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Last Updated: Friday, 22 September 2006, 08:38 GMT 09:38 UK
What you've said
Find out what you had to say about Question Time on Thursday, 21 September, 2006 from Tonbridge, Kent.

The topics discussed were:

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

The Pope

Audience question: Were the recent remarks made by the Pope about Islam, a genuine mistake or deliberate?

What is going on in the world? I work with a lot of Muslims and they are as bemused as me. Why can't we speak openly and honestly on the issue of terrorism?
Aubrey Sutton, Bolton

Text: Religion is not worth all the trouble it causes.
Patrick, Great Leighs

It is the Muslim fundamentalists in this country who are undermining the British Muslims' way of life. This nation must protect its citizens from these people who wish to attack innocent people. The Muslim community must stand up and be counted.
Mark, Manchester

Text: In the 21st Century we should stop living out of instruction books that are hundreds of years old.
Andy, Liverpool

In today's Britain there seems to be one rule for the minority and other rules and regulations for the majority of the population.
M Brearley, Leeds

Text: Let's just admit it, the Pope has put his foot in it.
KR, Harrogate

Rather than people living their lives based on various novels written 2,000 years ago, should we not have a secular society?
Nick Palmer, Leicester

Text: We believe in free speech in this country - but it works both ways.
Gill, Sandwich

Muslims have an obligation as Muslims to believe in and understand one faith, one way of life. To expect Muslims to integrate into a "Western" way of life that is considered un-Islamic is wrong, it will never happen.
Ian Sutheran, Birmingham

Let's stand back a moment and smell the coffee. So all things being equal, if the Pope had mentioned any other group of people, would they have protested around the world?
Leroy, London

Text: Are we to assume all Muslims are anti-Christian?
R Shaw, Oldham

It is time that more people in Britain like Ann Widdecombe stand up and declare their rights to free speech and the rights to question the validity of all religions, including those that our country is based on.
Sean Donald, Dunblane

Text: Thank God I'm an atheist.
Flump, Bearwood

John Reid

Audience question: Did John Reid think he had the right to make a speech to the Muslim community that was patronising and rude?

You said:

Text: Shouldn't the Home Secretary warn parents not to let their children become racists?
Philip, Glasgow

Harriet Harman should not be defending the indefensible. John Reid's speech to Muslims was another example of this government's increasing willingness to demonise the Muslim community under the banner of "terrorism prevention".
Tim Morrow, Glasgow

Text: Reid was playing politics.
Roger, Colchester

John Reid's comments about extremism should have been aimed at a broader audience. What about young people being encouraged to join groups such as the BNP and neo-Nazi groups?
Bev Oliver, Barnetby, North Lincolnshire

Text: John Reid irritates me every time he opens his mouth but he should not be shouted down by a fanatic.
M Bradley, Leics

I personally think people are interpreting what John Reid said in the wrong manner. They are trying to make him look the bad guy. He didn't use the term "snitch" and I don't see why people are using that term.
David Hook, Oxford

Text: Reid for once was right.
Chris, Chelmsford

How can the Home Secretary asking parents to try to ensure their children do not get drawn into violence, be at all controversial?
Ian Wilson, St Helens

Liberal Democrats

Audience question: What does the future hold for a political party when the ex-leader outshines the present leader at party conference?

You said:

Text: Charlie K will be back in charge before the next election.
MTO, Whitley Bay

I cannot believe the arrogance of Harriet Harman who said she had more interesting things to do than listen to Ming's speech today. Surely it is part of her job to listen to the opposition?
Diana O'Donnell, Hythe, Kent

Text: Insensitive question and unfair to Charles in that situation.
Mary, Chippenham

Well it seems to be "We love Charlie" night! Funny how everybody wants Mr Kennedy back in power.
Gary Raven, Ely

Text: I do wish people would stop getting at Ming. He's certainly a great leader. Give him time.
D, London

