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Some of your comments on the latest programme...

Sunday 13 September 2009


Mr Thompson, Blyth Valley
I feel the Metro is the best system the North East has. Extending the metro into Blyth would bring investment in to the Blyth Valley area as well as the North East. If Nick Brown wants to invest in anything, he should be investing in that. Linking it all the way round to Ashington and Morpeth and back into Newcastle (in fact, the line itself could also be extended all the way to Berwick at very little cost) would bring employment into the area which is what we especially need. The Metro isn't just for Tyne and Wear people, the people in south east Northumberland use it just as much and we subsidise it as well. As a tax payer I would rather my taxes go into something public than something private

H Alexander
If it wasn't for the Labour government we wouldn't have had a Metro. That should be borne in mind. And I don't think anyone else would have helped us get that.


Lee Adams, Newcastle
I'd like to make a point on the cost of rail fares. I regularly do business in Edinburgh and I can either drive or take the train. The big thing is the cost now. A rail journey costs me nearly £300 return whereas fuel clearly wouldn't cost me that. But in this current climate where people are being encouraged to get the train rather than drive, where is the incentive for me to get on the train when it's about 20 to 30 percent of the cost to drive? Can somebody explain why it costs me so much to get the train?

Douglas Hallcock
My opinion on Nick Brown's comments and your question to him on the East Coast line: he was dead against the modernising and upgrading with regards to the efficiency of the line and decided to concentrate on numbers of people. The fact is, if the line is not upgraded and kept in good condition and also the condition improved to allow for increased speeds, then the line will fail. So Nick Brown apparently doesn't know where he's living. I have no faith whatsoever in an answer from a minister of that category. The guy is totally lost.

Sunday 17 May 2009


Robert Hoare
These MPs are only paying back the money because they have been caught out. Did they pay interest on the money they had to pay back?

Stuart Johnson
It costs the UK £40 million a day to be in the EU but what do we get back in total?

We are being raped and pillaged by pirates. While Blair was in power it ruined my lifestyle. The poor working person who is taxed to the hilt with stealth taxes but 30 years ago there was a TV programme about middle England ripping off working class.

Mr Smart
No one has mentioned the biggest property speculator - Tony Blair…When will they get him?

I would like to know why is it that all our work forces have no work. Why have these politicians been allowed to bring our country to a full stop. Our shops are now filled with cheap rubbish clothes. We used to dress in proper clothes. We are being sold out to the EU. The BNP should get in. They will clean this country up.

Look into councillors expenses. They are out of hand as well.

John Thorburn, Carlisle
MPs' wives get first class travel 12 times a year. Scandalous. They should go on the bus. How did these MPs get all their work done… did they not have insurance.

George Haynes
The MP was claiming for a place in London. Will this be the property of the government when he loses the next election?

Mrs Cummins
All MPs who have taken more money should stand down and not be elected. The Labour party have forgotten their roots.

This government has decimated the revenue, the civil service and the service we get. They are totally corrupt. They should all resign. They have milked us dry.

Mr Browfy
The press want Brown out of power and I wonder where Blair is in all this carry on. How much has he taken. What about those who didn't come out. The media should stand back and look at their own. They stir up trouble.

Would there not be a case for looking into expenses for other public bodies, councils for instance. Someone needs to challenge them now. Where is their money being spent.

Mary Pollack
I am in my 80s and this thing they are making such a fuss about now has been going on years. Councils are the same, everyone is the same.

Marian Henderson
The MPs cannot call themselves honourable.

Ronnie Noble, H'pool
Why is the sale of an MPs house which belongs to the public is not paid back. Why should we pay their council tax and furniture. It is scandalous.

Muriel Thornton
I am disabled yet I cannot have a free gardener. I have to pay, so why do MPs get it.

Geoff Fawcett
I am self employed and pay VAT. If I am late I stand a high risk of being fined and possibly having all my books scrutinised. Why isn't the same applied to MPs?

