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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 September, 2003, 13:40 GMT 14:40 UK
Betsan Powys
Betsan Powys

Betsan Powys came to Panorama on loan from BBC Wales.

Her first film was a controversial one - an investigation into the way Jehovah's Witnesses deal with allegations of child abuse - was broadcast in July.

Before taking some time off to have a baby girl, Betsan also turned stomachs when she reported on the additives some food manufacturers add to their meat products in "The Chicken Run".

Knocking on doors in an attempt to get answers to her questions is something she's been doing for the past eight years, so she claims to feel at home already.

And she's highly decorated too, having won the Welsh Broadcaster of the Year and Welsh Journalist of the Year at the BT news awards.

Bosnia exclusive

One of Betsan's films, telling the story of how the Foot and Mouth epidemic brought one farming family to its knees, also won this year's BAFTA Wales Current Affairs award.

She joined the BBC as a News Trainee in 1989, before going on to cut her teeth in the Cardiff newsroom working as a bilingual, bi-media reporter. The move to Current Affairs came in 1994.

A fluent Welsh speaker, Betsan got her first exclusive in... Bosnia.

With over 30 Welsh Fusiliers held hostage in Gorazde, she drove across country and persuaded the commanding officer to give her access to their colleagues and friends.

He agreed on the understanding that the programme would only be broadcast 'in the Gaelic tongue'.

She bit hers, didn't correct him and got the interviews. Since then she has reported from over 20 countries for the BBC.

Swinging couple

Betsan has also fronted BBC Wales' Current Affairs series, Week In Week Out.

She's worked on investigations revealing serious failures in the Child Protection system in Cardiff, exploring racism in the South Wales valleys and exposing the so-called "independent social worker" who gave Judith and Alan Kilshaw the go-ahead to adopt twins from the United States.

She has been undercover many times - and just about got away with posing as one half of a swinging couple in the "Garden of Eden", a West Wales brothel.

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