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Suggest a panellist

From Boris Johnson to the Queen and Billy Connolly to Tony Benn, find out which guests you have suggested for the QT panel.

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

Your suggestions:

No more columnists
Michael Wells, Surrey

I would like to see Gordon Brown on Question Time, because we rarely get to see him first hand voicing his opinions on areas of policy that aren't in his portfolio and also if he were to become a future prime minister, it would be interesting to see how he could cope having to think on his feet.
Christopher Ashton, London

Sir Simon Rattle.
Adrian Blair, Los Angeles

No more columnists. They get enough opportunity to spout their (reactionary) opinions as it is and we only get two non-politicians per show. How about trawling the worlds of business and academia for some successful non-celebrities. Pretty much anyone with no claim to celebrity would do.
Michael Wells, Surrey

I think the author Christopher Brookmyre would make an interesting panellist.
Thomas Armstrong, Cumbernauld

It would be nice to hear some genuine alternative opinions on the direction the world is going. David Icke would be interesting but no doubt the powers that be would not allow it. Would certainly make a change from the party stooges.
Jon, Croydon

Eddie Izzard would make a wonderful illuminating guest. Very politically, historically and socially aware - and damned funny with it.
Nina Gabrielli, Beverley

Jonathan Edwards has dignity, belief, honesty, tact, strong opinions, works for the Beeb, is respected for what he has done in athletics, and is a good public speaker and commentator.
David Butler, Romsey

I would love to see Zac Goldsmith on again
Sarah Hardy, Sussex

Denise Robertson - she has the common touch, and a sensitive outlook on many an issue. She would be perfect to offer comforting and realistic answers for hard and often contentious issues.
Richard Newman, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I would love to see Zac Goldsmith on again. He is highly articulate and intelligent and always comes up with some excellent points. It is always a pleasure to hear his views.
Sarah Hardy, Sussex

Robert Fisk. No "Western" journalist understands the history of the Middle East, feelings of the Arabs or the politics of the current situation better than him. He's highly respected and articulate and I'm sure many people would look forward to hearing his answers to their questions.
Ben Lehhman, Croyden

I would like to see Tom Utley or Mark Steyn of the Telegraph appear on Question Time. Both write very sensibly and they would make a refreshing change from some of the familiar faces who appear on the panel all too regularly.
Matthew Smith, Sunderland

I would like to see Dr C Ray Greek on the panel. He is an acknowledged authority (medical) on the issue of animal testing and its dangers to human health.
Jaqi Freeman, Bromsgrove

Tommy Sheridan should go on Question Time. He would liven up the programme. This is a democracy and all views, however extreme, should be put forward in such a highly political programme.
Dean Carlin, Edinburgh

I would suggest Sarah Gunn - if I remember her name properly - the GCHQ whistle-blower over Iraq. I think such individuals are vital for a healthy democracy and restore some faith in the institutions of the day.
H G Davies, Reading

Gary Lineker - footballing legend and all-round great bloke. It would be interesting to hear his views on the non-sporting issues of the day.
Joe Gough, Poole

How about a Green MSP?
Chris, Solihull

I'd like to see Henry Kissinger as a panel member.
Jenn Bolton, Bristol

How about a Green MSP on the programme? We don't see them on this programme, even when the show is in Scotland. One million people voted Green at the European elections - we need to hear someone from the party.
Chris, Solihull

The whole of the "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue" panel, and with Humph as the chairman! Now that would be funny!
Ian, Halifax

A great catch would be to get Ronnie Corbett to appear on the show. Also, Midge Ure would be interesting.
Neil Wade, Manchester

Chris Rock or Jon Stewart. Both are extremely American comics with razor sharp humour and deep interests in politics.
Kay, Birmingham

I would like to see the return of Ian Hislop and Mary Archer. The classic episode of those two sniping was as good as it gets.
George Laird, Glasgow

Lindsey German from the Stop the War Coalition would make a good panellist and would be well qualified to articulate the anti-war sentiment in this country. She has a lot of interesting opinions about other issues as well.
John Sinha, London

I would like to see more panellists who have no political axe to grind.
Ronald Williams, Oldham

I'd like to see Boris Johnson MP at the show in Liverpool - if he would dare!
Owen Clayton, Lancaster

Please ask Mr Tony Benn soon
M Young, Blackburn

Nigel Lawson or Norman Lamont... Let a former Conservative chancellor make a sensible suggestion for the tax cut proposals for the next general election!
Carl Perkins, Portsmouth

I think Lord William Deedes would be a wonderful panellist. His huge experience in so many fields and his common sense would be a great combination.
Richard Marshall, Middlesex

Humphrey Littleton and Richard Ingrams: their slow, dry, irreverent humour and occasional insight would be a real change from predictable and unmemorable Labour women.
Alun Williams, Exeter

I would strongly suggest Noam Chomsky by himself for at least two hours of uninterrupted questions and answers on topical affairs.
Joe, Rhyl

I have just attended a meeting at which the main speaker was Stephen O'Brien MP, shadow secretary of state for trade and industry. He is the last Conservative to win a by-election and a rare representative in these days of "career politicians" having come from a senior business career. I commented to him I would like to see him on Question Time. He suggested that I should write to you.
Keith Arscott

