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Last Updated: Friday, 5 October 2007, 08:03 GMT 09:03 UK
What you've said
Find out what you had to say about Question Time on Thursday, 4 October, 2007 from London.

The topics discussed were:

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

Early election

Audience Question: Has David Cameron done enough to put Gordon Brown off calling an early election?

Text: Great speech from Cameron. I'll vote for him now.
Gavin, Hastings

Text: Autumn election? All the leaves are Brown. Let's hope he leaves.
Bob, Wareham

Text: We don't vote for a prime minister. We vote for local MPs.
Martin, Woodford

Text: A good speech, but can he run the country?
David, Surbiton

Text: Hislop has more charisma than Brown and Cameron managed in 2 hours. Maybe he should be PM.
Mark, Cheltenham

Can anyone remember the mess that was left after the last Tory stint in government? Have they changed?
G. McDougall, South Shields

My summary of the purple parties is as follows: The Tories can afford to make bold statements that please the general electorate. Labour can't as they'll be expected to deliver any hollow promises. Bring in proportional representation: it works in countries like Sweden, so why not here?
Ian, Surrey

Forget Brown and Cameron - lets have Ming as prime minister then this country will really take off and people will be treated fairly.
Ian Griffin, Stoke on Trent

Ming Campbell has got it spot on that there should be a clear piece of legislation on when a General Election should take place - not at the prime ministers convenience. It works for the Americans why not Britain.
Ian Griffin, Stoke on Trent

If the 'labour party' has two and half years left - why would they want to go to the country now? What is the present Govt worried about that if they stay in Govt for two more years they will have to be accountable for? .
Robin, London

Conservative tax proposals

Audience Question: Can the Tories really balance the budget books by taking from the rich to give to the poor?

You said:

Text: Brown loves taking from everyone.
Martin, Hull

Text: Have people forgotten recessions in the eighties and the poll tax? No Tories in power at all.
George, Warwick

Text: The Tory tax policy is socialism!
John, Stockport

Text: I have to pay tax on my pension of less than 8,000 per year.
Ann, Hereford

Why would the latest Conservative tax cuts be given to the middle class and not the poor. Any extra revenue raised should be given to the most needy. The middle class are not the poor and David Cameron shouldn't be portrayed as a modern day Robin Hood.
Darren, Oldham

The Tories are jumping up and down because the polls narrowed after their conference. The Prime Minister should bring the election on and let us see which party is going to be thoroughly trounced at the end of the real poll. The people can no more be conned by the promise of tax cuts which is the only way the Tories know to win people to their side. That can no more convince anybody.
Samuel Awe, London

Ruth Kelly argues with the 3.5 billion pounds the Tories say can be raised, does that matter? How many billions has Brown taken from us that we've seen no benefit whatsoever from?
Terry Durkin, Gravesend

Conservative policy is good - it is about time the middle got something. It is always the poor or rich who benefit. Not the hard-working middle class. Stop giving to the poor, it is just an excuse for them to not go out and get a job.
Caroline Macpherson, Milton Keynes

How come, that George Osborne, the author of the idea of removing the inheritance tax on ordinary people, hardly gets a chance to explain the issue and is rushed impatiently by DD, while others get unlimited time to criticise it? Shouldn't it be the other way round?
Teresa, London

Iraq war

Audience Question: Is Gordon Brown playing politics with the Iraq war, devoting only one sentence to it during the Labour Party Conference, yet announcing this week 1000 troops coming home.

You said:

Text: Iraq - let's sort out the UK first and then help others.
Steve, Berks

Text: Bring home our boys.
Jodie, London

Text: Brown is right to bring the troops back. At least he is not scared of Bush.
Zed, Middlesbrough

Text: The returning troops should remember which party sent them to that impossible war in Iraq.
Simon, Torquay

How come, that George Osborne, the author of the idea of removing the inheritance tax on ordinary people, hardly gets a chance to explain the issue and is rushed impatiently by DD, while others get unlimited time to criticise it? Shouldn't it be the other way round?
Teresa, London

Diana inquest

Audience Question: Is the Diana inquest a waste of time and money?

You said:

Text: Al Fayed has a right to find out what really happened to his son.
AR, Teesside

Text: Diana died as a result of a drunk driver. End of story.
David, Devon

Text: Let Diana rest in peace.
Irfan, Hammersmith

Text: Let us rest in peace from this hysteria.
Jim, Scarborough

Considering the cost of the Diana inquest surely she would have preferred all that money to be used for the good of all those people to whom she reached out and tried to help by highlighting their plight not lining the pockets of others.
Rose Howard, Milton Keynes

When are certain people going to get over the "Diana Conspiracy"?! Let us assume that the outcome of Mr Fayed's much sought after inquest is to say that, as we know, the accident was an accident. Is this going to satisfy Mr Fayed? Of course it isn't. I cannot imagine what it must be like for a parent to lose a child, nor do I want to, but please Mr Fayed, please, just let your son and Diana rest in peace. And then maybe the Express can change it's headline after TEN years!
Kenny McDevitt, Prestwick, South Ayrshire

Al Fayed must have paid millions in uk taxes over the years so why not allow him to have the inquest
Gill, London

Beijing Olympics

Audience Question: Would the threat of a boycott of the Beijing Olympic games end China's support of the Burmese junta? You said:

Text: No need to worry about 2012. Just look at Wembley. Our site won't be done in time. Here's to 2016!
S, Notts

Text: The way to influence China is not by a boycott.
KF, Tring

Text: If we boycott Beijing, half of Asia will boycott London 2012.
Rob, Newquay

Great show, Ruth Kelly looked so out of place. Ming and George made her party's policies look tired and blinkered, and Ian made her look amateurish and ill-informed. It is also a total disgrace to even consider any boycott of the Olympics. Do the people not realise the amount of effort and commitment that the athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, medical staff, and volunteers etc in their sports put in to get to the Olympics? Taking this away from these people is a crime.
Colin Close, Bangor, Co. Down

Age in politics

Audience Question: With 82 year old Tony Benn planning to stand for parliament again, and his 17 year old granddaughter already a candidate, how important is age in politics?

You said:

Age should not make a difference to become an MP and I very much welcome Tony Benn standing again, and his grandaughter Emily standing for the first time. If they have got the commitment as I am sure Tony Benn still has and Emily will have then they should stand for Parliament.

I agree with George Osborne, there should be a wide range of ages in Parliament - all will have great ideas and thoughts to contribute I am sure. I look forward to a wide range of age groups applying to become candidates.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex

General comments

You said:

Text: Dimbleby is the presenter of the programme, he shouldn't be allowed to ask questions.
Tom, Stoke

Text: Ian Hislop. Excellent. Witty satirical comment.
Peter, Kent

Text: Ian Hislop should stick to Have I Got News For You.
Mike, Bolton

Text: Best QT in ages.
Jan, Bradford

Text: Congrats to Ming for coming on. A party leader, not just a minion!
Phil, Manchester

Text: Ruth Kelly has more than held her own throughout a barrage of garbage from the other panellists.
Charlie, Ramsgate

At last, well done but will you allow this to continue? A jackpot with 3 MP's and one journalist on 4 October. 3 politicians and a journalist every week please. A panel of four allows comfortable speaking for each panellist and most important is they are accountable to the public whether elected directly or representing their political party and a journalist wants their paper to be heard that is elected as in how many sold. The audience speak for the public not historians or celebrities. Please keep Q.T as it was on 04 October.
Colin Turner, Norwich

Please tell me why you have such a biased audience in favour of the Conservative Party. Very disappointed that the BBC are not being fair to all parties
Julia Oliver, Virginia Water

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