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Suggest a panellist

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

A selection of viewers' suggestions are published below.

Your suggestions:

Mr Stephen Morrissey. He was, and continues to be, an influential figure in popular music culture from the mid 1980's to the present day. He is an erudite and informed man who is now at a stage of his life where he can comment on life and events in a reflective and informative manner. He has lived through a period of British history that has seen great social change, and exploited some of this change for artistic musical purpose. He is a reluctant speaker and still at root a shy man, this qualification I believe would make him an ideal counterpoint to the panel. Overall he is an entertaining but absolutely honest person.
Adrian Johnson, Stourbridge

Paul O'Grady. This one time social worked has more social conscience and common sense than the majority of current high-profile (and sleaze ridden) politicians.
Jennifer Gordon, Blackford, Perthshire

Sayeeda Warsi, Shadow Community cohesion secretary. She secured the release of Gillian Gibbons. Sayeeda Warsi is a key part of David Cameron's team and was previously the vice chair of the Conservative party. She is young, exciting and charismatic, an appearance by her will certainly be anything but boring.
Jawed Iqbal, Oldham

Alex Ferguson would be a great guest. He is an icon to many people and I believe people would be interested in hearing his opinions. He comes from a trade union background and although he is a wealthy man now, his values and principles remain.
Darren Quinn, Manchester

Ann Coulter. She has written five political books which have topped the New York Times bestseller list and would be an enlivening conservative voice on a panel where usually only the greyest conservative commentators are heard alongside similarly grey Tory MPs.
Ben Anoff, London

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's 'leader' of the opposition. Surely it's time to stop this madness in Zimbabwe.
James Maroni, London

In light of the continued terrorist threat from political Islamists, I would like to see former Islamist Ed Hussein on the show.
Hugh Mooney, Glasgow

John Major or Clive Bull or Jonathan Dean, John Major can give his views on how a government should run. How would he have dealt with the floods. Also he can tell us how it feels to be part of a change in power. Clive Bull because he has a view on everything being the radio talk show king, having been on the radio for more than 20 years he always knows how people feel. Jonathan Dean because he knows about the North West Broadcasting area, he knows about politics and is a great speaker in public.
James Riise, Seaham

Garry Bushell, a great campaigner for England and the English, and an outspoken opponent of growing state powers over the rest of us.
Alex Tibballs, London

Computer games and travel journalist Stuart Campbell. He has a number of interesting opinions across issues as diverse as Scotland, video games, sport and freedom of speech. He would be an excellent addition to the panel.
James Keeble, Glasgow

Thom Yorke - lead singer of Radiohead and a concerned person with relation to global issues such as climate change and nuclear disarmament.
Neil, Middlesbrough

Richard Dawkins, a prominent evolutionary biologist at Oxford University, famous worldwide for his outspoken atheism and opposition to faith schools. His book The God Delusion was the WHSmiths number one bestseller for some time, and he has appeared on several other shows, demonstrating his ability to debate competently and politely. He would definitely make an interesting addition to the panel, particularly if the debate was to be partially on religion in society.
Jonathan Butler, Burnley, Lancashire

Tony Blair - incredibly good communicator - and free from the shackles of office, what opinions might he now express?
Adrian Butcher, East Grinstead

Mark Thomas - political comedian/campaigner
River Brown, Hitchin

Nicky Wire, bass player and lyricist from the rock group Manic Street Preachers. He has a degree in Political History, and is the most intelligent political lyricist in rock music, he has intelligent opinions to offer and a connection with youth which I feel is important.
Paul Brown., South Molton, Devon

Billy Connolly. Funny? Yes but one of the most astute observers of the human condition and even politics. While you're at it, put him on with some of the usual dullards - he'll demolish them.
Patrick Stewart, Derry

Jon Gaunt The Sun Columnist. Shahid Malik MP
Claire Kinder, Huddersfield

William Hague. Straight-talking intelligent approach.
David La Ronde, Colchester

Sonia Boyce - She is a Black British Artist whose work is highly political and relevant I feel in today's climate. Also I feel that Black Britain is woefully under-represented on QT. Also it would give the General Public more of an insight into how the artwork re-acts to current affairs.
Marie Smith, London

I would like to suggest Marina Hyde from the Guardian. She seems to write about everything (from high politics, to politics, to social issues, to football, to plain gossip mag issues). She is also very witty.
Ryan McDermott, Exeter, UK

I think Adam Curtis would make a most insightful panellist. Please invite him.
Syed Haider, London

Clive James: erudite, warm, wise, funny.
, Wolverhampton

Lily Allen: She is a young, cool singer who I saw on 'This Week' recently and she impressed (and surprised) me with her intelligence and how well she expressed her opinion. I think she would have a unique point of view to put and her appearance may also encourage other young people to tune in - which may present an alternative image of young people to what is usually portrayed in the news and media in general.
David Collins, London

