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Andrew Sinclair interviewed Margaret Moran MP

On the Politics Show, Sunday 10 May 2009, Andrew Sinclair interviewed Margaret Moran MP

MARGARET MORAN: My partner works in Southampton. He has done for twenty years. He, if I'm ever going to see my partner of thirty years, I can't make him come to Luton all the time, I have to be able to have a proper family life sometimes, which I can't do unless I have er, you know, I, I share the costs of the Southampton home with him.

ANDREW SINCLAIR: But why should the taxpayer pay for your home in Southampton, when clearly you're not using it for work.

MARGARET MORAN: Well I, you, you could argue that I use it to be able to sustain my work. Any MP has to have a proper family life, they have to have support of their partner.

How can an MP, I mean I defy anybody to try and do a proper job, it, it - much less an incredibly pressured job, in which you work all hours all, all over you know, in the constituency, in Westminster and incredible pressure all the time.

You need the support of your partner and I believe that that's a right, everybody is entitled to some support and some family life and that's the circumstances and reality which I checked, as I said.

ANDREW SINCLAIR: And you would say, you haven't broken any rules, this is all within the claims policy.

MARGARET MORAN: It is all within the claims policy and that's why I'm angry about this because not only has it been very stressful for me and my family, it gives the incredibly misleading impression that somehow we've been dodgy, that we've been fraudulent or we've been corrupt. Nothing is further from the truth. As I say, there are - I've done everything by the rules.

There are inaccuracies, some of which I think are probably actionable and I think that it's deeply irresponsible and actually the evasion of privacy, not just my privacy but my partner's privacy, the Daily Telegraph, now have and have circulated to all the media, details of my credit card, my bank statements, my mortgage statements, personal details relating to my partner, which I do not believe any responsible media should be dealing with.

ANDREW SINCLAIR: Some people are going to say you should resign over this.

MARGARET MORAN: Well I, I don't want to resign. I want to continue to do a good job for my constituents, my Party doesn't want me to resign. (interjection)

ANDREW SINCLAIR: Have you thought about resigning?

MARGARET MORAN: Well I, no, I haven't because I haven't done anything wrong. You know, if you haven't done anything wrong, what is there to resign for.


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