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Sunday, July 18

The cuts: Are you being hammered ?

Yes the cuts are going to be difficult, but they're vital for getting the economy back onto an even keel. David, Solihull.

The last Government were irresponsible and incompetent and now we've got to pay for it. Cuts are inevitable and they've got to be done. Mr Brown, Stoke-on-Trent.

This is just an excuse for the Conservatives to increase the private sector's income - it's a disgrace. Phil, Stoke on Trent.

The big cuts haven't come yet. The Conservatives say they're going to make moral decisions, but what morals have the Conservatives got? None!Mel, Cannock.

Career Advisors at Job Centres are no good at all. That's where the cuts should be.Paul, West Midlands.

The public are being made to pay for the mis-management of the economy by banking institutions. Tom, Rugeley.

I was offered a 35% pay cut or redundancy from my job at a local authority. But why does this only apply to frontline staff, not managers, heads of departments or Chief Executives. Paul, Redditch.

I'm a prison officer with four children. My pay has been frozen, our tax credits have been cut and VAT has gone up. Thank you very much Tories. Darren, Staffordshire.

I'm not affected by the cuts but they needed to be made. Keeping a major defecit left by the previous government was going to hurt but without these cuts, we would lose lots more. I like the coalition government and at the moment, Nuneaton seems to have avoid serious cuts. Andrew Webb, Nuneaton.

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Now some of your comments that we didn't have time for in the show

School cuts: who's to blame ?

With regard to the cut-backs on schools building budget. Can I point out that the state of disrepair some of these schools are in hasn't happened in the past few months. Why haven't repairs been carried out during Labour's reign as and when they were necessary? Val Hassall.

I blame Labour for the mess we are in now re schools. Anybody protesting from Sandwell will complain anyway because it is predominantly a Labour stronghold! This government has one almighty mess to clear up and it will sadly be blamed for rightly cutting back !!!! Ian Payne, Walsall.

There is no choice, the cuts have to be made.Pravin, Birmingham.

They are building schools for the future rather than for the present - it is a waste of money.Sheila Jones, Ledbury.

I went to an independent grammar school and whilst we had some new build facilities, many of our buildings were old and not in the best condition simply because the school could not afford to replace them. I remember having temporary classrooms on site for most of my time at the school. This had no impact on the quality of our education simply because of the primary focus being on the standard of education, not the standard of the buildings.

It strikes me that a huge assumption is being made that improving facilities is directly linked to quality of education which seems erroneous. Whilst I am sure we would all love to have the best facilities for schoolchildren, we simply cannot afford this now and it is a sign that Labour still do not understand the mess that they caused when they refer to "needs' justifying spending money that we simply do not have.Richard, Birmingham.

Tory voters are to blame for the cuts - they voted this government in. Carol, Oldbury.

Children do not need good buildings to learn, they need good teachers. Pam, Ludlow.

The Tory voters are to blame - you get what you vote for. Kate Lane.

Why have schools been allowed to get in such a state? Successive governments are to blame.Katherine, Wednesbury.

The government are not repairing schools and this will have a huge effect on young people. Anon.

The Building Schools for the Future programme is unaffordable. The cutbacks are regretable, but inevitable. David, Solihull.

Speaking of the cancelled building programs. I was head of science at a comprehensive school that had new labs built about 25 years ago. Those facilities have now been scrapped and replaced. It is total waste. John Thomas.

Who's to blame? In a word, Labour, they gave false hope to many schools, knowing full well the money was not there to back all their plans. And, their quango produced the wrong figues. Labour HAS failed. Get over it.
Marian McCann.

The current cuts in public education is because of the mess left from the Labour years. Nobody on Earth could have predicted the black hole in public funding. If anybody should keep on apologizing is the previous education minister because his government knowingly initiated programmes they knew they could never fund! John Glore, Shropshire.

Regarding the new schools policy, can we not all be greatful when we actually take a good long look in the world around us and count our selves extemely fortunate, our children are very lucky to have the schools that they have, is it not about the quality of the teacher. Yes a new building would be fantastic but at the minute it just sounds ridiculous to consider these ideas for the moment. Unless the building is a hazard or is bursting at the seams then the idea should be given some deep thought! Tanya Maunder.

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