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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 June, 2004, 09:23 GMT 10:23 UK
24 June 2004
Question Time, the BBC's premier political programme chaired by David Dimbleby was in Norwich on 24 June. He was joined by Robin Cook MP, John Bercow MP, Le Monde correspondent Marc Roche, comedian Harry Enfield and critic and author Allison Pearson.

Robin Cook MP


Title: Former Foreign Secretary

Career: Robin Cook recently urged the prime minister to draw up a strategy to withdraw British troops from Iraq.

He resigned from the cabinet in March 2003 in opposition to military action in Iraq and later said he blamed himself for not trying harder to persuade the PM against going to war.

He became foreign secretary when Labour won the 1997 election but was surprisingly demoted at the last general election to leader of the House of Commons.

John Bercow MP


Title: Shadow International Development Spokesman

Career: John Bercow has told Conservative MPs to leave their ivory towers and use public services in order to keep in touch with voters.

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The modernising MP resigned from Iain Duncan Smith's shadow cabinet in 2002 over the party's opposition to adoption by unmarried heterosexual and gay couples.

Mr Bercow, who was once special adviser to Jonathan Aitken, was brought back to the Tory front bench last year by the new Conservative Party leader Michael Howard.

Marc Roche


Title: Le Monde UK Correspondent

Career: Marc Roche has been covering British news for the French press for nearly 20 years.

Prior to working for French magazine Le Point and newspaper Le Monde, Mr Roche worked in London, Brussels and Washington for the Reuters news agency.

Mr Roche, who describes himself as a "rabid europhile favourable to a super-super state," has recently completed a book on the French view of the death of Princess Diana.

Harry Enfield


Title: Comedian

Career: Since appearing as Stavros the Greek and Loadsamoney on Channel 4's Friday night Live in 1988 Harry Enfield has become one of British comedy's biggest stars.

The former Labour Party donor is an accomplished writer and impressionist; his TV career began on Spitting Image. He has created many popular TV characters including Tim Nice-But-Dim and moody teenager Kevin.

He is opposed to Britain joining the euro and at the premiere of Kevin and Perry Go Large in 2000, his suit was emblazoned with pictures of Ken Livingstone in support of his London mayoral campaign.

Allison Person


Title: Journalist and critic

Career: Allison Pearson has been named both Critic and Interviewer of the Year at the British Press Awards.

She is a regular columnist for the London Evening Standard and Daily Telegraph and has been a judge for the Orange Prize for Women's Fiction and the Forward Poetry Prize.

Miramax has bought the film rights to her debut novel - I Don't Know How She Does It - which has appeared on 15 bestseller lists. She appears regularly on TV and radio including sitting on BBC Two's Newsnight Review panel.


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