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Suggest a panellist

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

A selection of viewers' suggestions are published below.

Your suggestions:

David Nutt so he can discuss his personal views on matters of regulation freely, now he's no longer being muzzled by politicians.
Will T, London

Jon Gaunt (ex-TalkSport presenter and currently a SunTalk presenter)
Les Bate, Wells

CJ de Mooi, the president of the English Chess Federation and famous for his appearances on Eggheads - because he is an intelligent and able commentator on topical issues and could contribute a great deal to the discussions!
Adam Raoof, London

I nominate Dr Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance. Already taken part in several highly entertaining political debates on Five Live and would be a great panellist on QT.
Richard Chambers, Leicester

1st Jim Davidson - True Brit, 2nd Nick Griffin - Let him speak this time! 3rd Sir Michael Caine - has something to say. 4th Gordon Brown - We need a laugh!
Joe Hornby, Morecambe

John Pilger. Never seen him on it before and would be witty and erudite, a fantastic grasp of history and an ability to put everyone under the same spotlight no matter their political background.
Oli, Manchester

As the General Election approaches all the parties will be getting into electioneering top gear. Anyone following politics will have heard the Party line many times. Would it be possible to construct a short series of programmes in which the panel would be selected from ordinary people. Maybe issues from throughout the current parliament could be included. A short series would enable you to construct panels of people from different age groups, say; 18 to 35, 36 to 50, 50+. It would be interesting to compare the different age group responses from week to week, across the political spectrum. Hopefully, this would exclude all politicians and celebrities. The Peoples Question Time.
David Neighbour, Basingstoke

John Penrose. Our present MP. He would be an asset on the panel at Weston-Super-Mare because he is so knowledgeable on the present problems we have one of them being the drugs situation.
Doreen Pearce, Weston-Super-Mare

Greg Clark, Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary. For someone in an increasingly important position - particularly if the Conservatives are elected to government - he keeps an incredibly low profile. I would like to see him out of his shadow earlier than the next election.
Will Harris, Plymouth

I would like to suggest the American politician Dr Ron Paul as a panellist on QT as he is really clever, educated and honourable. He is also highly moral and decent as he never attacks people personally, he just addresses their policies and views. He has a large and growing following in the US and I just wish we had a politician like him here in the UK. He is also a tireless campaigner for freedom and democracy, something which viewers of QT would greatly appreciate. He is impartial in terms of race and religion so would not upset people like other, recent panellists.
Adrian Fisher, Warwick

Professor Ian Plimer. All 3 main parties and BBC have been promoting the Global Warming agenda for some years now. It will be refreshing to hear informed, opposing argument from Plimer. The west is about to embark on a hideously expensive programme combating GW - it will be entertaining to hear if it might be a complete waste of taxpayers' money.
Roger Brady, Germany

Wes Streeting - President National Union of Students. With the lifting of the tuition fee cap well and truly on the agenda and with NUS now a real force to be listened to, Wes would make an excellent guest. Wes is also a leading figure in the young Labour Party movement so would be able to contribute to other areas of discussion.
Sue Palmer, Exeter

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster. He is an eloquent and media friendly spokesman for a minority which appears to be ignored or overlooked by the BBC when it comes to Question Time. When did you last have a member of the Catholic Church on this brilliant programme of yours.
Mike Conway

Dr Richard Stone is someone that could certainly sit better (literally) amongst many of your guests. He is amazing at all aspects of politics, human rights, the far rights, the black community, the Jewish community, and just about the most amazing human being there is. Having sat with those responsible for producing the MacPherson Report, including not just back then, but how far the police have now come as a result of new legislation. Dr. Stone is a an ideal person to discuss the police, and other authorities, including the NHS. He is after all, a Doctor (GP) himself. Very rarely do you find someone that is literally, an all-rounder, and therefore, you should invite him on your show.
Stuart, London

