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Question Time in Johannesburg
President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa
South Africa has now had more than 10 years of democracy
In the week of the G8 conference in Scotland and the Live 8 concert, BBC TV's premier political programme Question Time is being broadcast from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The programme will focus on some of the major issues facing Africa including poverty, debt relief, Aids and the continent's cultural importance and influence.

The panel will include British cabinet minister and former international development secretary Baroness Amos, Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, South African political commentator Moeletski Mbeki, foreign minister of Somaliland Edna Ismail, and anti-poverty campaigner Bianca Jagger.

Thursday 7 July
2235 BST, BBC One
BBC World

Anyone who will be in Johannesburg on Thursday 7 July can apply to be part of the studio audience and to put questions to the panel. The special edition of the programme will
be broadcast internationally on BBC World as well as on BBC One.

To have your say on African issues and take part in the BBC's flagship current affairs discussion programme, follow the link above.

Morgan Tsvangirai has written for Question Time about Africa's problems:

This edition of Question Time will be broadcast at the following times:

BBC One: Thursday 7 July 2005, 2235BST
BBC World: Saturday 9 July 2005, 0710 and 1510GMT;
Sunday 10 July 2005, 1210 and 1910GMT.

The programme can also be viewed during broadcast or at any time after from the Question Time website

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