A healthy dose of Boris to top things off!
Helen LS, Aylesbury

I think John Simpson, because he is an excellent journalist, and it would be interesting to hear a music celebrity such as Kylie Minogue.
Brendan Shepherd, The Wirral, Liverpool

Definitely more women, more Scots and a healthy dose of Boris to top things off!
Helen LS, Aylesbury

Moby - he has intelligent views from a US perspective.
Richard, Loughborough

Jordan, Jade from Big Brother, Wayne Rooney and Menzies Campbell.
Mike, London

A representative of the BNP to show how ignorant and pathetic they are and John Kerry to tell us how ignorant and pathetic G W Bush is!
Mike Pearce, Liverpool

The chief executive of the NHS.
Peter Tallentire, Liverpool

I would like to see Arthur Scargill or Bob Crow on the panel: two strong trade unionists, who recognise that New Labour is a far cry from socialism.
Kevin Reynolds, Great Yarmouth

I would like to see fewer politicians on the show
Mohammed Haroon, Peterborough

Mike Dickin, radio presenter. While I do not agree with all he says, he speaks honestly about what he believes in.
Neil, Glasgow

I would like to see fewer politicians on the show. They use it as a base to launch their next political campaign, and the Conservative and Labour MPs just seem to end up turning the show into a one-on-one debate about their policies, when they are irrelevant to the original question.
Mohammed Haroon, Peterborough

I would like to see Fenton Howell from ASH (Ireland). He would dispel the myths that the tobacco companies put out about the impact that a smoking ban would have on the public house trade.
M Kennedy, Liverpool

I would like to see a member/spokesperson from Fathers 4 Justice to hear how they view current politics.
Michael Pugh, Bristol

I'd like to see Dr Chris Tame, the director of the Libertarian Alliance. Libertarian viewpoints are rarely expressed on the show.
Scott Daly, Glasgow

George Galloway, Richard Littlejohn, Bob Crow, Andrew Rossindell, and Stephen Fry would make a very interesting panel.
Robin Ball, Liverpool

I think Morrissey should be on the show. There's nothing like hearing a star's political view.
Nick, Hartlepool

Andrew Marr, and other prominent reporters from time to time
Afsar, Leeds

I agree totally with Ian, Leicestershire, about Lady Thatcher. Truer words were never spoken! At least she says what she means and does what she says, unlike today's crop of self-serving politicians.
Mark, Nottingham

Andrew Marr, and other prominent reporters from time to time. It would be interesting to know what their personal opinions are on the current issues.
Afsar, Leeds

Ultimately, George Bush would be the supreme choice for a panellist. However, that's somewhat unlikely. But the other person I'd like to see on Question Time would be Jonathan Ross... he'd prove a breath of fresh air!
Lee, Skelmersdale

I think Noel Edmonds would be a phenomenal panellist. His Saturday night television show, Noel's house party, was immense. What a guest he'd be. Great sense of humour.
Benjamin Parkin, Norwich

A man with a wealth of experience and the intelligence to give any politician a run for their money.
Howard Marks, Pontypool

It would be great to see Ann Coulter on the show. Her books are witty and provoking. She would put the left-wingers on the panel firmly in their place!
Jon Harrison, York

Blair - why can't we just ask the Prime Minister?
Mike, Liverpool

My wife. She knows everything
John Rowles, Hampshire

Would love to see Ricky Gervais on the show. Also Arsene Wenger. His European insight and eloquence would be great to watch - also it would let people realise that there is a life outside of Football, and that people like Arsene are incredibly clever.
Nick Russell

I would like to see Sarah Beeny on the panel. As a successful property developer she often has to talk sense into the would-be developers on her programme. I'd like to hear her general political views.
Sara Johnson, Leicester

I think Matthew Wright from Channel 5's "The Wright Stuff"
Izzy, Cupar, Fife

Get some Labour front-benchers on the programme. Not just dolly-bird fourth-in-line parrots, who spout prepared scripts.
David, Chandlers Ford

My wife. She knows everything.
John Rowles, Hampshire

I would be most keen to see Martin Sheen on the panel to see if, in real life, he could have a similar impact on an audience as he does as the fictional President Bartlett in the West Wing TV series.
A Ross, Glasgow

More of Ian Hislop. He brings humour, common sense, and a vast knowledge of politics, which he uses to great effect in order to harass politicians into straight answers and to cut them down to size. I think that we all agree that they need it!
T Wraith, Doncaster

I would love to see Carol Vorderman. She is often dismissed as a lightweight but she is intelligent, astute and absolutely not afraid to speak her mind!
Mary Lunday, Glasgow

Nick Griffin or someone else from the BNP. I would like to see them debate.
Jon Miller, Watford

John Pilger only!
Mike Allan, Malaysia (UK ex-pat)

I think you should invite Billy Connolly for a light hearted look at serious issues.
Jim Forrest, Blackpool

George Galloway and Oona King - I dare you!
Marie Collins, London

I would like to see experienced historian Paul Johnson on the show. Once a radical left-wing journalist in Britain, he became right-wing in the 1980s so he would be good at seeing both sides of each of the arguments.
Alistair Muir, Inverness, Scotland

