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West Midlands: Your comments...

Nick Watson
Nick Watson
The Politics Show
West Midlands

Apologies to telephone callers to the programme this week. We were unable to take your comments due to a technical problem with our phone system.

Normal service will resume next week.

If you would like to call us again with your comments throughout the week, these will be posted on the Politics Show website next Sunday.

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Some of your comments on the programme...

I think postal voting should be abolished with exceptions for those with disabilities. The system is insecure and lays itself open to corruption in several ways, one of which was higlighted in the latest edition of The West Midlands Politics Show, also voting forms can be used fraudulently by anyone who picks them up for example in the case of shared accomodation or homes divided into flats with shared letter boxes. The uk has for many years had a voting system which has been seen by the world as fair and secure, it is unacceptable to replace this with something corrupt.
Margaret Beniston, UK

Cllr Yaqoob is brave for speaking out as she will now be subjected to bullying. Pakistani women are the most at risk of being forced to vote against their will. Stop the postal vote system now. Dr D. Kaur, England

For 10 years I used to be a polling clerk for Birmingham City Council in the Ladywood constituency of Birmingham.
Whatever the election I and my other officers would spend almost the entire time telling Asian men not to instruct women in the polling booth on how to vote.
It was always men telling women and never the other way round.
As polling staff are instructed to be PC we could not really enforce stricter controls for fear of offending "minorities".
Abolish postal voting on demand & we will at least have some form of control over the poll booths.
Gerry, England

Get rid of postal voting except for exceptional reasons. Have polling stations in supermarkets, pubs and libraries etc.
Be more experimental about where they are located.
Barbara Mark, Herefordshire

I feel postal votes should only be available to people who cannot get to a polling station due to disability or chronic sickness. This should be proved before the postal vote was allowed. Disability benefit or doctor's reports would be proof.
I must add that plenty of 'white' women vote how their father or husband tells them even though they disagree with the choice.
I personally know women who do this. I also feel attendance at polling stations should be compulsory (except in the former cases) but one would be allowed not to vote. Having got to the polling station most people would vote.
Phyllis Proctor, Birmingham

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