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Suggest a panellist

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

A selection of viewers' suggestions are published below.

Your suggestions:

Patrick Carmack (producer of the film 'The Money Masters'). This is the only guy I've ever heard explain the ongoing financial meltdown with any clarity.
Alan Thomson, London

Peter Jones from The Dragons Den. I think it would be interesting to have some positivity about this country and business without the hidden agendas of the political fraternity that always seem to bash each other down with every opportunity.
Alex van Oortmerssen, Woking

Thom Yorke, singer from Art rock band Radiohead, he is outspoken and a campaigner for Amnesty International, Free Tibet, Friends of the Earth, the Big Ask campaign and anti-war movements. I think he would be a great guest who doesn't have an agenda of his own.
Gareth Jones, Watford, Herts

I would like to suggest the lawyer, Anthony Julius, described by Stephen Fry as "the most intelligent person I have ever met".
Moya Janko, Northampton

Ian Collins from talkSPORT radio. His irreverence is counterbalanced by his credible and thoughtful views on everything from the pro life/abortion debate to crypto-zoology
Miss St John, London

Nick Davies, author of 'Flat Earth News'. I'm not sure if he'd wish to appear but his abilities to think outside the box backed up with his great investigative journalism streak makes him a unique character and a great commentator in this global media era.
Phil Jenkinson, Sheffield

Dr Colin Beckford, distinguished academic and respected broadcaster - who just happens to be one of Black Britain's most respected black male role models. It is time to improve the 'diversity mix' beyond that which typically appears on QT!
Roy Ebanks, London

It would be great to see Peter Mandelson on question time to hear his views on the credit crunch and also to get his opinions on the way this labour government is headed
Alex, Liverpool

Mary Robinson - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
David Darler, Moenchengladbach

Peter Kendall, President of the NFU. With all the talk about food prices, the environmental footprint of the food we eat, the use of cereals in bio-fuels and the growing realisation that we may need to consider food security, he would be a good addition to any panel. Furthermore I think viewers would enjoy the contrast between a straight talking farmer and the politicians.
Terence, St Albans

David Edwards or David Cromwell from Medialens. They would subject the issues to a scrutiny rarely exercised in the mainstream media.
Damien Prescott, Moreton, Wirral

Harry Enfield
David von Geyer, Poole

Always enjoy Steve Richards' point of view, always measured and informed (political editor of the Independent).
Peter Lamberg, Stafford

How about Jo Brand who is never lost for words, is amusing and has her feet on solid ground? She can easily cope with questions from the audience and the other panellists' views.
Alfred Penderel Bright, Harrogate

Tilda Swinton. An interesting character with firm views.
Kylie, London

Neil Duncan Jordan who is the leader of the national pensions convention, please
Ken Barnard, Cleethorpes

Richard Fairbrass former front-man of Right Said Fred. I met him recently and he is very outspoken on why Labour has failed him. He's articulate, left field and would make an interesting sparring partner for someone with guts in the Labour party.
Greg Allan, London

Len Goodman the judge from Strictly Come Dancing who is a real character and would bring some fresh original views to the programme
April Copeland, Croydon

I would like to see a sportsman of some sort. The immediate one that comes to mind is Seb Coe, however I think he is a bit too politicalised. Therefore I think Jonathan Edwards would be a very good panellist. He comes across as being very intelligent and was at one time very religious and I feel his views would be insightful and be a change to your typical panelist.
Rik, Enfield

Bill Bailey (stand-up comedian and observer of society)
Jane Russell, Enniskillen

Paul Kingsnorth would be a great addition to the programme. Very passionate about the fight against capitalism and how it is encroaching upon every corner of England. His book 'Real England' is a superb read!
Nicholas Grenier, Laxey, Isle Of Man

I would like to suggest Richard Holloway, the retired Bishop of the Scottish Episcopalian Church and writer of several books. He is one of the most thoughtful clerics around and would be an asset to the show. It's time we had a clergyman of Richard's calibre to comment on current affairs in this growing secular age.
Ian Stuart, Enfield

Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream. Very well-versed in politics and a great character.
Alan McGregor, Glasgow

Nabeel Hamdi United nations gold medal awarded born in Afghanistan, internationally recognised practitioner in Third World development held chair at MIT. Global view local experience what more do you want...
Andrew Humphreys, Oxford

Tony Blair. I would like an update on what he has be doing as a Middle Eastern envoy. Is the Middle East any more stable now? What does the future hold?
Andy Thompson, Stockport

Louis Theroux
andrew miller, carmarthen

Madonna, as a key figure over the past 25 years that is self-absorbed and has been at the forefront of the sea change in attitudes towards the role of women and their place in society.
James Hamill, London

Fred Harrison. He predicted the current financial crisis and warned Gordon Brown many years ago. He wrote the book "Boom Bust House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010".
Rob H, London

Guido Fawkes.
Jack, Bristol

Retail tycoon Philip Green. Would provide an insight into how to tackle the economic downturn
Asad Rehman, Huddersfield

Peter kay
Tracey Bown, rotherham

Terry Waite. Respected, honest and very humble.
Zed, London

Katie Hopkins (former Apprentice contestant). Finally a woman with business acumen prepared to dispute the popular view and tell it like it is. She polarises opinion and entertains.
Mark Cross, Bristol

I would like to see a representative for a pensioners group. I am a member of the TGWU retired members association and am a regular viewer of Question Time. I think the pensioner group is under represented and would be very grateful if you selected someone who would represent the pensioners' point of view.
Ken Barnard, Cleethorpes

A professional clergyman (preferably Christian because of the established church), although not necessarily C of E. Also a satirist (rather than a comedian) e.g. Billy Connolly / Paul Merton who often have the ability to look at serious things in ways others have not thought of.
John Morton, Hartlepool

I would like to see some captains of industry like Wally Walsh from BA, Terry Leahy from Tesco or Adam Crozier from the Royal Mail i.e. private sector chiefs who are making good money from their businesses. Would also like to see other public figures like Sir Ian Blair from the police.

