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...on the Politics Show of Sunday 21 September 2008

After listening to the interviews today, especially Mr Prescott I fear that the higher echelons of the Labour Goverment just don't get it: no matter how much you blame everybody else for everything that has gone wrong the problems you have are, in the main, of your own making and perhaps more importantly you do not have a devine right to govern. The quicker they accept this, the more the possibility that they can turn the problems around.
John Masterton, UK

A complete waste of time, a complete waste of audience. Why can't we have a debate on things that matter to the general public, like not just talking about top tax-rate increases but action to alleviate pensioners from Income Tax. Plus nobody wants to know of the poverty caused by the unfair council tax banding. These are the debates people need.
Mrs B Lockwood, Norfolk

The biggest problem facing any government today and in the future is providing an old age pension to an ageing population. Gordan Brown is solely responsible for stealing billions from pension schemes and there must be a proper debate by all parties on how it can be rectified.
Robin Stagg, England

Nearly all my pals who have no real interest in politics have been commenting regularly for about a year the Gordon Brown might have been OK as Chancellor when Tony Blair left him to get on with his job, but as Prime Minister he is just hopeless!!! We wish some in the Cabinet had the courage to tell him rather than pretend he's a strong leader and is just what the country needs.
Malcolm Wild, North Shields ? England

Labour's unpopularity predates the current economic turmoil. There is a general perception that we are over-taxed and over-regulated. If taxation is to be reduced the government must find cuts in its own expenditure. A serious look at the cost of final salary public sector pensions would be a good starting point.
Peter Annison, England

What was the point in that ? The entire show without a single non-labourite (sorry Fraser Nelson for 15 seconds)... Hardly representitive. I assume you'll be doing the same next week with a Conservative love in ?
Mike Aubury, UK

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