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Political reform in America...

Sue 'Kit' Whalen
Sue 'Kit' Whalen
Merlin, Oregon, USA
for the Politics Show

Bill Clinton speaks at Grants Pass
Bill Clinton speaks at Grants Pass

Sue 'Kit' Whalen from Merlin, Oregon USA, shares her thoughts on the impending elections and reveals why she feels that true reform will only come when Americans stand up to the two-party power structure...

The U S fiscal "crisis" has turned the 2008 presidential election on its head.

The impact here in Josephine County, Oregon (population approx. 76,000) is primarily psychological to date. A large retiree population dominates this area.

We have no large industries. Most jobs are in health care and the services sector.

Small owner-operated enterprises, such as my computer consulting business, provide jobs for others.

The boom in new home construction ended in 2007.

The current financial market crash has had little immediate impact.

However, the fearmongering and scare tactics of President Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain and the Congressional leaders is causing reactions from scepticism to concern to panic.


Merlin Day Parade
Merlin Day Parade

The now $800bn plus bailout plan before the U S House of Representatives tomorrow, is directly affecting voters in Josephine County.

Most people I've talked with, Democrats and Republicans, share my view that the bailout is bad legislation, a dangerous step toward corporate socialism and the nationalization of our nation's financial industry.

People say this will influence their November 4 vote.

Some Democrats will vote for Sen Barack Obama, regardless his positions on the bailout.

Some Republicans remain equally committed to Sen John McCain, despite doubts about his position on the bailout and questions about Gov Sarah Palin's qualifications as a Vice Presidential candidate.

My personal journey from long-time unaffiliated voter to active participant in the election was driven by my conviction that Sen Obama is too inexperienced to be President and that he holds radical left wing views which represent a danger to our national security and stability.

That conviction led me to support Sen Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and then Sen John McCain in the general election.

I believed that McCain's judgment could be trusted. Despite reservations about Gov Palin's qualifications to be Vice President and, potentially, President, I continued to support McCain.

True reform

Rogue River
Rogue River

That is, until McCain's support for the $700bn+ bailout of irresponsible borrowers, lending institutions and investment firms.

This bailout is pure corporate socialism at its worst.

I'd be voting against my conscience if I were to vote for anyone who supports it.

My personal political journey this election year will conclude when I cast my vote for Libertarian candidate Bob Barr who stands for smaller central government and a more strict interpretation of our Constitution.

Is that "throwing my vote away" as some say? I do not believe so.

True reform will only come when Americans stand up to the two-party power structure and make their collective will known at the ballot box.

Talking to others here in Josephine County, I've found lots of support for my position.

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