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge and his blatantly far right opinions.
Dom Walker, Lincolnshire

George Galloway and Oona King - I dare you!
Marie Collins, London

Rory Bremner. You wouldn't need any other panellists - he could do them all. Plus, unlike the usual suspects trying to be funny, he would be.
Mark Usher, Hamilton

I would really like to hear A C Grayling's views on Question Time, as he has a serious and very original take on just about everything.
Caroline Agarwala, Potters Bar

I would like to see Meera Syal (of Goodness Gracious Me) on the show. I am sure her views on politics and the entertainment industry will be witty and interesting.
Shreekar Yadthore, Cardiff

I'm really tired of waiting to be surprised by finding that, finally, there is a panel consisting more of women than men!
S Henderson, Colchester

I believe that Question Time needs to invite more young people (aged 16-24) to participate and convey the views of what is an often ignored, but very opinionated, proportion of society.
Nicholas Eardley, Edinburgh

Mike O'Brien MP - as I would like to ask him a question regarding the war in Iraq, and would try to get into the audience.
Tim Budds, Croydon

I'm really tired of waiting to be surprised by finding that, finally, there is a panel consisting more of women than men!
S Henderson, Colchester

Let us have Sir Ian Blair, deputy - soon to be commissioner - of the Metropolitan Police, on the panel. Let us just see how politically correct he really is.
Barry Mason, Staffordshire

I would like to see Noam Chomsky - once quoted as the most intelligent man in the world on Question Time. Not enough of the British public even know who he is and he would provide a different insight alongside other guests.
Joanna Sutor, Bristol

I always enjoy your show, but could we have a young person on the panel? It would be excellent if Daniel Hutchinson were on the panel. He is the Member of Youth Parliament for North Suffolk and he is really articulate and can speak to all generations.
Thomas Moore, Halesworth, Suffolk

John Kerry would be a great guest
Joel Dresden, New York

I agree with Dean Gargano: MEPs, MEPs and definitely more MEPs. How else can we have an informed debate on Europe?
Damon, Cardiff

Why do people keep insisting on having members of the public on the panel "to get the people's voice heard"? That's what the live audience is there for!
Dean Gargano, Bristol

I would like to suggest Rick Stein. He has a great knowledge of the UK thanks to his job and many travels throughout the country. He knows how UK and EU policies affect the sea food and restaurant industry and he could give some interesting answers as to how the policies could be changed.
Pascal Jacquemain, Welwyn Garden City

Fewer B-list celebs please, and more from Ken Clarke, Widdecombe, Robin Cook, Clare Short, Heseltine... passionate, thoughtful politicians! The Labour representative is usual achingly dull. Please, please no more Patricia Hewitt or Geoff Hoon in this world or the next.
Clive, London

John Kerry would be a great guest. Not only would it be nice to have more international guests on the show, but would also be very interesting to hear his perspective on Blair's support for the war in Iraq.
Joel Dresden, New York

MEPs, MEPs and more MEPs
Dean Gargano, Bristol

Charles Saatchi. We need to get him on the show and discussing issues surrounding everyday life and politics.
Hesan Yousif, London

MEPs, MEPs and more MEPs. In order to have a constructive and informed debate on the European constitutions and the Euro we must put MEPs (and Commissioners) in the spotlight. Westminster politicians are incapable of having such a debate. Until European politicians (and not just from the UK) are given centre-stage the British population will remain utterly ignorant when it comes to EU affairs.
Dean Gargano, Bristol

We need more of William Shawcross, perhaps the most astute commentator on foreign policy that Britain has to offer. He always expresses himself with dignity and clarity, and yet he is also a tenacious debater who exposes the bankrupt ideals of many politicians.
Jeff Gepner, Surrey

Peter Hitchens. An intelligent and fearsome debater who tears his opponents to shreds with the sheer force of his argument and logic. Guaranteed to divide the audience and attract boos, hisses and applause in equal measure.
Tony Smith, Skipton

Invite a trades union leader onto the panel to represent the views of working people.
Stan Farrow, Gloucester

How about me?
Joseph Dylong, Scunthorpe

I think Camila Batmanghelidjh would be an excellent panellist. She is the founder of the a Place 2 Be and Kids Company, which offer counselling, advice, and education to vulnerable children. She is doing amazing work and has a very sharp knowledge of social issues.
Sara, London

How about me? A left-wing student who is well versed in social theory and politics. I would give a general-public perception and make sure that my fellow panellists are held to account.
Joseph Dylong, Scunthorpe

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of PCS, would make an excellent panellist. You have had union general secretaries before and he is one of the leading lights in the TU movement.
Brian Shaw, London

I would like to see the Imran Waheed of Hizb ut-Tahrir on the show. I saw him last year on BBC HARDtalk with Tim Sebastian, and he seemed to handle quite well the aggressive but wonderful style of debating that Mr Sebastian uses!
Azeem Moosun, London

I think it would be nice to have someone who represents young people
Robert Waterford, Cambridge

