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Controversy over climate change

Deborah McGurran
By Deborah McGurran
Political Editor
BBC East

A damaging leak of e-mails from the University of East Anglia have been seized on by climate change sceptics.

They believe the university's Climatic Research Unit has been manipulating data, to further their case.

UEA has announced that Sir Muir Russell will head an independent review into the allegations.

It has also been announced that the United Nations Panel on Climate Change is to investigate the claims.

Professor Phil Jones
Professor Phil Jones is standing aside while a review is carried out

The unit's director, Professor Phil Jones, who wrote many of the emails, is standing aside while a review is carried out.

Thousands of emails and documents were stolen from the unit.

The CRU is accused of deleting raw data and boycotting journals that threatened or undermined their work.

Professor Jones insisted: "We have always been scrupulous in ensuring our science is robust and honest."

The Review will:
Examine the leaked data
Review CRU's practices for acquiring data
Review the unit's handling of Freedom of Information requests
Make recommendations over the governance of the CRU

The University wants the review completed by spring next year.

It will be made public along with UEA's response.

Questions over climate change have divided the scientific and political community.

The debate has been heightened in the run up to the Copenhagen climate change summit.

Dr Ian Gibson, met Bjorn Lomburg, author of the Skeptical Environmentalist in Copenhagen

We brought former MP and climate change campaigner, Dr Ian Gibson, who used to be chairman of the science select committee and Dean of Biology at the University of East Anglia, to Copenhagen.

There he met to Bjorn Lomburg the Danish author of the Skeptical Environmentalist.

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