How about some of the key union general secretaries as they try to balance wage inflation/the credit crunch with a slowing economy, Jack Dromey or Tony Woodley from Unite, Bob Crow, RMT. Has Richard Lambert from the CBI ever been invited?
Nick H, Ashford

A great programme but my suggestions would be: 1) increase the show's time by 30 minutes; 2) have more socialists especially George Galloway and people like Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in chief of the London-based newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi, instead of listening to similar views all the time even though by different people.
Adnan Al-Amoudi, Norwich

I would like to see historians used more often. I don't think I can ever remember a geographer being on the panel. Their perspective would be interesting. What I don't want is show business celebrities or comedians.
David Gwilliam, Leicester

I personally think that Sir Alan Sugar would be a good guest on the show as he is straight talking and no nonsense and therefore will tell it how it is.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of LDN
G Wilson, Welling

Salman Rushdie
B Smith, London

Please may we have Paul O'Grady on the panel as I believe he is in touch with the real person and is intelligent.
Susan Beecroft, Nottingham

I think Will Self would be the perfect guest. No party would escape his telling and acerbic comments.
David Stewart, Dundrum

George Galloway should be on every week! He is a breath of fresh air, always entertaining, and says what most people are simply too afraid to say.
Victoria, Cardiff

I would like to see David Icke on Question time, so he can talk about news that does not get in to the main stream. He should be on the panel.
Stephen, Wirral

When oh when oh when are the BBC going to invite Noam Chomsky to be a panellist? Methinks that the reason he hasn't been invited is that he's deemed too intellectual and therefore too clever for a Question Time audience. I just hope someone who's responsible for deciding these things will prove me wrong.
William van Zwanenberg, London

Dianne Abbott. She is not afraid to tell us how it really is within the Labour Party. Jeremy Clarkson. On Top Gear we only hear odd comments. Give him a chance to tell us what he really thinks. Richard Littlejohn. Another one who tells it as it is.
John Whiteman, Newport Pagnell

I would love to see Johann Hari who writes for the Independent on the show.
James, Aberdeen

Can we please have Jon Gaunt of TalkSport Radio on the panel. And can we make politicians answer the question they are asked rather than them being allowed to give the answer to the question they 'wish' they had been asked. I am sure Jon would help in this respect!
Les Bate, Bristol

Alex Salmond
Jim Smith, Glasgow

Madeleine Bunting who writes for The Guardian. She is a great humanist who writes excellent articles about British foreign policy.
Tiye, London

John Pilger - a very good alternative view on the world! It would be nice to have some more intellectuals who are unbiased to parties or newspapers.
Dan Wells, Salisbury

Jeremy Clarkson, an honest speaking person untouched or restricted by the current culture of political correctness. Time for plain speaking common sense.
Christopher Evans, Tidworth

Denis Skinner. We could do with his no nonsense approach. It's about time we heard some old labour views from the back benches.
J Scott, Motherwell

Christopher Booker - His intelligent column for the Sunday Telegraph exposes the political developments that most other journalists ignore/miss.
Gerry, York

How about a fantasy Question Time series similar to football teams concept? e.g. George Galloway, Tommy Sheridan, Tony Benn, Melanie Phillips, Christopher Hitchens & Kelvin McKenzie on the one show?
Ian, Glasgow

Tony Benn, for being a true inspiration for people politics. His insight and forethought are incredible and historical knowledge is thorough - his answers would be based on history and from such a perspective that it makes you stop and think. A true politician.
Dan, Hampshire

I'd love to hear Simon Schama's perspective on the state of modern politics. Bob Geldof and his uncompromising views would also add some much needed conviction to the bland mainstream.
Alan Labrum, Bristol

Richard Branson - he seems to be hyper active and has views on many subjects as well as being very successful. His views might not work with everyone, including I suspect me, but let's hear from him.
R C Whitehand

The Archbishop of York. Despite the fact that this is a Christian country and the Church of England is the established Church our clergy hardly ever appear on your show. Start to address this by inviting him, or the Bishop of Rochester, or the Archbishop of Canterbury. Head and shoulders above our politicians..
David Kenrick,

Stephen Fry, he is funny, intellectual and well known around Britain.
Alex , Edinburgh

Jeremy (the) Paxman.
J. Mann, London

Mark Thomas - a grand idea as he would give the authoritarians on either side of the debate a run for their arguments...
Michael R. Brush, High Wycombe

If the BBC are planning any Question Time shows in the USA leading up to the US general election. Bill Maher, the American political comedian/commentator would be a great panellist. I'm a British expat living in the USA, and love watching his show on the HBO channel.
Gary Vamplew, Missouri, USA

Jamie Oliver. I think would be an entertaining speaker judging by his passionate views on school dinners.
Neil P, Wrexham

Margaret Beckett would be good, I think. Having been an ever-present in the Blair cabinet, it would be interest to see her opinions not only on the EU Treaty (having clashed with Hoon on the issue), but also what she thinks of the Brown cabinet.
Albert Simon, Conwy, North Wales

Mohammed Al-Fayed. He is a man of notable newsworthy items, extremely vocal and has a very set opinion on many topical issues. I think Mr Al-Fayed would provide very good alternative view on the panel which would make the programme very interesting.
Saqib Bashir, Rochdale

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