Yusuf Islam, previously know as Cat Stevens.
Riz, London

I think it would be nice to have someone who represents young people - perhaps a Commissioner from the Scouts or Guides? We heard much recently about Peter Duncan being appointed the new Chief Scout - what about him?
Robert Waterford, Cambridge

I think Dwayne Ladejo should be invited. He is a European Championship British hero - having won gold in the 400m in 1993 - and is also well informed on issues of national interest, especially the social security and pensions question.
Seamus Donovan, Chester-le-Street

A few months ago I saw the actor Steven Segal being interviewed at a film festival and was very surprised at how articulate, intelligent and informed he was - he would make an excellent guest. The way he talked on both environmental and political issues at times moved me to tears.
Richard I Stone, Lowestoft

I would love to see Lady Thatcher on Question Time. She could still wipe the floor with any other panellist!
Ian, Leicestershire

I think Alain de Botton would make an excellent and insightful panellist. I am sure he would offer some perceptive views on a variety of subjects.
Roland Clark, London

I would like to see Gordon Ramsay lose his temper
Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa, Derby

I would like to see Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack on the panel. As well as being politically aware, he could provide an insight into some of the views of young people in the UK.
Chris, Hampshire

Dennis Skinner please. He is a great example of what an MP should be: one occupation, representing his constituents, not backed by a financial institution. What you see is what you get.
Tony Kybett, West Sussex

I would like to see Gordon Ramsay lose his temper and put a few people in their places.
Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa, Derby

A sage for our times... Ozzy Osbourne.
Julian Radford, Brighton

I'd like to see some leading scientists: Harry Kroto, Richard Dawkins for example.
Hardip Dhaliwal, Gravesend

Tony Benn for his integrity and lovely voice, Robert Winston as I'd be interested to hear his views on stem cell research, Robin Cook on Iraq, Cherie Booth on human rights and asylum, and Kilroy-Silk so we could all have a good laugh!
Kirsty, Guildford

I would like to suggest Andrew Rawnsley, political commentator from the Observer. He is very entertaining and challenging. He has an ability to see through many politicians.
Steve Duckworth, Rochdale

I'd like to see more outspoken Scots
Andy Nezbit, Oban

I would suggest Sir Sean Connery as a panellist. I believe he would have many insightful views on the world and general political issues and would be an exemplary addition to the panel.
Neil Smith, Essex

I'd like to see more outspoken Scots who aren't the usual suspect politicians. Peter Mullan would be absolutely brilliant, so would Robbie Coltrane and Muriel Gray.
Andy Nezbit, Oban

Number one choice, as several other people have suggested, would be Noam Chomsky to help ensure establishment "truths" are challenged. Of course, also any others who can think for themselves: John Pilger, Tony Benn, Michael Moore....
Glen, London

On fantasy Question Time: Tony Blair, George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and George Monbiot. That should make for some interesting dialogue - George Bush obviously there to provide the humour.
Scott Gillies, Woodbridge

Ian Hislop, John Redwood, Jeremy Paxman, George Galloway, John Prescott... and five pairs of boxing gloves for the end.
Mark Canning, Airdrie

Prince William - he's old enough to have opinions
Joel, Cardiff

I share the sentiment of those wanting to see more members from smaller parties. In particular, those parties whose general membership is being obscured by high-profile individuals, such as UKIP. I would also be interested in seeing a royal, perhaps Princes Charles or William, on the panel.
Nick, York

Hardly any women panellists have been suggested by other viewers. I find this strange. One who is always worth listening to is Caroline Lucas of the Green Party. She speaks intelligently, calmly, politely and to the point.
Tom Lines, Oxford

Prince William - he's old enough to have opinions and it would be nice to hear some of them.
Joel, Cardiff

I watch your programme every week with great enthusiasm - in fact it is one of the best programmes on television. I would like to sit on the panel with other volunteers and answer questions from an audience of politicians, news editors, etc, etc. Of course with you chairing - food for thought!!
Dorothy Shepherd, Stockport

I would love to see Ant and Dec
Mark Bibby, Kent

I'd like to see Ann Coulter on the programme. She's really controversial, but no more so than Michael Moore, but with totally different opinions!
Nick, London

I think that Paul Merton would be an excellent choice. His views are never heard and it is about time he was given the chance to air his opinion.
Giorgio, Leyton

Having just read his wonderful "How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World", I would like to see Francis Wheen on the panel. His clear-headed common sense and broad intellect would make him ideal as a regular "fifth panellist".
J Patrick Hassell, Bristol

Personally I'd like to see Roger Scruton on QT. Very smart cookie that one. One of the very few right-wing intellectuals in this country.
Iain, Stirling

Miss Hooley from Ballamory.
Nick Harris, Windsor

Too many programmes have issues which infringe upon science and no scientific member on the panel
Louis, Nottingham

I would love to see Ant and Dec. I would be interested to see whether they sit on one chair and appear as one guest rather than two. Also, it would be amusing to watch Dimbleby trying to remember which is which!
Mark Bibby, Kent

Richard Dawkins, only Richard Dawkins and nobody but Richard Dawkins. Oh ok, Stephen Hawking as well! Two clearer thinkers and more eloquent exponents of rationality and science are rarely found in public life.