Ron Harrison
Politicians are showing that no party is better than the other. There are dishonest people in every party,. We should have an election and cut down on MPs.

I think they should scrap all MPs expenses. They should stay in a B and B like everyone else.

Mr R Caytor
I would like the interview to ask Mr Wright about his London flat and do both MPs claim a full allowance or share it?

Jean McTighe
Ell said election should be fought on policies. It should be fought on which MP has integrity and morals. They are thin on the ground.

Why is there not a university-type building where all MPs can go? All they need is a place to sleep and eat.

Mary Burnside, Darlington
The government has lost all the trust of the public. They have bent over backwards to not let the public find out.

They are taking my carers allowance off me when I get to 60 because they are paying me a pension I have worked all my life for. I want to look after my own dad. But Kitty Usher has written to me saying they will take this off me. I can't tell you how distressed and angry I am. I can't speak.

Mrs Smith, Darlington
When these MPs pay all this money for houses in London, they should belong to the public.

Rachel Davidson
Do the government set the rates for those working? MPs get £60,000 a year. How do they think it is right for them to set these wages.

Elizabeth Collinson
If people on benefits over claim by a small margin they are taken to court and sometimes go to prison, why is this not happening to Mps?

Cllr Jackie Elder
All our expenses are always open, anyone can see it. It is not data protected. If you claim something it should be open.

Michael Orange
We have to remember these two Labour Mps fully supported a huge tax rise on the lowest paid people in society with the abolishment of 10p tax rate. These are stealing public money. They are beneath contempt.

Vincent Duffy, Stokesley
The enquiry into allowances seems to be based on little green book with all MPs making excuses. But theft act of 1966 covers everything that these people have done, why can't they be charged?

Mr Hetherington
As our Hartlepool MP spent £100,000 on a flat with another MP, How much did the other MPs charge for the same flat?

Margaret Garrett
I think it is disgusting how the MPs can claim this when the country is in a mess and pensioners have nothing. They should do without like everyone else.

Cliff Wright
If these MPs get deselected what happens to all these second homes and why hasn't Blair been fetched into this?

Mrs Helm
Things went downhill after MPs got this massive pension. They could sit back and do nothing. These pensions should be abolished.

Mary Steel
To avoid all this problem about people claiming money, why can't there be a block of flats like students have. They can have a room for the night and not claiming all this money.

Mr Henderson
I am a pensioner and disgusted with all this. They gave us 2.5% increase and they are wasting the country's money. Disgraceful.

Bill Greaves
It would be a great idea if they were to have a hall of residents like students. They don't need elaborate homes.

The whole system needs to be changed. Their summer break should be a lock in…should be much shorter. The whole system needs to be sorted out and not all this secrecy. It has to be in the public arena. Programme is brilliant.

Stuart Johnson
When an MP claims money for a property in London, when he has finished, the property has increased in value, what happens to the benefit when he comes to sell it. Does that go to tax payer?

Mr Davenport, Trimdon
My son in law in a civil engineer and had to work in Scotland, no one subsidized his lodgings. He had on run both homes. He didn't claim a penny. He had to accept that. MPs should be no different. The whole thing stinks.

MPs think if they give us back our money we will just forget about it, well that is not good enough. The Inland Revenue would be on my back, this corrupt lot should have the same. It makes me want to puke. I will never forgive them.

Mr George William, Bishop Auckland
I am totally disgusted in view of the situation in this country today. Politicians in general are like pigs in a trough. They should be prosecuted for false accounting.

Jean Mullen, Cullercoats
The Euro MPs should also be investigated. Their expenses are worse than here. All councillors and anyone in the public domain should be investigated. They all want as much as they could get. If I had paid off my mortgage I would have had a party.

John Chesney
Why the hell can't MPs be honest?

Maxine, South Tyneside
I am furious. This argument about different homes. My husband has to work away in London and no one pays him for his accommodation or travel.

Sheila Hall
My mother has to pay her own private fees in a nursing home, should we have a second home in Scotland to get fees paid. I think I will find out about it.

