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10p or not 10p?

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello again

10p or not 10p? That was the question.

This week, Gordon Brown made concessions in the face of a looming rebellion over his abolition of the 10p tax band.

David Cameron said he had suffered a 'massive loss of authority'.

Gordon Brown
10p tax changes backdated?

But Mr Brown did at least succeed in persuading Frank Field to withdraw the amendment which MPs were to vote on ...on Monday 21 April, thus avoiding a potentially disastrous embarrassment days before the local elections across England and Wales on Thursday 1 May 2008.

Will that be enough to save Labour from a poor performance?

Will the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats persuade voters that they offer a credible alternative?

We have a useful bluffers guide, and we hear from around the country about the key battlegrounds.

Mixed picture

Plus, as the results roll in after 1 May, what is really going on when politician says it's a 'mixed picture'?

Or what do they mean when they say that they are 'listening hard' to the message voters are sending?

We unspin the spin with a man who's seen and heard it all before - the BBC's former Chief Political Correspondent, ITN's former Political Editor, John Sergeant.

Robert Mugabe
Mugabe attacked both opposition and UK

Zimbabwe's elections

And on the theme of elections... Zimbabwe is one of the hottest of hot potatoes in the international field.

It has been over three weeks since the Presidential election in that country, and the results have yet to be announced.

Gordon Brown has said that Robert Mugabe is trying to rig the elections and urged action. But how much can Britain really do?

Do protests from Britain, Zimbabwe's former colonial power, hinder rather than help the opposition's cause?

I'll talk live to the shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Columbine revisited

In recent years, the state has probably been best known for the Columbine massacre when two teenagers killed 12 of their fellow students and one teacher.

The disaster spurred the state into action, and now it runs a host of so-called early intervention programmes - projects aimed at preventing children becoming involved in crime.

Now the government here is watching the success of such schemes with a view to importing them to the UK.

Norman Smith has been to Colorado to see how it all works.

Taxing times

And as the dust settles on the 10p tax row, I'll talk live to Vince Cable, Treasury Spokesman for the Liberal Democrats.

Join us this Sunday at noon to see whether we will be serving up a tragedy, farce or comedy - or maybe all three.

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