Too many programmes have issues which infringe upon science and no scientific member on the panel. An MP with a degree in a soft science from a decade ago doesn't count. Get people from the scientific coalface on the debates. Finally a rationalist perspective might make it onto a television debate.
Louis, Nottingham

Terry Wogan would be a superb panellist; sharp, witty and of great intellect. It would be enlightening to find out more about the man away from his hugely successful Radio Two breakfast show.
Alan Ashby, Kent

I would like to see James Whale on the show. As you may already know, he hosts an extremely popular political show on a radio station. He's very opinionated and his views are interesting, to say the least. He'd make great TV - get him on!
Brownie, Birmingham

As young voters are fewer than ever, I believe that Question Time should address this issue by regularly having panellists from a more contemporary musical and television background. Furthermore, with the recent climate I would like to see Terry Waite on the panel.
Luke Bone, Bournemouth

Can't wait for Michael Moore next week...
Chris Adnitt, London

Michael Heseltine was great, he should be on more often. Haven't seen Ian Hislop for a while, and Jenny Tonge always has interesting things to say. Another appearance by Boris Johnson would be appreciated too - he's a legend!
David Mayne, Winchester

Mark Thomas would be absolutely fantastic - I'd vote for him tomorrow if he stood for prime minister. Also Jarvis Cocker and Robert Elms would make great panellists. The Queen was a great suggestion, but it will never happen! What about getting the leaders of the three/four main parties together before the next election? Can't wait for Michael Moore next week...
Chris Adnitt, London

Alan Hansen, Boris Johnson, Rory Bremner, David Brent - yes David Brent - and Alan Partridge. Is that do difficult to ask?!
James, Isle of Man

I would like to see Noam Chomsky on the panel. Very well informed and I would imagine impressive in a debate.
Mehaffy, Newton Aycliffe

Opinionated and politically active musician Mike Stipe (REM) would be a good idea.
Amy Mehaffy, Durham

Ricky Gervais would be hilarious
Jackie, Lyon

More candidates from the BNP or UKIP, please.
Adrian, Northampton

Ricky Gervais would be hilarious and I would love to hear his serious side too.
Jackie, Lyon

The panel would have to include Boris Johnson straight away, with Robert Kilroy-Silk, Robin Cook and of course Lady Thatcher herself - God bless.
Sam Jones, London

Bob Geldof and David Owen please.
Martin Bulpitt, Oxford

I would like to see Maya Angelou discussing discrimination, poverty in the United States, and obviously her views on the Bush/Blair alliance.
Kuki Taylor, Exeter

Get Bono on the panel - preferably when QT comes to the West Midlands so I can go then! - superb performance at the Labour Party conference. Walked the line between the rock'n'roll star and down-to-earth, genuine humanitarian.
Dave Webber, Birmingham

I for one would like to see guitarist Captain Sensible on Question Time. If you want to know why, read the lyrics of the tracks on The Damned's latest album "Grave Disorder", which includes songs like "W" and "Democracy".
Ian Pegler, Aberystwyth

I would love to see Michael Palin on the show
Adam Moore, St Andrews

Naom Chomsky: clear thinking, integrity, a history of fearless comment on ill-advised government policies from Vietnam to Iraq. Now aged about 102 and still outshines people half his age.
Ann Widecombe: bright, free thinker.
Boris: of course!
Dennis Skinner: assiduous politician
David Lodge: great writer, excellent sense of humour.
Geoffrey, Chichester

I would love to see Michael Palin on the show. His comic genius earned him his immortal status decades ago, but since then through his travel programmes he has done more than anyone else I know to encourage understanding and admiration of cultures around the world, to bridge barriers of language and class in celebration of the unity of humanity and, I'm sure, to make millions, myself included, proud to be British.

It would be a privilege to hear the views on specific issues of the day of a man whom I, for one, regard as one of the greatest Britons of all time as well as a wonderful human being.
Adam Moore, St Andrews

I would like to see Nicky Wire from Manic Street Preachers as a panellist. As a political band they have commented on issues ranging from anorexia to the Spanish Civil War.
Stephen Walmsley, London

The issue here is not so much the panellists but the audience
Daniel Baker, Radlett

I would like to see Mike Skinner of The Streets on the programme. He may not be your usual panellist - but I can see a couple of reasons why he would be good. (1) He's clearly intelligent, eloquent and outspoken. (2) It'll get you a younger audience!!! (3) He knows what life is like for the up-coming generations - and he's not afraid to talk about it.
Paul, Surbiton

Can we quite simply get rid of the politicians from the panel? I think it would be quite useful to have them in the audience instead. Aren't we all just fed up with listening to politicians not answering the questions and their endless drivel?
Matt, London

The issue here is not so much the panellists but the audience. For a change, it would be nice to have an audience with a mixed viewpoint as opposed to the seemingly hand-picked Guardian-reading, anti-USA rent-a-mob crowd who seem to follow the show around the country.
Daniel Baker, Radlett

Richard Littlejohn of The Sun and Simon Carr from The Independent. I think that this would be a very interesting pair to have on at the same time.
Ada Wise, London

