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Guests you've suggested
From former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, to US political satirist Michael Moore, find out which guests you have suggested for the QT panel.

I would like you to invite the Rastafarian poet Benjamin Zephaniah. He was true to his beliefs and values by rejecting the invitation to accept an OBE. I believe the panel would benefit from having more people who say what they genuinely feel, as opposed to what they think you want to hear.
Adeola Akande, Bristol

I would like to see me on the panel. The reason is that I feel that it is important that ordinary people are able to contribute occasionally as well as people who are merely famous.
Ken Chesworth, Simonstone, Ribble Valley

Let's get Shaun Ryder on. The real voice of the downtrodden workers.
David Ward, Stalybridge

I think you should have both Tony and Hilary Benn on the same panel - Hilary might pick up a few pointers. For an intelligent guest from the world of showbiz, you could ask Dustin Hoffman.
Dixie, Bath

I suggest that you present a programme from Iraq with an (English speaking) Iraqi audience and a panel made up from the Iraqi Governing Council, the coalition, and any other relevant people. We always seem to be discussing what's good for them so why don't we take the opportunity to find out direct from the source?
Arvind Shah, London

In recent times some people have been appearing on QT more than others - Shirley Williams and Piers Morgan for example, who are not impressive in my humble opinion.
David Hadley, Coulsdon

How about Tony Blair and George Bush at the same time. I know it is not possible but wouldn't it be a great show.
Terry Simpson, Reading

I think the programme needs more of a cross panel - for example, Jonathon Ross, Jeremy Paxman etc - not for it to be too funny, but just to lighten it up a little. I found the programme in N Ireland very boring and switched off.
J Cox, Somerset

Why not call the Governator - Arnold Schwarzenegger! Get his opinions on the US involvement in Iraq and his new responsibilities.
Andy, Manchester (currently in California)

Mick Rix, the deposed General Secretary of ASLEF. What become of the so-called "awkward squad"?
Mr Robin Campbell, Newcastle

I'd love to see Michael Moore back on the programme.
Des Henderson, Canterbury

When will we see a Green Party member on the panel? The party really has some very different policies to other parties.
Chris, Oxford

I you would like Boy George to be included on the panel in future programmes. He is a genius.
Hector Horacio Otero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I would like to see more senior members of parliament (if they are brave enough) sit on the panel each week (wouldn't it be lovely to see Gordon Brown up there?).
Shona Harding, Derby

An articulate member of the audience drawn out of the hat.
Ray Sparrow, Fareham

Ali G! Ali G! Ali G! That man would add a bit of spice to Question Time.
Declan Mullan, Omagh

Why not have Sir Jimmy Young on? It would be interesting to hear his views from the other side of the microphone.
Gerard Beesley, St Helens

Noel Edmonds - he is a businessman and also has countryside views so he can speak some common sense.
Gregor Innes, Edinburgh

Noel Gallagher, a big Labour supporter back in 1997. What are his views now?
Jonathan Rogers, Brighton

IDS and Prince Philip
Frazer, Essex

I would like to see a member of a parish council to see how new legislation is strangling the villages.
Christopher Taylor, Leicester

I personally would like to see the following people as panel members for question time:
Richard Ingram, Noam Chomsky, Rowan Williams, Jeremy Paxman, Mary Ann Sieghart, Thom Yorke, The Dalai Lama [yes really].
Mr Jay Johnson, Nottingham

Please try to get John Major on, or failing that, William Hague.
Tom, Hull

I would like to see the following people guest on Question Time: George Galloway, Michael Moore, Paul Merton, Clare Short, Mo Mowlam, Iain Duncan Smith.
Daniel H, Edinburgh

John McCririck (horse racing expert) would be a fantastic member of the panel.
Daniel Carden, Liverpool

I am sick to my teeth of the New Labour puppets. I would like to see some "real" people for a change. Tony Benn, Bob Marshall Andrews, Austin Mitchell, Jeremy Corbyn etc. (in other words, a programme devoid of government spin.)
Marisa Sarda, Coventry