Lisa, Yarm
David Miliband didn't give a straight answer, none of them can, only Mr Bell. Honest to God this is ridiculous. They need to read the rules properly. I hope none of them come round to my door at election time.

Cllr Joan McTighe
Sir Bell known as Scarlet Pimpernel has not answered the question. Why has he done nothing to stop it?

Brian Maddison
What happens to the money Ian Wright has paid for a flat in London if he gets voted out of office. Does the money go back to the government?

Peter Young
People are talking about changing the system. Why? We now have 600 plus very frightened MPs. I am sure the claims will drop dramatically anyway as they are so frightened.

Politicians are too corrupt for this country. Democracy is being destroyed. The Queen needs to dissolve Parliament. A disgrace.

Michael Watson
It's not the system that is wrong but the MPs that manipulate the system. Criminal.

Mr Green
I would like to express my disgust. I compare them to thieves. If they steal from someone is just saying sorry enough. Will the police accept that and put them back on the streets? These MPs should face prosecution.

Ann Kindle
What happens to these properties they have bought? When they retire or lose their seat or die, does it go back into the coffers or owned by Parliament? I am very curious about this. It changes everything if what they are buying is just temporary any way.

David Raine
Absolutely stinks. I want something done about it. Don't want people on TV saying it is the system. They should get the sack. The public expects something to be done. They have lost all our trust. Heads must roll.

Cllr Steve Walmsley
I can't believe that they think the public is so gullible to fall for this guff. The rules in the green book are clear. If they can't get that they are too stupid to be an MP. We would be struck off if we were seen to do this. How they have the arrogance to think they can get away with it is beyond me.

John Marshall, Hartlepool
Ian Wright didn't say things should change when he first became an MP, he didn't fight for change. He still put the claims in. He has his snout in the trough. It is a bloody rotten disgrace. We need an election.

James, Bishop Auckland
How much do lunches cost in the commons are they subsidised?

Ron Dawkins
A few years ago I was late with my VAT returns, I got solicitors shouting and bawling at me. I hear Stuart Bell and Miliband saying the system is wrong but they knew about this. It is like me robbing a bank and getting away with it. These people are leeches on society.

Barbara Davies
I have recently had a benefit cheque, I am a single parent and disabled. As part of that cheque I have to give evidence of all the money I claim and that is all checked. I am not allowed to have savings of more than £6,000 without affecting my benefits. I don't have a problem with that but do think bank accounts should be looked into for MPs. If they have money in the bank why can they claim?

Richard Scott
As an ex construction worker I was allowed £125 per week to work away from home. I was not allowed to buy a flat. What difference is there between me and an MP?

Gordon Taylor, Shotton Colliery
I think this is fraud, getting interest on paid mortgages. They should be prosecuted. It wants sorting out.

Valerie Smith
It would be far better if the government got a block of flats and let them go in there instead. I am appalled by the lot of them.

Miss Carr, Byker
What you should do is bring back capital punishment as they always say a liar and a thief walk hand in hand and they are taking that out on us the taxpayers.

Mrs Doreen Langbridge
We are very angry about this,. We are pensioners and asked for a pension credit but were assessed and said we would get £15 a week but never got it. These people are sick villains.

What will happen to the profit of Wright's flat when sold in London?

Mr RE Graham
I would like to know why not possible for MPs to stay in an allocated hotel of B and B rather than have the expenses they have.

Mrs Vowel
If people want to work in London they should go to London and not live in Hartlepool. Other people have to find their own home.


Malcolm Clasper, Hepscott
I think if the mail was delivered three times a week in some areas and the same times in other areas this would save a lot of money. I don't believe any parcel, if one day late, would make any difference.

Audrey Burton
They have taken everything from the post offices, no wonder they are not viable. It's just ridiculous. People depend on their post offices.


Alan Hepple
I am a carer for my mam who is terminally ill. I am on incapacity benefit and they refused me a carers allowance. If I had it I would have been worse off. Your MPs earn so much money on top of their wage. I despair. I live in an ex pit village, born and bred Labour, but futile voting for any of them. All they care about is themselves.