Christopher Hitchens. Not only is he articulate and convincing, he's amusing, and ALWAYS tells it exactly how it is. QT with Christopher Hitchens would be a gift!
Peter Morris, Birmingham

David Attenborough a man worth quoting for a change - "You know, it is a terrible thing to appear on television, because people think that you actually know what you're talking about"
Charlotte Patey, Reading

Frankie Boyle, as he is a very controversial figure, and his blunt and opinionated style of comedy would transfer well into a debate. He would be a strong arguer and would have a lot of interested things to say about an array of subjects.
Ben Mulvey, Lancaster

David Icke. He has a lot to say, some interesting and original views and is easier to believe than the BNP. He may be a breath of fresh air!
Mark Sandman, Leeds

I would like to see former World Boxing Champion Terry Marsh on the panel. Terry is leading the campaign to give the electorate the right to protest through the ballot box, using a positive abstention. Voting for NONE OF THE ABOVE (NOTA). Statement of Principle: All legitimate consent requires the ability to withhold consent; therefore, the legitimate consent of voters requires they be able to withhold their consent in an election to office. Welcome to NOTA...
Terry Allen, London

I would suggest that you get Chris Mounsey of the UK libertarian party to appear on the show. He writes an excellent blog called The Devils Kitchen and many of his views are a dam sight better thanany of the main stream party ones.
Colin Cronin, Bridgend

Might I suggest John McClure the lead singer of Reverend and the Makers. He is one of the few musicians who has an understanding of the life of working class people and demonstrates political views. He is articulate and opinionated with a sharp mind ideal I would think to cut through some of the politicians evasion.
Richard Georgeson, Lincoln

Christopher Booker, author and journalist. Would give the mainstream party representatives a hard time on the EU and 'climate change'.
Jamie Mash, Northallerton

Jeremy Paxman. Because he wouldn't be intimidated by any of the other pannellists especially David Dimbleby. I think it would be interesting.
Danny Nand, Leicester

The BBC has said it will give a place on Question Time to Nick Griffin, one of the two BNP MEPs. If so, impartiality requires that there be credible representation of other parties on the same panel. Chris Davies MEP is also an MEP for NW England now in his third term. He is very well informed on the political issues in NW England, is articulate, and (unlike many QT panellists) is very well-informed on how the European Parliament works. Chris is an outspoken and controversial figure who could be relied upon to contribute to a lively discussion. If the BBC is serious about 'impartiality' Chris Davies would provide a counterweight to Griffin.
Alastair Thomas, Leyland, Lancs

Gregory Lauder-Frost, a leading veteran High Tory who always had a comprehensive knowledge of politics and what makes things tick. Given that you have so many people from the Liberal-Left on every single programme is it not time you checked the balance?
Robert Isherwood

Lord Melvyn Bragg would make an excellent panellist. Another name, a musician from the folk music scene, Billy Bragg. A traditional left wing thinker, intelligent speaker.
David Secker, Ealing

I think Richard Herring, the comedian who has recently done a show exploring racism, would be an excellent guest to have on at the same time as Nick Griffin.
David Shaw, Manchester

I suggest the BBC consider an invitation to the anarchist pundit, Ian Bone, to participate in the panel in which Nick Griffin has been invited to be present at. I do so because Ian Bone offers an important and relevant explanation for an unprecedented support amongst a contingent of the white working class for the BNP and offers solutions to address this. In addition, Bone is a voice for a contingent of the working class which the BNP do not appeal to and offers an interesting contrast from another perspective upon the BNP which is distinct from their core working class support.
Rosa Suzanne Simonetti, London

I would like to suggest Dave Nellist who is leader of the Socialist Party group on Coventry City Council. He was a Labour MP between 1983-1992. He is a leading figure in the National Shop Stewards Network.
Dylan Murphy

David Starkey, David Winner and Frederick Forsythe. All are intelligent, are not policitians and have varied and interesting views.
C Edmunds, London

