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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2006, 16:22 GMT 17:22 UK
This week's panel
Question Time, the BBC's premier political programme, will be in Cambridge on Thursday, 20 April 2006.

David Dimbleby will be joined for the interactive debate by Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP, shadow chancellor George Osborne MP, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Dr Vincent Cable MP, and political commentator Janet Daley.

Charles Clarke MP

Title: Home Secretary

Career: Charles Clarke is presiding over the government's controversial anti-terror legislation and the introduction of ID cards.

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He was previously education secretary and is a former chairman of the Labour Party.

Mr Clarke was also head of the private office of Labour leader Neil Kinnock from 1981 to 1983.

George Osborne MP

Title: Shadow Chancellor

Career: George Osborne was David Cameron's right-hand man in the leadership bid to succeed Michael Howard.

A former political secretary to William Hague, Mr Osborne drafted speeches and briefed him before his parliamentary appearances.

He has also worked in Number 10 Downing Street and the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food during the BSE crisis.

Dr Vincent Cable MP

Title: Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Career: Vincent Cable was elected deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in March.

Previously Treasury spokesman, he also fought parliamentary seats for the Labour Party and the SDP before becoming a Liberal Democrat MP in 1997.

A former oil industry economist, he also served as a special adviser to the late John Smith during the Callaghan administration.

Janet Daley

Title: Political Commentator

Career: Janet Daley is a research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies and is a regular contributor on political programmes.

She was a leader writer for The Daily Telegraph until last year. Janet was born in America and has lived in Britain since the 1960s.

In an article about the Conservative Party she said: "Cameron and his modernising friends seem to think that everybody in the party over 55 is part of the enemy within."

BBC One's Question Time is broadcast on Thursdays at 2235 GMT.


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