I would like to see the columnist AA Gill on the panel.
James, London

I would like to see some fresh political faces
Derek Marshall, Lyndhurst

I would like to see Christopher Brookmyre on one of the Scottish shows. His books are very funny and often politically astute.
Nathan Brady, Paisley

I would like to see some fresh political faces. The English Democrat Party chairman, Robin Tillbrook, would be a change.
Derek Marshall, Lyndhurst

I would like to suggest Karen Armstrong as a panellist. As one of our foremost, yet underrated, women thinkers, I feel she could offer useful moral insight along with some much needed wisdom to the current issues of the day.
Steve Brind, Harpenden

I would like to see panellists from the smaller parties such as Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats. These smaller parties deserve to be given the chance to show that they are a serious choice and that Question Time doesn't become stale with the same old parties constantly repeating themselves over and over.
Ian Davie, Telford

I think that you should have a member of the general public on every week who, rather than ask the questions could tell the panel the view of real people instead of what the media wants to tell us.
Steve Gill, Basingstoke

I would love to see Philip Roth on the show. I cannot think of a better author alive - obviously he has links with the UK - and he has a keen awareness of the USA's role in the world today.
Andrew Kaye, London

Trinny and Susannah. I would like to know what they think on other issues other than fashion and how people look
Janette, London

Perfect panel: Jeremy Clarkson, Tony Benn, Ian Hislop, Germaine Greer and Boris Johnson. All are very opinionated, lively and funny, as well as always speaking their mind. Would be greatest Question Time ever.
Stephen Gardner, Durham

I would like to see Stephen Fry on the show. Such dry wit and an obvious intellect would not only be entertaining but also interesting to see.
Jason Reade, Stoke-on-Trent

Trinny and Susannah. I would like to know what they think on other issues other than fashion and how people look.
Janette, London

I would like to see Paul Merton on the show as we often see him discussing current events but never actually hear his opinions! Ian Hislop, Boris Johnson and Stephen Fry are also classic panellists.
Simon Osborne, Poynton UK

QT would be improved if there were only four panellists. They would have more time and the debate would be more likely to move beyond sound bites.
Michael Poole-Wilson

I would like to see Rolf Harris. He is often ridiculed, but I would like to see what he could add to political debate. And how about Tom Ridge from the Department of Homeland Security.
Ben Kent, Minneapolis USA

Nick Cohen, columnist on the Observer, is a person prepared to express his views regardless of whether he offends accepted "party" policy. A "lefty", he surprised everyone with his vigorous arguments in favour of the invasion of Iraq. He would certainly liven up any panel.
John Todd, Nottingham

I'd like to see Alan Davies on the show. He's likely to speak his mind and certainly would keep the show interesting, rather than the usual party political stuff in which nobody actually gives a straight answer to a yes or no question (which I think is INFURIATING).
Edward Harwood, East Grinstead

My personal choice of guest would be Noam Chomsky, a very well educated and knowledgeable man who could almost certainly have a good debate with anyone.
Billy, Glasgow

How about a 'then and now' episode? We could have a Bennite and Blairite for Labour, an Owenite and a Kennedyite for the Lib Dems and a Thatcherite and a.. oh, another Thatcherite for the Tories!
Alan Pomroy, London

I would like to see the return of Michael Moore or perhaps Mark Thomas. Both make politics accessible and at the same time are very funny
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent

I'd like to see if Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Ali G) would care to drop his mask of extreme privacy and take up the invitation to join the panel.
Philip Carter, Wrexham

I would like to see Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats on Question Time. The constitutional question with regard to England needs to be publicly debated.
Steven Uncles, Dartford, Kent

I would like to see Noam Chomsky, Mark Curtis, Robert Fisk or John Pilger on a panel. They would be able to keep your normal "centre" guests from limiting the range of debate, and also prevent Dimbleby from accepting establishment "truths".
Ben Smith, Manchester

I would like to see the return of Michael Moore or perhaps Mark Thomas. Both make politics accessible and at the same time are very funny. John Pilger or George Monbiot would make excellent panellists as well.
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent

Darcus Howe, the journalist (recently presented Who Are You Calling a Ni**er?). The two documentaries I have seen of his are passionate and the man is highly ethical and anti-racist.
Natalie Jordan, Essex

Martin Sheen - If we can't have the real President of the United States on the programme, we should have the next best alternative. Josiah "Jed" Bartlet and Martin Sheen would make a great contribution.
Bruce, Boston

Michael Portillo, Paddy Ashdown, John Major. Retired (or retiring) politicians always seem to allow themselves to use their intellect more freely without the restraints of party lines or career ambitions. Portillo's contributions to the "This Week" programme are particularly well-balanced.
Dean Gargano, Bristol

Bring on people prepared to challenge the politicians on the panel
Tess Finch-Lees, Long Crendon

I would like to see the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell on the panel - controversial and outspoken, with a long record.
John Irvine, Brighton

I've noticed that almost all of your panellists seem to be overweight specimens. These people are not good examples of a healthy nation - surely ONE politician must do some exercise. Why not produce one panel (not athletes) who look as though they do physical work. Healthy body, healthy mind.