Jean Wilson
I looked after my partner for six years. It was a 24 hour job. I was only allowed eight weeks respite care a year. As I had a small pension I couldn't even claim carers allowance.

Mr H Dorman
If MPs weren't massaging their expenses with excessive claims, which are just within the rules but morally wrong, perhaps the money would be there to pay the carers what they are worth.

Ray Thompson
I am a 25 year old carer for my wife who is 24. She is on disability but told we can't have any help. I look after my wife 24 hours a day. People who are caring should get the necessary means.

Sarah Reed
The MP saying carers allowance didn't exist before 1997 is wrong. I used to work in the department of works and pensions and it was available prior to that. I used to administer it. He was trying to make out Labour brought it in. They did no such thing.

Margaret Ferguson
The first comment from the minister when he said about the caring allowance being brought in 1997 is not true. Before that it was called an attendance allowance. That is called twisting the truth.

Imelda Graham
They are talking now about the carers allowance and how it will cost money but they are not saying how much money the carers are saving the government. So the money will only go back to the people saving them money in the first place.

Linda Taylor
Does the government not realise that carers are saving the NHS more than £40 million a year by looking after loved ones and members of their family?

Sunday 3 May 2009

Linda Hudson
We have legislation that protects workers rights and good working conditions and the freedom of the individual to choose overtime if they want, without being forced to do it. It is for the government to uphold the law. It is as simple and crystal clear as that, so we don't need the EU to intervene.

David Taylor
I work for a removal company and we get our holidays off overtime at work, so the work directive should be changed so you can work when you want, if you want, and not Brussels dictating what we do.

Margaret Garrett
That man working 65 hours a week wants to think himself grateful he has a job. There are lots of people out of work. My husband can't get a job because he is 64. He has been out of work for four years. There are loads of people who would take up the job this man is going on about. The EU wants to stay out of the affairs of this country.

Matt Hill
No one has mentioned about people having to work extra time to meet the normal bills. Wages are kept low by this government an yet housewives' prices go up. Not once was that mentioned.

If people want to work more hours they are entitled to do so. I have two jobs as I want a nice quality of life. If people want to do that they should be allowed to do so.

James Brown, Haydon Bridge
The opt out for the working week would decimate the retained fire service. It would cost a lot of money to keep fire cover for local authorities. We could lose fire cover. Where would we stand on that?

Ron Dawkins
I go back 50 years when I worked at Vickers 12 hours a day, five days a week and eight hours on a Saturday and Sunday to get the jobs done. Nothing has changed and it is not to the detriment of people. If you need extra finance that is a way to get it. The company benefits, the person benefits.

Sunday 26 April 2009

John Davison, Newcastle
My council tax has gone up by 5.4% in Seaton Sluice. The councils have invested money in Icelandic banks. Why did they think that was a good idea? Iceland is a place for cod and haddock.

Robert Hodsgon, Darlington
I have just been watching the Tory on your show. No one should vote Tory again as they closed the docks and mines. They rob the poor.

Michael, company MD
It is the NE chamber of commerce which needs to advise local companies where the work is as too much work is going out of the area. They don't take notice. I feel very strongly about this.

Mr Ward, Newcastle
Councils are charging to park on the main road when we pay for it already. Just how much do they want us to pay in council tax. They waste loads of money. I didn't want a mayor but still got one.

Barry Norman Redcar
Sunderland has nothing to fear at all in a single unitary authority. It will take ages to bed in. Look what happened to us. We want back out Teesside Borough Council.

Michael Orange, Durham
Unitary councils… what is obvious is that it's an exercise to make Durham a mini Westminster. It will just be another den of greed with only councillors benefitting.

Mr Murphy County Durham
I have worked for Sedgefield borough council for many years. I am in favour of the change.

Colin Jones, Esh Winning
What I would like to know is about the unitary authorities, all my neighbours voted to keep our local council. Roberta Blackman Woods was conspicuous by her absence in the debate. She voted with the government.