Peter Davies, the English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster, a straight talking guy who tells it like it is, anti-PC, one of the only decent politicians in the country
Robert Allen

Terry Waite. Now there's a man who has had some REAL world experience.
George North, Lechlade

Bob Flowerdew (organic gardener and member of Radio 4's Gardener's Question Time panel) to bring the other panellists down to earth.
John O'Boyle, Cambridge

The former General Sir Mike Jackson. He is not given air time nearly enough. Am I the only one who wishes he were running the country? Am I...? Do invite this distinguished, learned and eloquent gentleman onto your panel! Immediately!!
A Misseldine, London

Betty Boothroyd, her views on constitutional change and the role the future new speaker should adopt amongst other issues would be topical and revealing.
Ben Storey, Leeds

Sir Alex Ferguson - a well known enthusiastic supporter of the Labour Party, it would be interesting and fantastic for him to air his views, on the best politics show on British TV. You will see that his passion for politics is just as great as his passion for football.
Hussain A, Oldham

Kofi Annan?
Patrick Cawkwell, Doncaster

William Dalrymple - excellent travel writer and commentator on current issues who has an amazing grasp of history, culture and people from all levels of society. A Scotsman, studied at Oxford, was a writer for the Independent.
Sujoya Elin Paul Bullock, High Wycombe

Sharon Hodgson MP for Gateshead & Washington West She is one of the few genuine MPs who is really concerned about job losses and the state of the economy and does not appear to be carrying a knife to put into Gordon Browns back.
june waterstreet, sunderland

David Van Day, looking to stand as an MP at the next election.
Ashley, Southampton

Satish Kumar - for wisdom.
Paula McGivern, Hereford

John Cole - one of the few people who REALLY know what they are talking about.
Alan Dryden, Newcastle upon Tyne

I have a few suggestions: Guardian columnists Charlie Brooker and Ben Goldacre, Wes Streeting NUS President, Mark Steel of the Independent, Armando Iannucci.
Danny Saxby, Leeds

Mary Robinson - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former president of Ireland, would be very interesting.
John Tuffton, Hull

Gerry Adams
Mick Quinn, Belfast

David McGovern, Chair of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation - a North West LGB Charity that is based in Manchester. He is also a very proud Salfordian, a Magistrate and works as a manager with Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive (GMPTE).
Gary Hardman, Bury, Greater Manchester

Michael Mansfield QC - A remarkable barrister who has taken on cases that very few other barristers would throughout his career. Therefore he has strong views and opinions and these would be good for a debate.
John Ley, Ashford Kent

Paul Heaton. Paul's first appearance was very watchable. He's not afraid to speak his mind. His knowledge is vast.
Mark Lutkin, Hull

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK. A recent YouGov poll claimed that for 80% of the public immigration is the most important issue facing the country. Sir Andrew seems to be the only rational person with a total grip on the numbers and wider problems of this very sensitive issue.
Judy Elsdon, Guildford

I would like to suggest the following to be panellists: Seamus Milne, columnist of The Guardian newspaper. Phil Redmond, last time he was on was before the second war in Iraq. Terry Christian has very interesting views and definitely is clued up on both politics and current affairs.
S Khan, Hemel Hempstead

Peter Mandelson
Arthur Evans, Newquay

Randomly choose one of the studio audience on the night. I agree with the earlier suggestion that the ordinary man on the street should be given a say, not on one question, but a viewpoint on all the topics raised on the programme.
Damon Lenszner, Plymouth

Professor John Seddon, controversial, currently very popular and outspoken public services pioneer. I'd love to hear John's advice to Gordon Brown and David Cameron on how to reform public services in the current crisis. It would make incredible television. And public sector workers would love it!
Charlotte Pell, Newcastle