I'd like to see more diversity in general on the panel, and not just the token black or female face. Bring on people prepared to challenge the politicians on the panel, as David Dimbleby seems to shy away from that. Bob Geldof and Germaine Greer would be personal favourites.
Tess Finch-Lees, Long Crendon

Adam Hart-Davis - always articulate, intelligent and enthusiastic.
William, London

A couple of suggestions would be Dan Snow, the military historian, as he would be an interesting and lively addition to the panel, especially following his recent television programme. Another suggestion is William Hague - he hasn't been on the programme for a while, and is always a strong voice, and has now branched out into other avenues following the publication of his book on William Pitt the Younger.
Kate Hurley, London

Suggested panellists: Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi. Mike Brearley, former England cricket captain.

Never again on the show: Ann Widdecombe, for permanent rude interruptions
Julian Waghorn, Newbury

I would like to see Greg Dyke as one of the panellists. He speaks his mind and is clear in his answers.
M Wilce, Ross-on-Wye

I feel the show would benefit from a show-down between all the three main party leaders
Guy Parkinson, West Yorkshire

You need either Richard Littlejohn, or Mike Dickin from TalkSport to tell it how it is.
Chris White, Worthing

Sir Bob Geldof is my suggestion as a panellist. I don't think that he has ever been invited on; if he had, I would most definitely have watched. Bob, in my opinion, is a very articulate and direct person and could give the other panellists a good run for their money and create a lively debate on all questions raised. Please say you'll invite him on!!
Nikki Wheeler, North Cheam

Trevor Nelson (Radio 1 DJ and broadcaster) should be invited to QT. He is an influential voice for urban Britain and is a strong public performer.
James, London

I feel the show would benefit from a show-down between all the three main party leaders in the run up to the next election. Rather than just having one leader as in previous years' shows.
Guy Parkinson, West Yorkshire

Anyone from the "Music for Change" campaign in the USA. Bruce Springsteen would be the obvious choice, but I'm sure Michael Stipe or Mike Mills of REM (since they're currently in the UK) would provide a fascinating and intelligent contribution to the show.
Dean Gargano, Bristol

I think that Noel Gallagher would be simply fantastic. Despite people's views of him being uninterested in politics, I believe he would be very intellectually stimulating and have some strong opinions. I would also like to see the leader of the BNP against Germaine Greer - well worth a watch, I can imagine.
Kera S, Basingstoke

I would like to see Shaikh Yamani, leading player in the significant OPEC negotiations in the 70s and founder of the Centre for Global Energy Studies, on the panel. I recall him as formidably intellectual and charismatic and I would be interested to hear his views on current issues.
Ann Greenwood, Kings Langley

Despite sterling measures to successfully address their image, trade unions have, over recent years, continued to have a negative press. Unions are a reflection of society and there is none more suited to portraying this than the retiring president of the TUC Roger Lyons. He would be my recommendation to you.
Mike Mulhern, Nottingham

Boris Johnson is a personal hero of mine and I always enjoy listening to his points of view. It would be very exciting to get his ideas about the government before the next general election.
Tim Sayer, Chichester

John Pilger. A hero.
John Barkshire, Attleborough

Have Robin Cook on every week. He is a legend over Iraq, and speaks a lot of sense on many other issues.
Rikki, Southport

Kermit the Frog, he has spoken at the Oxford Union and guest hosted Larry King Live. He would probably make more sense than most of the politicians on the show.
James Denny, Windsor

I think the Queen should be invited onto the show. She is the Head of State at the end of the day and it would be interesting to hear her views.
Paul Campion, Derbyshire

Noam Chomsky. If he were on, there would be some genuinely informed debate, with no hiding place for peddlers of half-truths and empty rhetoric.
Steven Morris, Sittingbourne

Sir David Attenborough please. Has a lovely view on the world, and the intellect and style to fight his corner with disarming honesty.
Rob Whiteley, Lancaster

The panel should have William Hague on. He is an excellent politician and has a great sense of humour!
Graham Rodber, Mitcham

Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the USSR. Is there a more interesting personality to tell us all about the rise of Russian oligarchs such as Roman Abramovich? - Apart from Abramovich himself, who may also be an interesting panellist. Gorbachev, however, might have some interesting things to say about the centralisation of European Government having been at the coal face of the decentralisation of government in a past political union, the USSR.
Oliver, London

I would like to see Dr Abdal Hakim Murad lecturer at the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University, and frequent contributor to Radio 4's Thought for the Day - he is Islam's leading intellectual light in the UK.
Tauseef Mehrali, Birmingham

I think Boris Johnson is a very entertaining but shrewd panellist. He appears bumbling but behind the idiocy is a very sharp mind. I love him.
Janice Hopkins, Stourport on Severn

It would be great to see Tony Benn on Question Time more. He has lived his life by his principles and never stoops to other panellists' standards when they ridicule him personally. A true political gentleman.
Nicola Mann, London

I think that Osama Bin Laden should be invited to appear on the show. Well, it's one way of catching him!
James Henderson, Stockton on Tees