Mabel McCoy, North Yorkshire
Alistair Darling talks about living within your means does that we mean go back to 1930s mean testing. I would have a bit to say about that.

Colin Parker, Bedlington
People did not want this unitary authority. We have nothing in common with Alnwick or Berwick. Our council tax went up 5.3%. We had free parking but that will go. It is the only thing that beings people in to shop.

Mrs Veronica Fairless, Denton Burn
I am living in an old miners cottage. We have three lanes of buses at the front and lots of cars. I understand that my family can't park at the front when they come here. We have a back lane which they use once a week to empty the bin but three weeks ago Newcastle Council had the bright idea of putting in double yellow lines on both sides. It means my family can't park here. They have to park in front of someone else's house. What a bright idea. They want sacking.

Mr Carre Durham
How come the police committee has given themselves a 105% pay rise? I thought the idea was to save money.

Sunday 08 March 2009

Mr Ward
I am opposed to elected mayors. I studied American government at university. Elected mayors are not a good thing, it gives too much power to one person... I would never vote Tory if they bring in elected mayors.

Barry Gorman, Redcar
I was listening to William Hague, well can the Conservatives give us back Teesside Borough Council which they robbed off us 35 years ago and can we have proper regional government as Mr Blair, Mr Campbell and Mr Prescott had no intentions of giving us our own say. Now I am waiting for the Lib Dems to put their two penny worth or boot into the north east.

Mr Williams, Carlisle
Your article on the mayor was interesting. I moved to Carlisle from London where I was paying over £300 a year for just having another layer of slush which took no notice of the electorate. Do we want this in our area?

Marjorie Matthews
If too many concessions are made to mothers in maternity leave, etc…employers will simply not employ women of child bearing age. That is simple logic.

Mrs AA Hall, Ripon
It is high time women stayed at home and looked after children and let the men get the jobs.

Joan McTighe, Middlesbrough
In my opinion elected mayors should be avoided like the plague. Too much power in one person's hands. You don't know what you are getting until they are elected. Once they are elected you are stuck with them for four years. Please don't do it.

Sunday 01 March 2009

Karen Henderson
I lived in Cambois and no one mentioned if they build a power station there there will be no Cambois. Where will they house an entire estate of people when they knock their homes down? No one who has ever lived there will want a coal fired power station. It is no good building something unless you can get rid of the waste.

John Robson
I am 83 and worked pits all my life and not suffered anything and neither have my brothers. Out of coal you can make oil and people don't think of that. We rely on foreign firms to supply our electricity and they can charge what they like.

Mr Binkney, Norton
This coal business is a must as we need our own coal to carry on for heating and lighting.

I am a retired health and safety consultant from the petro chemical industry. Bringing back coal with new technology would reduce health and safety. It would be good to bring the industry back. I agree with it.

Thomas Burn, Dipton
We should only use coal when carbon capture is a reality, not an airy fairy idea. It would be senseless to use existing assists uselessly when we could have them for the future.

Iris Campbell
The question of renewable energy is that if we burned the rubbish we can't recycle then that could fuel our homes and anywhere else for the whole of the north east. Why can't they do that?

Bob Muscrop
I used to work in a pit. If they open the gates again there will be a queue for jobs. We need them.

Mary Pollock
I am in my 80s and born and bred in a pit village and there wasn't one person I knew that wanted their sons to go down the pit. Where are they going to get all these miners from? They say it runs in the blood, it doesn't.

Dorothy Cronan
I am all for the opening the mines with new technology. I used to hate my dad going down the pit at all hours. He never minded so with new technology we should go for it.

Fred Howard
Hartlepool If you put barriers out to sea two miles out, high enough to hold the water out, it would be easier to dig the coal out. It would be easy.

Colin Parker
I was a miner for 33 years and find it obscene listening to the Tories advocating bringing pits back when his party brought a holocaust on to the mining industry.

