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Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Welcome to the Politics Show Jungle!

Red Ken, Blue Ken and Citizenship Smith

We're on the trail of Big Beasts this week. And they don't come bigger than Ken Clarke.

This straight-talking Europhile seems to have done just about every key job in government, from Health Secretary to Chancellor of the Exchequer via the Department for Education and the Home Office.

Ken Clarkes feet in a pair of suede shoes
Here comes Ken
Is there no part of Whitehall that has not felt the reassuring imprint of a pair of size 8 Hush Puppies?

His next stop could be the Department of Business if the Conservatives win the next election, and he could be inheriting a very sorry state of affairs. So what could Ken do to jazz up Britain's economy?

Move over, Darling!

In a month's time, Alistair Darling will unveil the Budget.

With public debt spiralling and the Government's revenues falling, is it time for someone else to have a go? Someone with many years experience of unbalanced books and servicing massive debt?

Max Cotton
Open the box!
Step forward the Politics Show's own Max Cotton.

We've sent him out to gather some radical proposals for his own Budget Box. Pre-Budget secrecy prevents me from revealing any more.

That former King of the Urban Jungle, Ken Livingstone will be with me live to give the Chancellor his prescription. What would be in Red Ken's Red Box?

Terror: a battle against bombs or ideas?

How safe are we in 2009? With the Government due to publish an update to its strategy to counter international terrorism on Tuesday, I'll be putting that question to the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

Protestors in Luton

The Government tells us that combating extremism is a pre-requisite for combating terror. But what is an extremist? Were the recent protests against soldiers in Luton extreme?

And, if so, should they be banned? We talk to a Conservative MP about why he thinks they should.

See you on Sunday at noon.

Jon Sopel

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