I think David Beckham would be a perfect candidate as he is one of the national icons.
Syed Nasirin, Maidenhead

I think that Michael Moore would be a perfect choice for Question Time. His comic, cynical style would open up political debate beyond the boring repetitive party politics of the MPs. Also he will prove to many that not all Americans are right wing egomaniacs.
Adam Wright, Bedford

May I suggest you invite John Pilger, Chomsky, Dilip Hiro, Tariq Ali and people of that ilk who have something new to say and bring new perspectives to current issues?
Abdul Rupani, Luton

Colin Powell. Let the anti-Iraq war supporters put him under pressure.
Robert Herniman, Lincolnshire

If you want an intelligent English speaking Muslim with personality and charisma - get Imran Khan on. Talking of cricketers, get Mike Gatting on as well. I remember listening to him, and wishing it was him, not IDS who was leading the Conservative Party.
Ian Shepherd, Blackpool

I would like to see Bono from U2 on the show. He is a highly intelligent, politically active man who could bring a very interesting perspective to lots of issues. I would also like to see Kevin Wells, father of Holly Wells, on the show. He too is interesting and articulate and could provide interesting comment on many issues, particularly law and order.
Lindsey Strachan, Leeds

I would like to see Murray Walker OBE on Question Time. He has been part of Motor Racing for the past 50 years as well as the BBC for that time. He is fairly opinionated and his views would be very interesting.
Jack Brudenell, Westcliff-on-Sea

I think Edwina Currie would be exceedingly interesting to watch.
Jon Harrison, York

My nomination goes to Billy Connolly. Quite aside from being the funniest and most irreverent man on Earth, he has a wonderful ability to attack the real issues facing real people with great eloquence and downright common sense.
Jeff Stevens, London

When I know Tony Benn is on I can't wait for Thursday night to come. He is articulate, highly intelligent and brilliantly funny. I would like to see Anne Widdecombe or Michael Howard on the same panel - a mouth-watering prospect!
Craig Agnew, Glasgow

Robert Fisk of the Independent might make a fine and entertaining panellist. His first hand insights into Iraq, as with other trouble spots, where he has worked are extensive and never reflect the prevailing government line.
David Knopfler, Hants

The one person who is always present in Parliament and is willing to speak is Dennis Skinner. He must be one of the most conscientious members in the Commons. This is not prejudice on my part. I am a Tory supporter.
Patricia Lawrence, Telford

Sue Mott, a Daily Telegraph reporter who speaks her mind and has interesting takes on issues. Basically, she cuts the crap and expresses herself clearly.
Al Jay, Manchester

George Galloway and Anne Widdecombe - both are always lively.
Deborah Lavin, London

There appear to be so few Christians on television in general and Question Time in particular. I would suggest Shaw Clifton, recently appointed leader of the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom.
Cairns McDevitte, London

I think Richard Madeley should be on the panel. Although I do not agree with him much, he puts his points across in such a funny way I think it would cause a healthy debate.
Oli, Littlehampton

I suggest Lord Newton as a panellist because as a past father of the house and former health minister his opinions, coming from great experience, are most welcome. Also he is the only person in the upper house that I know who speaks to people he meets at the local station.
Rob Kingston, Essex

Professor Kevin Sharpe from Warwick University. A respected literary and cultural historian who is entertaining and highly opinionated. There are not enough leading academics on the programme, and he is certainly one of the most well known figures in these circles.
Olly, Leamington Spa

I would like to see Dennis Skinner. I recently heard him speak at a dinner and was touched by the passion that he has for the good work that Labour has done. Although not a 100% believer in New Labour he still cares deeply for the rights of people and I think he would add some humour and zing to a sometimes dull panel.
Patrick Reeve, Essex

I'd love to see Liam Fox on again, he speaks with great clarity and usually with a humorous edge.
Gary, Stroud

Please can we have Jeremy Clarkson back - man of the people - clear and straightforward in his answers and funny with it? How about Jeremy and Germaine Greer on the same panel? I wish.
June Reddy, Basildon

Stephen Tindale, UK executive director of Greenpeace would be a great panellist. Greenpeace has led the debate on so many issues for so long with the politicians only catching up years later, that it would be good to see mainstream recognition of this.
Stephen, Witney, Oxfordshire

Billy Bragg, Sting or Bono would be good choices - all are well informed and articulate and they are all involved in various political movements. The fact that they are also musicians may encourage more young people to watch the programme and take an interest in politics.
Anna, London

I think Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers would be a good panellist. He has opinions on a wide range of subjects and a knowledge of history and politics. There are few such voices in popular culture. Plus, I believe he watches the programme regularly.
Richey, Plymouth

I would like to see Frederick Forsyth because he puts the euro reality case well and it has not received the attention it deserves.
Michael Moore, Steyning

I would like to see more Scottish Socialists such as Carolyn Leckie appearing as they seem to be the true face of a party that represents the low paid demoralised workers in Britain today!
C Fraser, Monifieth

I would like to see the environmentalist writer and political activist George Monbiot on the panel. His recent book - The Age of Consent - has very radical yet reasonable and potentially effective implications for politics.
Patrick Gillett, Sheffield

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