James Whale. An opinion on every subject, often expressed so forthrightly.
Brian, London

I think Graham Norton would be very good, as he has something to say about everything. I also feel that some of the politicians may find him challenging.
Pat Clarke, Liverpool

Alastair Campbell, lets see how he defends "spin over substance" and whether it really is the media and spin that swings votes. He's been an influential individual for the past ten years, in and out of number 10, also give him a chance to promote his book!
Sam Butterworth, Winchester

Charlie Brooker, Guardian columnist. A very funny character who can be very critical of government policy. I think he'd be an interesting guest to have alongside several New Labour and Tory figures.
Alex Young, Hornchurch

Anne Diamond
Thomas, London

Yvonne Riddley, since her conversion to Islam, Ridley has increasingly come under criticism for her controversial stances. Her vocal support for causes involving Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya and Uzbekistan have made her a popular speaker in anti-war circles
Tabish, London, Tower Hamlets

Cllr George Beckett - Leader of Winchester City Council. Winchester was voted the "best place in Britain to live". It would be good to hear the views of someone at the heart of day to day local Government and the difficulties that those in local government face in providing for their communities as a direct result of meddling & lack of support from Westminster.
John Cooper, Winchester

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Dr Rowan Williams.
Daniel Howard, Liverpool

Dennis Skinner, the beast of Bolsover doesn't care a monkeys about the establishment, sit back and watch the fur fly.
Noel Buffini, Snodland

Let's face it, Islam makes for hot news these days. If you want enlightened Islamic thinking I would strongly suggest giving Abdul Hakim Murad (Cambridge University) some airtime.
Asma, Cheshire

Ken Loach for the best in providing on film all that is true and factual about the world's injustices. A truly remarkable panellist.
Les Teeling, St.Helens

Steven Gerrard. Lets see what the footballers have to say about current affairs
Mujibur, London

Question Time is the most balanced political show in the UK. We are very lucky to have such a show. I would like to suggest both Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky.
Piers Hottingham, London

Please could you invite Jon Gaunt from Talksport to be a future panellist. You would gain an instant two million extra viewers.
Mr John Lacy, Stevenage

Richard Dawkins, and other prominent atheists and Humanists, especially when the panel includes a representative of religion. The non-religious are the second largest "belief group" in the UK (between 5 and 10 times as numerous as Muslims), and should be heard regularly.
Paul, Bristol

It has to be Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams. The only show in town.
Jean Kelly, County Tyrone

Just a few names that are rarely seen on British television. The communities that they represent hardly get to see them much or hear their views: Simon Woolley - Director of OBV (Operation Black Vote), Rev Al Sharpton, Lee Jasper - Race Adviser to the Mayor of London, Minister Louis Farrakhan - Nation of Islam, Gus John, Peter Hibert QC, Doreen Lawrence, Cllr Lorna Campbell (Brixton London), Jesse Jackson or Bishop T D Jakes
Jennifer J. Harris, London

Dr David Starkey. He has independent ideas, that arise from his immense knowledge of history. A person, such as he, is invaluable in pointing up issues with a perspective on the past, from which all knowledge is derived. The key, to getting value from such a guest, is to allow them good time to express their views, without interruption. The politicians get excellent media coverage and their views are largely known by the public and dictated by party policy. They will tend to shout down an alternative view that appears to be gaining popular support. The chairman needs to be strong and assertive, for this to work.
Brian de Bell, Kettering

Investigative journalist Greg Palast. He's someone that might make the politicians sweat a little with some truth for a change. That's if he'd be allowed to speak the truth in the first place!
Nick Spens, Lyndhurst

I believe Howard Marks and Alan Buffry of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance would do very well in setting straight the facts and (absence of) dangers surrounding cannabis and its uses, right from pain relief to making cosy sweaters to keep my gran warm in the winter.
Fade, Cambridge

Debbie Coulter, Deputy General Secretary of the GMB. Even in 2007 high ranking women trade unionists are as rare as hens' teeth - very strange given that they are organisations that very much promote equality.
Catherine Sutherland, Edinburgh

Is there an argument for more scientists on Question Time given the increasing number of technical questions that require familiarity with sophisticated quantitative data. Admittedly the pool of media friendly scientists seems quite small, but Lord May, David King, Steven Jones and even Lord Winston would provide a welcome reasoned perspective, a contrast to the ill informed opinion swapping that passes for scientific debate between politicians and journalists.
Stuart Feerick, UK

Rory Bremner - he could provide the 'real' answers on behalf of all the spin doctors, charlatans and crooks that supposedly represent us all in Westminster.
Keith Lewis, Stevenage

I think filmmaker Adam Curtis would be an interesting choice. His documentaries like 'The Power of Nightmares' and his recent work, 'The Trap' show a unique insight into current events.
Davide Simonetti, London

