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Jobs... what jobs?

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello again...

Former HBOS Chairman Lord Stevenson of Coddenham, former HBOS Chief Executive Andy Hornby, former RBS Chief Executive Sir Fred Goodwin and former RBS Chairman Sir Tom McKillop
Trial by Treasury Select Committee...

Clue: word, five letters, beginning in "S" ending in "Y", and much used by bankers this week.

No, not 'slimy' though I can see why you thought it.

What about "shaky"?

Again interesting choice, after all that is the state they left their banks in after their fabulously well paid sojourns at the top of those institutions.

Give up? One more try?

Sorry. Let's move on. I'm guessing that for many of you "sorry" isn't the key word of this week anyway. Despite the media fascination with those 'umbled - but noticeably rather well suited - bankers making their way through Parliament, the real focus should be on "unemployed" instead.

Two million and counting?

Eyeball and Job Centre sign
Keeping an eye on the vacancies...

As the latest depressing statistics point to almost two million people out of work, we'll be looking at what the government's doing to help them.

And asking whether Job Centres are adequately equipped to make a real difference.

Tens of thousands of people, from a range of professions and salary levels, are joining the Job Centre queues every month.

And judging by the emails we've been getting, there's a widespread feeling - and not a little anger - that the Job Centres don't really understand their needs and cannot offer much by way of help.

Job Centre Minus, as one underwhelmed viewer put it.

And the vacancies..?

But is there some light at the end of this tunnel?

The Prime Minister repeatedly tells us that there are at least 500,000 vacancies out there.

David Cameron
"If we win power, we'd..."

And in response to the baffled cries of "Where?" from the former Woolworths workers who've been in touch with us, we'll find out how this figure is compiled and what sort of jobs are really on offer.

We'll be putting all that to the Employment Minister.

Oh and we'll be speaking to David Cameron.

About the economy, about unemployment, and about Tory plans - if they win the next election - to shift power from Westminster downwards to our towns and cities.

Do hope you can join us…you'll be sorry if you don't.

Sorry. I really didn't mean to say that

See you Sunday... at midday...

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