I believe the programme should have a more representative view of the political parties. The focus on Labour and the Conservative parties ignores the Liberal Democrat MPs. A possible MP could be Edward Davey who I find a fascinating speaker.
Oliver Williams , London

I'd like to see more voluntary sector people on the panel such as Stuart Hetherington and Martin Sime, the CEOs of NCVO and SCVO, the sector's umbrella bodies for England and Scotland respectively.
Pandora Summerfield, Edinburgh

George Galloway deserves to be given an opportunity to express his views on the show.
Alan Glass, Falkirk

Jo Brand - sharp witty and ex-nurse who knows life and people pretty well.
Rob Miller, Lichfield

Question Time does not in any way really represent a true spectrum of opinion. I have never seen any real Marxists ever on this show. How about regular appearances by top members of the Socialist Equality Party of Great Britain. I'd like to see the BBC prove me wrong by inviting them on the show soon. True impartiality is reflecting ALL shades of opinion in a democracy , which the BBC claims to support. We need some real working class views.
Trevor Dargue, Wokingham, Berkshire.

I'd like to see Iain Duncan Smith and John Prescott on the same programme. Also Gordon Brown.
Joseph Ray, Glasgow

I'd suggest Queen guitarist Brian May to be on your panel. He has strong opinions on a wide range of subjects.
Tennant, Melksham

I would suggest, if it hasn't been already done, local county councillors. If the panel was mixed up, when you visited provincial towns people could ask questions about local issues that affect them. This sometimes is more critical than national issues.
Mike Witherspoon, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

Baroness Thatcher - the programme would be legendary!
Andrew Kidd, Lancaster

Why not ask someone from the Evangelical alliance or other faiths to join the panel to add to the cultural diversity - too many white, middle to top class on the panel!
Jenny, Lymington

More young people! For example members of the youth parliament. How do you expect young people to get interested in politics if they never see their peers on programmes such as Question Time?
Kieran Hutchinson Dean MYP, Leeds

I may be wrong, but I believe the BNP does not seem to get an invitation to appear. Is this a deliberate policy on behalf of the BBC or is a case of an invitation being made only for other parties to complain or threaten to boycott the programme? If so, this is hardly democracy. Regards Gary Gimson (avid watcher of QT)
Gary Gimson, Colchester

How about somebody different on the panel ,more black and Asian people and not the usual Yasmin Alibhai -Brown? How about a Hare Krishna representative?
Vinod, London

Eminem, 50 Cent, Head boy or girl from a senior school, My bank manager, A major London hotel general manger, A senior traffic warden, A London cabbie and a mini cab driver, A struggling long-term actor, A struggling long-term musician, A career criminal (not burglar), A beat bobby,
Kevin Swales, London

While you have a decently diverse audience and panel you rarely seem to have people with a disability. Why is this? Have you ever had a person with learning disability on Question Time? There are many leaders in the learning disability civil rights movement who rarely get mainstream exposure despite the fact that there are many people with some kind of learning disability let alone another kind of disability in this country.
Joanna Perry, London

I think someone who would be very good on the panel is Barbara Cassani, who is now set to lead London's Olympic bid for 2012.
Pete Lashmar, London

My dream team would have to be: Michael Portillo. John Prescott. Tom Shakespeare. Billy Bragg. Tony Benn. Sorry that there are no ladies, ladies, but I think that the mix would be electric.
Howard Fairless, Milton Keynes

Suggestions for Guest List: Ken Clarke MP (Con., Ruscliffe) Lembit Opik MP (Lib. Dem.) Austin Mitchell MP (Lab.) Ian Hislop (Editor, Private Eye) Brian Clough (ex Football Manager)
Stuart Wells, Nottingham

The panel should on occasion reflect society as a whole, encompassing diverse roles in society. There appears to be a severe lack of sporting (football, cricket and rugby) contributions to any panel. We are not over the moon Jim! They might think it's all over, but maybe not quite if you address this.
Michael McLaughlin, Airdrie

As he is the leader of our country, I feel it is only right that Tony Blair is on the show in the near future. I have been an avid viewer of Question Time for the last 2 years, and cannot ever recall a time when either Blair or Brown were on the show.
Ben Malavan, Epsom


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