Oliver Letwin. As head of the Conservative's Policy review team is it not about time we quizzed the heart of the Tory machine as to what their policies actually are! He is also regarded as a heavyweight so should generate a good debate.
Matthew Sheen, London

Jeremy Clarkson. Some say, he's struggling with his Northern roots. Others just think he's an entertaining broadcaster who doesn't give a refreshing monkey's about political correctness.
Jeremy Hill, Pavenham

I would like to see both Tony and Hilary Benn on the same edition of QT. It would provide a fascinating contrast between old and new labour through the eyes of father and son.
Chris, Putney, London

John McDonnell MP, to prove the media blackout on the left is confined to the major left wing newspapers, and not the BBC.
Charlynne, Kennington, London

Nick Griffin. Almost every week on Question Time there is something mentioned on immigration and multiculturalism. How on earth are you supposed to have a balanced debate when week after week the panel is full of left wingers? Get Nick Griffin on. It is a democracy we live in and we are all entitled to an opinion even if you don't agree with it. The BNP are a perfectly legal party and they are about so much more than just immigration and they are the only ones in politics who still have a grip on reality. Also, whether you like it or not more and more people support them. And no, I'm not a member of the BNP, I'm just sick of one sided debates.
Martin, Stockton on Tees

The person I would love to see take part on the panel as a guest would be Leo McKinstry, Daily Express columnist. He tells it like it is and everything he writes about is always interesting and intelligent. He never waffles on and ALWAYS shoots straight from the hip! Give him a try. He will not disappoint. He is one of the reasons I buy the newspaper - to read his column.
Susie Jay, Manchester

Colonel Tim Collins.
Andrew Asher, Clydebank

Stephen Fry is intelligent and entertaining. His input may be beneficial.
Alistair Postle, Stockton on Tees

Nick Cohen or Christopher Hitchens would give an interesting angle on the war in Iraq for your special, coming, as they both do, from the left.
Michael Parker, London

Lindsey German, Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition. She is a leading spokesperson for the biggest mass movement this country has ever seen and it is about time this organisation was given the fair coverage it deserves, representing, as it does, the vast majority of the public with regards to the occupation of Iraq.
Simon Byrne, London

How about a show without any politicians from the Lib-Lab-Con coalition? You could have Nigel Farage UKIP, Nick Griffin BNP, Arthur Scargill, someone from the Greens, and someone from the English Democrats.
Jamie Mash, Northallerton

Professor Jock Young, Seminal Criminologist and former adviser to Tony Blair on crime policy. By far the greatest living mind in his subject area and also a key figure in creating the concept of being tough on the causes of crime.
Iain Barton, Steyning, West Sussex

Quentin Leiper, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Questions are regularly and increasingly posed on issues such as the cost of the Olympics, climate change, renewable energy, transportation, road charging, security of the UK power supply, new nuclear power stations to name a few. It would make a change to have a Chartered Engineer on the panel who could provide informed comment on such issues from a construction industry perspective.
Fraser Wilson, Glasgow

I would like to see Mark Wallace, the Campaign Manager for The Freedom Association, on the panel. He opposes government policy on ID cards and 90 day imprisonment, as well as continued membership of the EU. He was also questioned by police at the Labour Party Conference 2006 simply for standing outside protesting.
Steven Bainbridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Roshan Muhammed Salih, head of Islam Channel News. He'll give you a really good insight into Islamic affairs.
Hassan Ali, London

Will Self, there's no reason for him not to be on the show.
Ben, Winchester

Douglas Carswell MP. A refreshing approach to politics. Up front about his views. Let us hear more of this young MP.
Stephen James, Epsom

George Galloway as he is an outspoken ex Labour MP and it would be interesting to see him on your panel!
Marc Preece, Newport South Wales

Arthur Scargill, the greatest trade union leader of our time - a man of principle and a true socialist - a man that speaks for his class.
John Taylor, Redcar

Mark Serwotka General Secretary PCS - Public and Commercial Services Union - to put the case for us pen-pushing civil servants.
John, Neath

Patrick Moore. Always entertaining and his brilliant autobiography shows that he has interesting opinions on many key issues.
Stephen Joyce, Ely, UK

Brian Gregory who is chairman of ABD (The Association of British Drivers) or any other person connected to this pro-driver group who wishes to appear on Question Time. Motorists desperately need a voice to fight road pricing and other anti-car measures.
Frank, Upminster

Phil Booth national coordinator for No2ID. Mr Booth would be well qualified in expressing the danger to our liberty and privacy of this government's drift towards a data based state, with every citizen being treated as a suspect.
Mike Hack, Southampton

John Rees, national chairman of Stop the War. The greatest mass movement in Britain's history. Who else could mobilise two million people onto the streets of London? And he's an electrifying speaker too.
Asad Khan, Manchester

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