Steve Chalke MBE
Tom, York

Dennis Skinner... let's hear from real Labour. Valery Giscard d'Estaing or Jose Barroso... let's see what they say about the EU and compare it to our own bunch. Nick Griffin... he's getting more votes so let's see how he stands up to public scrutiny. Can't give a name but somebody who can give the Islamist/Jihadist view of their 'terrorism' and what drives them... For goodness' sake lets listen to the radical view... it may not be that demonic.
Clive Medway, Bodmin

Ian Collins: He is the voice of reason and has proved on his radio show that he can go toe-to-toe with the big-name politicians.
Simon Berry, Helston, Cornwall

Why don't we have that guy who did the student panellist two years ago - Charlie Bell - back on the programme. He was switched on, and it would be interested to hear him a couple of years on!
James Wood, Glasgow

I would like to suggest Peter Davies, of the English Democrats. Not been watching question time in recent month so maybe he's been on already but if not I feel he would be an excellent panellist. This may also serve to dispel the apparent BBC bias against the English Democrats as a whole.
Paul Tegart, Nottingham

I would like to see published author Steven Cowley as a guest. His 3rd book was the most inspirational I've read.
Olly Pordage, Hertfordshire

Dr Abdul Bari, the chairman of the London Muslim Centre. All i want to tell that he is a well known person who is also the general secretary of Muslim Council of Britain. if you invite him then Muslim community would feel they are represented!!!!

Either of Alan Sugar's two aides- Nick Hewer or Margaret Mountford. Or, if he's got time, get Alan Sugar in himself, he's about the straightest talker there is.
Simon Foakes, Bath

Billy Connolly
James Redpath, Glenrothes

Can our family have a choice of listening to a peace-maker on your programme ie Annalisa Barbieri and any other clear thinking speaker or a quiet spoken Churchman, rather than speakers who want to battle with their fellow MPs at the table. We would like to witness some brilliant personality to make us think and be entertained, as we love your programme. thank you, The Moulton family.
Marey Veronica Moulton, Surbiton, Surrey

Simon Cowell - not swayed by public opinion and likely to be honest and down to earth.
Anne Williamson, Lincoln

I would like to suggest: Joanna Lumley - Fresh from her success with the Ghurkhas. She has public support as well as general audience appeal. Alternatively Nick Knowles of DIY SOS fame. A solid TV presenter and 'man of the people' who would speak his mind.
Dave N, Hillingdon

I would like to see more people from the Youth Movements of political parties on the show.
Andrew Paliwoda, Glasgow

Rory Bremner. Politically astute and an incisive commentator. A dozen pannelists for the price of one!
Christopher Styles, York

John Bunzl is founder of International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) and Simpol UK. Simpol promotes the Simultaneous Policy, which aims to deliver social justice around the world, resolve global problems like environmental destruction and regulate the economic power of international capital for the good of all.
Enzo Short, Kirkwall, Orkney Isles, Scotland

Trevor Colman MEP. A straight talker about the EU. Unlike most politicians he has already had a full career in the real world. He would make a very positive contribution to Question Time.
Philip Glover, Christchurch

Shona McIsaac MP for Cleethorpes. She would be a great guest as she is in a marginal constituency and knows what effects government policy can have on her own fortunes of keeping her seat. She is a journalist by trade and is very good at understanding peoples problems. I think she would be an amazing guest. She may not be high profile but she knows the issues!
Matthew Jason Brown, Cleethorpes

Fred Goodwin?? Or maybe Piers Morgan.
Grant, Colchester

Robin Matthews, the leader of Libertas EU in the United Kingdom. Libertas is a European wide party fighting for democracy in the EU. Libertas is pro-European, but not at any price - Libertas is anti-Lisbon Treaty.
Peter Grace, Horsham

Labour peer Lord Foulkes: At this time, the masterfully devious tabloid media (including the BBC) have brewed this hysteria about MPs' expenses. Lord Foulkes recently articulated the reality of things, live on the BBC News whilst the presenter Carrie Gracie attempted another verbal bashing. The media has become the modern day version of Punch and Judy. But I would like to see you attempt to punch Lord Foulkes.
Ranvir S Bassi, Coventry

