shows he doesn't just know about the harrowing lives of drug addicts, but of working class life in general and the realism of living in modern Britain. He'd be straight-talking and, I think, a popular panellist for younger people - a good balance to the middle aged/older politicians and academics.
Michelle Gautier, Dundee

Ben Elton.
Christopher Oakes, Warrington

David Laws. Someone who could easily be for or against the government following his resignation, and also someone who is recognised as having a prosperous future ahead.
Josh, Woking

I suggest that you get James Brokenshire (a Home Office minister) on to explain why huge sums of money are being spent on the prohibition drug policies and also why there is a complete refusal to hold an impact assessment of the current policy. A few more well chosen guests would make this an interesting programme.
William Milligan, Glenrothes

Billy Bragg.
Dominic Trendall, Hertford

The musician, poet and playwright Lowkey (Kareem Denis). This man is a great role model who speaks the truth about real things going on in life whether it is politically or personally. Also I think he would attract more young people to Question Time but overall I think he would contribute to the show in a lot of meaningful ways.
Shpend Mustafa, London

I would like to see Johann Hari on Question Time as I feel that he is one of the best journalists in the world. He is very clued up on a vast range of topics and is a key player in setting the agenda of discourse in the mainstream media today.
Steven Maclean, Exeter

J.K. Rowling. Many people do not know how politically passionate she is and how her views can inspire and help people nationwide.
James, Salford

Sir Cliff Richard. A man with reasoned views who is articulate and would be most interesting to listen to. Quite a good singer as well me thinks!
John Southerland, London

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