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Sopel on Sunday: Clips of the day

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel

Billy Hayes and Lord Myners on Andrew Marr

You can sometimes tell the trajectory of an industrial dispute by the language deployed by both sides in the days ahead of strike action. With the planned strike by postal workers, the two sides seem a million miles apart.

Trade Union leader Billy Hayes has been out and about appealing for an end to management intransigence.

On Andrew Marr's sofa this morning, Mr Hayes found himself sitting next to the banking minister Lord Myners who gave this warning.

Lord Myners: Sunday AM with Marr

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg on the Politics Show

Here on the Politics Show we spoke to the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. In an interview for Total Politics next week, which we had been given early sight of, the party's defence spokesman Nick Harvey concedes that it's possible the party will go into the next election with a pledge to bring the troops home.

Initially Nick Clegg seemed to deny that that was a possibility - but then he appeared to concede that it could form part of the manifesto.

Nick Clegg on Afghanistan policy

Liam Fox on Andrew Marr

Let's talk a bit about the Ministry of Defence itself. Shadow defence secretary, Liam Fox, was also on Marr. The Tories have pledged to cut the cost of running the department. But how, Andrew wanted to know?

Would it simply be about cutting staff? Liam Fox has his eyes on some other low hanging fruit.

Did you even know the Met Office was part of the Ministry of Defence?

Dr Liam Fox

The Conservatives may sell Met office

Lord Adonis on the Politics Show

Now a question of democratic accountability. On the Politics Show we had Lord Adonis, the Transport Secretary. Now while we can invite him on to sit on one of our comfy purple chairs, MPs, as things stand, can't invite him down to the Commons to sit on the green leather benches.

They can only question ministers who are also MPs. The Speaker, John Bercow has declared that outdated. Did Lord Adonis agree?

Lord Adonis

Peers should appear in Commons

Nick Griffin on Sky News with Adam Boulton

And one for Westminster watchers - Lord Adonis, who is apparently being tickled by the Conservatives, as a potential GOAT recruit (government of all the talents) firmly ruled that out. Non. No. Nein.

One person who none of the three parties would want to recruit is the BNP leader, Nick Griffin. He presents all the main political parties with a problem, now that he is an MEP: how to engage/challenge/fight the appeal of his party.

There will be a fascinating encounter on Thursday on Question Time - but as a curtain raiser, Adam Boulton had him on Sky this morning. Nick Griffin was in blunt speaking mood, and agreed with a BNP colleague about some women.

Nick Griffin

Griffin says some women 'gorgons'

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