I suggest you invite James Whale. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy listening to him. It was an education listening to him for years. BTW, I don't listen to that station during the week, since he left.
Farhad Farnood, Edinburgh

Chandila Fernando - former Presidential Candidate for the Liberal Democrats. Having left the party he has some fascinating insights on politics and politicians. He is also a prominent figure within the Sri Lankan community and is acutely aware of the current predicament. Fun, outspoken and articulate. He is a character and a cool customer under fire.
Shiran Almeida, London

Christopher Booker,co-author of Scared to Death and Sunday Telegraph writer who could help provide a good debate on the costs of global warming and the use of CO2 as a measure of the health of the planet.
David Scott, Lancaster

Bob Geldof would provide some entertainment and some common sense!
Tim Grogan, Studley, Warwickshire

Sally Muggeridge, Chief Executive of the Industry and Parliament Trust. A former director of Pearson plc and Cable and Wireless plc. Experienced and confident broadcaster with strong speaking voice. Known to all MPs and peers, she is independent by virtue of her role in Parliament. (Niece of Malcolm Muggeridge)
David Williams, Dover

If possible, I'd like to see Chief Constables of the county forces on Question Time. It'd also be interesting if we could hear from the Chief Constables of forces such as British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and MOD Police.
Robert, Birmingham

I would like to suggest Irish economist David McWilliams, writer and presenter of the prophetic and entertaining television series 'In Search of the Pope's Children', recently shown on BBC4. He would be a very stimulating and timely panellist, given the current credit crunch.
Steve Clapcote, Leeds

Bryn Terfel: He is a British icon, he has promoted the country in a positive way and is an inspiration to young and old alike. He has a broad range of values and provides a dimension that would traverse topics easily, I believe.
Gareth Taylor, Ferndale, The Rhonnda

Ben Goldacre, columnist for the Guardian and author of Bad Science. It would be good to have someone on the panel that actually knows about evidence and the scientific method.
Paul Baalham, Nottingham

Louis Theroux
N Shingadia, Pinner

I would wish Richard Littlejohn to be on the panel full time. He speaks the truth. The 'mealy mouthed' politicians (or most of them anyway) aren't worth listening to and never tell the truth. The BBC is so pro Labour makes me think 'Question Time' is all pre programmed to the benefit of Labour anyway.
Ian Istead, Bromyard

Mark Curtis. A brilliant historian who would provide an authentic and well-informed left-wing voice and whose forthcoming book is highly relevant to current British foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.
Jamie, London

Nigel Kershaw, chairman of Big Issue and CEO of the Big Issue Invest fund. He's someone who is way ahead of current thinking on social enterprises and bringing social investment to the economy and is pioneering the social investment bank.
Richard Goodlace, Northampton

Pete Doherty.
Chris Mills, Leicester

Simon Scarrow. A best selling author and ex-head of department in teaching, I've seen him offer opinions on the television and would be a great voice in these troubled times.
Paul Murphy, Worthing

Dr Sean Gabb from the Libertarian Alliance has been ignored and censored by local BBC Radio and by BBC TV for his libertarian views which most of the BBC left-wing management find his so called "right-wing" ideas and views unacceptable, but I believe he has been ignored for his honest opinions on your oganisation, that is now nothing more than a mouth-piece for New Labour.
Freddie Merrydown, Watford

I would like to see Lord Christopher Monkton - Margaret Thatcher's former scientific adviser - to be a guest member on the show and to get the topic of climate change cleared once and for all, as long as he is allowed to speak!
Richard Paul, Leicester

Lenny Henry or Stephen K Amos - black comedian, very political, not to mention funny.
Carolyn Montgomery, London

My suggestion for a guest on Question Time is Nick Griffin. I dare the BBC to invite him on the show. It would also be very interesting.
Gary Jones, Hertford