Sunday 22 February 2009

Neil, Walker
The creeping tide of restrictions to our freedom of choices of travel and lifestyles in the name of "saving the planet" needs to be resisted by anyone who values their way of life. Councils will no doubt be fully supportive of any measures which allow them to generate more revenue from citizens even if those measures are based on unproven theories and dubious science. Environmentalists are becoming the scourge of society pushing their dogmas into the headlines at every opportunity, they are a minority viewpoint that is irrelevant to modern society and it is time to starve them of the oxygen of publicity.

Stuart Smiles
With reference to your conversation on jobs / green jobs and recycling, it may be worth looking at a plant ready for recycling the regions waste, creating jobs in the north east, and due to start operations in a week's time. (at our site)

With reference to landfills in the region, there is currently landfill space for approximately 8-15 years depending on volume and type of material.

The key driver is not landfill space or methane (because it is used to generate electricity in a renewable way) it is instead the LATS targets and fines of £150.00 per tonne which are threatened against councils for not meeting targets.

Landfill sites will end up being recycled themselves, as former colliery slag heaps from pits have been over the last decade.

Surely these people should set a good example by cutting out unnecessary journeys, & that starts with these jollies - whoops, sorry, important meetings...Why not simply have conference calls via the telephone or Internet?

All these people flew to Brussels to sign this symbolic pledge...

How about conferencing via internet and then pass the document on for signatures by post!

John Monaghan, Northumberland England
I have been spending the last few months battling through the logistic problems of putting in a ground source heat pump into my property. It is a continuing battle to try to be 'green'. Where is the assistance from councils? Where is the joined up thinking?

Mr Brown
If they were trying to cut so called emissions and carbon foot print why did they all have to travel to Brussels? Why didn't they do it over a conference call on the net??????????????

John Walmingham
EU edicts are rubbish when espoused by Mandelson, wind farms are tosh, scandalous. We all pay £2 million each, through the nose, even the poorest of us.

Colin Dodds
I have been trying to get cavity wall insulation for my bungalow but no one will do my insulation unless I pay for it. I am 77 and we have £2,000 in grants waiting to be used and no one is able to do it because of the specialised wall we have. I am so fed up of hearing about saving fuel. My place is cold but I get no answers from anyone.

Mrs Moses
Why has Mrs Beckett's office just given permission to build houses without insulation or double glazing? What is that doing for climate change?

Geoff Miles
Job clubs should not be offering jobs to people who already have them. They should be for people who are out of work not to help people get better jobs. That is wrong.

Miriam Hughes
The interrogation of Robert Peston. Why does he have to take all this flak. The hedge funds are more responsible than him. I thank him for giving us the truth. He is an excellent reporter.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Don't know if I am wrong but looking back Northern Rock was a bank of moral hazard… Peston did the right thing… Alistair Darling caused the run. So many things have happened since then. Iceland went first then all the others like a domino and banks since then have been shown to use criminal negligence. It's all a mess for many people who can't afford to lose money.

Mrs Smith
I would like to know how you can broadcast this on a national programme. It highlighted a woman who got her shares free. You failed to talk to any genuine shareholders or explain why Northern Rock went into decline. Also there was no reference to the huge amount of sponsorship Northern rock was paying in sponsorship.

Mr Greenell
I am now 80 and worked in manufacturing all my life. I found that if you met your targets you were rewarded for it. Now if you don't hit the targets you appear to be rewarded more so, especially for the fat cats. You should get rid of those at the top first. There is sheer greed at the top. Also why are Northern Rock sponsoring football and rugby clubs. This is taxpayers money.

Mrs McKeith
I would endorse the problem of savers and the difficult position that retired people like me have been put into by the Northern Rock and now Lloyds. I was fortunate enough to take my money out of Northern Rock but Lloyds has happened so suddenly. It says I have to write in to withdraw my money and they tell me things are well but I doubt that. My accounts have dropped from 6% to 1.5% which is ridiculous. Those who did it at Northern Rock should be jailed.

