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Meet the team

Jon Sopel
Presenter Jon Sopel

Jon Sopel presents the Politics Show.

With so much uncertainty in the Westminster political scene and across Europe, the next couple of years promise to be a fascinating time politically and it is an exciting time for the Politics Show.

The joy for me as presenter of the Politics Show is politics taken seriously, not hysterically and focusing on the way politics touches real life.

Find out more about my colleagues on the Politics Show team below.

Politics Show Reporters

Paola Buonadonna

Paola Buonadonna
Paola Buonadonna reports for Politics Show

I was born in Italy, completed my education in the UK and have worked both in Belgium and Britain.

I am happy to report that, defying all national stereotypes, I am also very organised and a terrible cook.

Mostly, I am just happy to report.

The job is never dull; thanks to the all-pervasive nature of EU politics you might find me explaining the death throes of the euro's stability pact one week and anguishing over airline passengers' data protection the next.

Max Cotton

I grew up in a very remote part of Putney and am largely self-educated, it shows.

I began my broadcasting career on local radio in London.

Max Cotton
Max Cotton reports for Politics Show

I didn't really fit into general newsroom work as I dislike the fact that people in the news invariably get hurt and so began a life long commitment to political journalism where the blood is only ever tomato ketchup.

In my time with the BBC I have broadcast for 5 Live, Radio 4, News 24, World Service, Radio 2 and Radio 1. Radio 3 have a bit of a downer on me.

I now run and organic turkey farm in Somerset and am good enough to pop into the Politics Show office to do a little light reporting every now and again.

Career highlight: Pursuing a man dressed as a chicken for the 9 o'clock news.

David Thompson

I joined the Politics Show at its launch.

David Thompson
David Thompson reports for Politics Show

Before that I spent five years with a grandstand seat at the best show in London's West End, as a Lobby correspondent for the Daily Record and the late lamented paper Business a.m.

Before that I was a general news reporter with the Daily Record in my home town of Glasgow, spending too much of my life chasing bonking bishops.

I went to Whitehill Secondary School, Dennistoun, Glasgow (most famous old boy; Lulu) and Dundee University (famous old boys; Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and, er, David Shayler).

All my interests would appear to begin with the letter 'C' - cooking, Costello, Celtic and Catching fish.

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