Councillor David Rees - Chairman of "True Wales". David could give an alternative balanced view of the future LCO's and powers for the Assembly, as opposed to the biased views of all the parties in the Assembly who have the same vested interests.
Brian Matthews, Newbridge, Gwent

Thom Yorke - musician. An outspoken campaigner and activist. I believe he deserves a platform to express and debate his views.
Adam, Manchester

David Starkey, Historian and Ian Kershaw, Historian. History gives us the chance to use hindsight and to analyse critically, surely a historical expert is therefore, of value to the debate.
Aaron S, Newcastle

Howard Davies, Director, London School of Economics. David Goodhart, Editor, Prospect Magazine
Rachel Quillen, London

Please can we for once have an all female panel and not one mealy mouthed politician reciting their usual platitudes. I suggest Joan Bakewell, Germaine Greer, Julia Neuberger, Delia Smith are some suggestions. let's get some representation for older people for a change.
Susan Dickie, Sudbury

I would like to see Sir Vidia Naipaul as a panellist - he is an immigrant, Nobel prize-winner as well as a great novelist and observer of human nature.
Rob Nock, Plymouth

Paul O'Grady - an ex- social worker who speaks so much sense.
Jennifer Gordon, Blackford, Perthshire

I suggest that you use Me. You have had schoolchildren. You have had celebrities and of course loads of politicians. What you have never had is the man from the street. The man who pays the tax to support everything the Government does. The man who suffers when Banks are bailed out, or when pension schemes fail, or when pensions themselves are not enough. Give the man in the street a voice please.
Graham Carpenter, Leominster

Sir Michael Caine! lively character to have as an independent on the show. would take a no-nonsense approach to the political babbling.
John davis, croydon

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister. It may be possible to get some sense out of him and not a repeat of the disgraceful payment to Northern Rock staff of bonuses for repaying money back to the government. Who in their right mind would negotiate such outrageous agreements to bankers who caused the problems. The only answer is get rid of this government. In the words of John McEnroe "you can't be serious".
Mr Vivian Blackwell

Julian Lloyd Webber: he's passionate about improving society and children's education, and is currently chairing In Harmony - using music to help children in communities in Lambeth, Norwich and Liverpool.
Alex Martin, London

I would love to see HRH Prince Charles but realise that Royal Protocol would preclude this -which seems to support my suggestion that the Royal Family should not be protected. My suggestion therefore is Sir Alex Ferguson. He would seem to have the perfect qualities as a panellist given his background, roots and success. i stress that I do not support Manchester United FC but I do feel that the programme would benefit from his contribution.
James Burns, Milton Keynes

John McCririck would be interesting.
andy jones, warwick

Iain Martin of the Daily Telegraph because he is the only journalist who gives straightforward easy to understand answers to today's problems.
Tom McCall, Oban

John Sergeant, available now he's no longer dancing, and a respected political commentator.
Malcolm Walters, Worcester

Stephen Hester, current CEO of RBS Group - the Banks get a hammering on Question Time. Why not let one of the major CEOs have a say?
George N Jones, London

I think David Tennant would be a good contributor to topical discussion.
Aquil Sayeed, Harrow, London

Mick Hume: Something intelligent to say about every current issue, would be able to offer a counter argument to most of the accepted thoughts on things like climate change, war on terror, 'credit crunch' etc.
Iain Fitzsimons, Brighton

Bernie Ecclestone, successful, opinionated and tends to create a debate whether talking about sport or business.
Nicholas, Bath

Peter Tatchell. A strong speaker and someone with clear views and opinions and a controversial political track record.
David Ford, Bradford

Dr Richard North, author and political researcher. Would certainly present uncomfortable facts to the Lib-Lab-Con panellists, which is why the BBC are unlikely to select him. But you never know.
Jamie Mash, Northallerton