I must admit that I was pleased to see Charles Kennedy get a standing ovation from the Liberal Democrat Party Conference this week. He made a great contribution to the party as leader. I do not rule out his return to be leader of the party at a future date and I am pleased to see him looking so well and prepared to come back on Question Time making a very worthwhile contribution to the programme, as always.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex

Text: Charles is a dish - bring him back!
Waz, Notts

I find Charles Kennedy to be thoroughly engaging and was very disappointed in his party's treatment of him after being honest and owning up to his failings. He is by far the most charismatic and apparently real of all the politicians in the public eye at present and the Liberal Democrats would be wise to seriously reconsider reappointing him as their leader.
Ian Walter, Portsmouth

Text: Ming is too much of a gent to be a politician.
Nick, Yorks

I just wanted to let Charles Kennedy know that as an SNP supporter since I was able to vote and many years before, the only reason I would consider voting Lib Dem would be completely down to him.
Margaret Kenny, South Queensferry

Text: I think Charles Kennedy is brill.
Carol, York

Text: Lib Dems will never win an election without a purpose.
Dean, Portsmouth

Reality TV

Audience question: Given the accidents of Steve Irwin and Richard Hammond, has reality TV gone too far?

You said:

Text: Reality television is the only thing that keeps it alive.
Jason, Eastbourne

Steve and Richard were both doing what they enjoyed.
Andrew Neilson, Fairford

Text: Since when has Top Gear been reality TV?
JW, Rainham

Neither Steve Irwin nor Richard Hammond were involved in "reality TV" (of a Big Brother style). Both were involved in producing informative programmes. They were not filming their every day life!
Richard Hurford, Cardiff

Text: Reality TV only exists because of the idiots who watch it.
TB, Selby

Neither Top Gear nor Crocodile Hunter are reality TV shows. They're both documentaries and Steve Irwin and Richard Hammond are professional presenters. They are not the Joe Bloggs public who seem to revel in humiliating themselves for five minutes of fame.
Caroline, Lancaster

Text: Reality TV should be outlawed!
Jason, Chesterfield

Text: Isn't QT reality TV? Well, as real as politicians can be.
Duncan, Newport

Text: Without characters like Irwin and Hammond, life would be as bland as the panel.
Mike, Hull

Text: Reality politics would be better.
T, Edinburgh

Foreign policy

Audience question: Would Tony Blair's successor be wise to distance Britain from the US and their foreign policy?

You said:

Text: We should certainly be distanced from Bush's Christian extremism.
Ian, Darwen

We are not American and we should do our own thing - we are British.
P, Rugby

Text: At last a sensible question.
Jan, West Yorks

Text: Distancing ourselves from the US would be a ridiculous thing to do.
Jon, Bucks

Text: We should get closer to Europe and kick Uncle Sam into touch.
Terry, Kent

When will England stand on her own again?
Rob, Washington, Tyne and Wear

Text: Bush and Blair took us into this war. Long after they have gone, our lads will still be dying.
Sam, Astley

Text: When Tony goes I hope he goes a long way. Preferably the USA.
Bernie, Isle of Man

Text: True friends do not mind hearing the truth from each other.
Bob, Nottingham

General comments

You said:

Text: Thank God for Ann Widdicombe, she is not afraid to speak the truth.
Ruth, Devon

Harriet Harman is a typical example of why the people of this country don't trust politicians. Just answer the question!
John Mochan, Glasgow

Text: Does Sir Christopher share Ann Widdecombe's hair dye bottle?
Laura M, Leek

Tariq Ali and Christopher Meyer both added balance to the normal political nonsense that the other guests spout off.
Paul Cannon, London

Text: Hurry up and get Galloway on.
Tony, Epsom

Text: Question Time needs a makeover. What about a panel of ex-Big Brother contestants?
Mike, Winchester

The first programme after a lengthy break with so many topics to cover. It should have been a specially-extended edition!
Simon Tune, Eastbourne

Text: I use to have a haircut like Charles Kennedy. When I was 11.
Ed, Leeds

Text: Ann Widdecombe for PM!
Linda, Oxford

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