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The obesity quiz...

Two fat men

Obesity is all rather alarming, and the government reckons that there will a huge cost to the nation as well as a huge cost in life if we don't tackle the problem seriously now.

But how much do you know about the reality of obsity and how it just may affect you? Well, we have put together 10 simple questions on the issue here - or are they that simple..?

Question 1
What proportion of adults is overweight or obese, according to the government?
A: ten percent
B: one fifth
C: half
D: two thirds
Question 2
What is the government introducing as a compulsory element into the National Curriculum to help tackle obesity?
A: School sports
B: Nutritional science
C: Cooking
D: Yoga
Question 3
What would be the annual cost to society of obesity in 2050 without concerted action, according to the government?
A: £25 billion
B: £50 billion
C: £75 billion
D: £100 billion
Question 4
What phrase did the government’s ‘Foresight’ report use to describe an increasingly obese society?
A: Overweight society
B: Differently weighted society
C: Obesogenic society
D: Reweighted society
Question 5
By how much does severe obesity reduce your life expectancy?
A: 2 years
B: 5 years
C: 11 years
D: 25 years
Question 6
Body mass index (or BMI) is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height in metres. But what number means obesity?
A: 20
B: 25
C: 30
D: 35
Question 7
Which European country has the lowest proportion of obese people?
A: Italy
B: Romania
C: Austria
D: Netherlands
Question 8
The regulator OFCOM is to ban TV advertisements for unhealthy foods from children’s television. Foods high in which of the following won’t be affected
A: Fat
B: Sugar
C: Salt
D: Carbohydrate
Question 9
The Health Secretary said the obesity crisis is on the scale of…
A: International terrorism
B: Climate change
C: An asteroid strike
D: Bird flu epidemic
Question 10
Which MP took part in Celebrity Fit Club, trying to lose weight for charity?
A: John Prescott
B: Boris Johnson
C: Ann Widdecombe
D: Charles Kennedy

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