Peter Gabriel. Johnny Marr.
richey, beverley

Lynne Segal, Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Linda McDowell or other feisty female academics who make policy/politics interesting and human.
Martin, Cambridge

john lydon - he is an extremely intelligent and astute man.
ellie brearley, hull

Martina Navratilova of course! Never lost for words! And she is in UK at the moment.
Phil, London

Sir Stuart Rose. As Chief Exec of M&S he has totally turned the business around, he has great knowledge on business and economy and I think he would be good as to advise on what he thinks the future holds for the retail sector and the economy as a whole.
Dane Barker-Finch, Colchester

Michelle Stanistreet - the new Deputy General Secretary of the NUJ, please. A great trade unionist who's not old, grey or male.
Donnacha DeLong, London

Perhaps it's time to give ken livingstone a chance.
martin lewis, london

Charlie Brooker please, because he's opinionated and amusing.
Louise, London

Morrissey, Mark E. Smith, Tony Blair, Jonathan Dimbleby, Stephen Fry, Louis Theroux or Dennis Skinner.
Dominic O'Key, Derby

Gok Wan - A discussion on celebrity influence over lifestyle/society pressures/economic situation.
Tanya Ferris, London

Anne diamond. Lowri turner. David bull. Janet ellis. Carole malone. Carol thatcher. Kaye adams. Toyah willcox. Melanie Sykes. Jenny powell. Fiona phillips. Amy lame. Linda Robson. Anthea turner. Dillie Keane. Muriel gray. Jilly cooper. Arabella weir.
Eric pearson, Bridgend

Dara O'Briain. I saw him live last week and he is intelligent and very knowledgeable, as well as being a great talker and very funny!
Ken Parry, Havant, Hampshire

Richard Littlejohn, he speaks for the silent majority!
Peter Cornford, Macclesfield

Boris Johnson - I am surprised that since becoming Mayor he has not as yet appeared on Question Time. Has he been asked?
David Magnus, London

My suggestion is ex Us President Jimmy Carter. He is done a lot as an an elder statesman and his foundation does a lot of good work. He has a lot of positive things to say.
Christopher Jackson, Par Cornwall

Tommy Sheridan. Now capitalism is going down the swanee it looks as if Tommy Sheridan was right after all. Also he would offer a unique perspective sat on a panel with representatives of three virtually identical capitalist parties.
Derek McMillan, Horsham

Michael Palin - After reading his diaries, I think he could contribute a lot of sense!
Stephen Shilton, Hamilton

Kate Swann, CEO of WH Smith. Swann has led WH Smith for the last five years as if the country was in recession. It only takes a glance at the ten week results (like for like sales down - profits flat) to realise that somehow this is a company managing costs while others flounder. Perhaps she can give Gordon and Alastair some tips?
Alex, Swindon

Carol McGiffin.
Geraint, Wales

NHS chief executive David Nicholson. Mr Nicholson now earns some £215,000 a year and still receives a second home allowance of £37,600. (according to figures published in the Telegraph)

I think he will need to explain why he gets a pay rise at the same time when junior doctors have been told they should pay for their accommodation, why he is entitled for a huge amount of home allowance. He has been rewarded for successful crunching of NHS frontline pay.
Dr D Ahmed, Birmingham

Sir Ian Blair. Whatever your views on his forced resignation and tenure of the Met, he has held a very high public office, I am sure his contributions would be valued by viewers of either political persuasions.
Ben Storey, Leeds

Paul Staines - the mighty Guido Fawkes. The finest political commentator of this age.
Andrew Asher, Glasgow

Martin Lewis. When the current dynamic is about the banks and the economy - it'd be great to hear someone who's taken them on and won and hear what he'd do.
Gina Davidson, Norwich

Ricky Tomlinson would make a good guest as he is a well known personality and is known to have strong political view of his own which he's not frightened to talk about. With his views and wit I feel he could be an interesting panellist.
Phillip Shaw, Birkenhead

Jeff Randall, for his grasp of the reality behind the fantasy world that the Government have persuaded too many of the media and general public we have been living in.
terry bannister, london

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