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Here are some of your comments on the programme for Sunday 22 June 2008

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On failing schools

'Failing schools' are invariably populated largely by pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or special needs.
This awful Labour Government has done nothing to tackle the root causes of failing schools, but has simply squandered millions on crackpot ideas which haven't worked.
Stephen Springthorpe, Hastings

In Oxted we have one of the largest comprehensive schools in the UK-over 2000 pupils-which has far better results then Kent schools-selective or non selective-many parents from Kent vote with their and send their children to Oxted. Surrey has got this one right-no selection and focus on good schools for all.
Dave, Limpsfield

What do we want, a stream of automatons or do we want inspired individuals

Castle community should not close. I am a student there and it's great! I got 5 a-c s and it's all down to the teachers and Mrs Chapman

Why is a school like Castle Community being shunned for having one of the country's highest value added scores in the whole country? I thought Ed Balls wanted more schools to help students learn the way that suits them.
If kids from Castle can't understand maths or English then why is the government's system hitting them and saying they are failing? Paul carter is absolutely right.
William, Dover

I went to so many schools. Some had specials need areas but I find that some teachers have the time to listen to its pupils.
I had to deal with being told I had Aspergers. I only had one support. I get involved in the local youth council and love more teachers to have their paper work cut so they listen to its pupils especially with learning difficulties
David, acting chair youth council Hastings

My daughter goes to Castle in deal & is doing very well there & very happy.
Claire, Deal

Just shows what 10 yrs of Labour have done to education. Blaming grammars is a cop out

We need grammar schools in Kent. Not all pupils are equal.
Sue, Sevenoaks

Failing schools? What do you expect when surrounded by grammar schools-a Labour government for over ten years and we still have them!

I went to a comprehensive in London & it failed me badly. I dropped out. Selection is done anyway, better not in a subjective way by staff but by exam.
Anne, Herne Bay

Two of my girls are at Castle, one has just finished her gcses and will be going on to college. This school is not failing.

The quality of teaching and pupil support as shown in Castle Community College in the development of pupils from when they start to the final days at school in their progress comes first as your report shows.
It can be a good school in one table and yet be a failure at the same time.
You cannot make every school the same only because the pupils are different background upbringing ethnicity etc, willingness of pupils to be taught one rule does not fit all when schools are doing well should be left alone to continue with the good work.
If the same criteria was set to they government they would again manipulate the figures to sort there current ideas for the day
Kenneth Wraight

My daughters attend Castle Community School and are flourishing. My 15 year daughter has clear view on what career she would like to take when she leaves.
This would not have happened if there was not a high level of teaching and careers advice

To be honest I don't think Castle is a failing school.
I think it is a successful school and I also don't think it will close in three years. I should know that because I am a student at this school.

My son started Castle Community Sept 07 and has done extremely well and most importantly the transition from primary to secondary has been made easy.
The respect shown to these children are giving them the confidence to achieve their future goals.
In this ever increasing negative society Castle Community is a school that instills positive approach to learning
Nikki, Kent

I am a student at Castle Community and I disagree with Ed Balls and think he does not know what he is on about. Anon

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