Mr Richardson
Peston could not have been given a more comfortable ride. It's just a measure of the attitude of the BBC and its reporters that they are in search of stardom. The announcement of Northern Rock seeking funds from bank of England spelt doom for banking in general. The result of this would be well known to anyone with half a brain. You might not like what he's done but he has half a brain but still the BBC went ahead in a destructive manner. The BBC has a political agenda of its own. It should be disbanded from the political arena.

Peter Smith
Ten months ago the economy was booming. The infrastructure needs money spending on it. Why doesn't the government spend money on that. There is 30 years work on that. You get people in work and it sorts itself out. Simple. We should spend our way out of recession.

James Todd
Is anyone going to ask the banks what assets they have and how much money they have before getting the loans from the taxpayer. I never see that question asked.

Mrs Marshall
Everyone is worried about personal spending but if we don't spend the recession will go on and on. Has anyone considered Brown and Darling have decided interest rates for anyone with savings has gone to zero how do they expect people with a cut in income will go out to spend.. People are only spending what they need, not a penny above.

Mr Smith
Peston deserves a knighthood for having the guts to speaking out. The banks made a mistake but were allowed to build up on it by the government. The way the government handed over the money was a disgrace. They are wasting my money and everyone else's. They are even worse than the banks.

Mr Robinson
The reporter isn't to blame for anything other than accelerating what happened. The rhetoric I hear from Brown is that they are creating jobs. If they took some of this money and started projects immediately that would be far more beneficial than just pouring money into a system where it is disappearing.

I approve of what Peston did. People are entitled to know the truth.

Sylvia Murphy
Peston must take some responsibility as do the media. I think we have been robbed by the government. I feel very angry about it. Something should be done.

Mrs Easton
Is there any reason why when the Northern Rock gets on its feet the shares can't be given back to the shareholders instead of being sold off. This would be better.

Frank Scott
You have three politicians on . A lot of money has been lost and the government are not doing anything. Can the politicians tell me how much money the government has given overseas. Could they not stop that at the moment and out that into businesses here?

Audrey Collins
I am over 80 and I blame Peston for what happened to the Rock. The government hesitated too long. We never thought we would see money queuing up on the streets. I cannot tell you how upset I am about people losing their jobs. It has taken too long to do anything about it. This has been a disaster for the north.

Deirdre Campbell
I find it shocking that this week it was announced shipbuilding was going to Scotland. Why did the government do that. It proves that they are not listening to what is being said about the need for local jobs. The BBC feeds us the facts that the country is disappearing into a black hole... talk the country up a bit and things will start to improve.

Peter, Maryport
No one has mentioned the foreign labour brought into this country. It's a problem with our mechanical workers and no one is doing anything about.

I agree with what Peston says. Everyone who built up shares, the money they had was built on sand. The share prices were indicative of how much money they were lending in an irrational way. You can't put the blame on Peston's shoulders.

Phil Gardner
He is sitting there nodding, showing people he is listening but is slumped, sitting with his arms folded. It is just clear it is part of his arrogance and disdain for his audience. The BBC is causing many of the problems and he is just out to make a name for himself and is doing a lot of harm.

David Cooper
I feel that most of the questions directed to him should have been directed to the Chairman and board of Northern Rock.

Mr Terrence Docherty
This would have come out without Peston's report and the person in the chair should be Brown who is responsible.

Gordon Lamb
I don't think the run on the Rock was because Peston was reporting it. It was when we found that the government had its sticky fingers in it that I took my money out.

Stephen Dean Former owner of NR mortgage. Live in Shropshire.
Can't believe arrogance of the audience towards Peston. It is the wrong way round. It us unbelievable. He is just doing his job. I can tell you stories of how the Rock treats people. I would like to tell them what devastation as former employers they have done.

Mr Bateman
"What part in the collapse did the EU directive Capital Adequacy cause?

George Edwards
I have been furious for over a year with Robert Peston because he seemed to revel at the many queues waiting to extract their money but don't recall him saying that for the small saver there was a £35,000 security on it.

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