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...on the Politics Show of Sunday 03 February 2007

It's not black people who are disenfranchised per se but most of us who are poor and or disagree with the wealthy, powerful and privileged. Not once has my vote counted in a general election while both main parties fuel the increase in the wealth gap and put business development before the environment and our quality of life.
Richard Wilson, England

Is there any need to dedicate a whole show to the election of a presidential candidate, in a foreign country, the USA. What influence do the British people have over the outcome? If the outcome of the election does affect the British people, as your programme implies, why do our political leaders make a great deal more comment, on the effects this foreign nation has on our lives. Why do they not do a great deal more to protect the British people from this, outside power which we have no rights in electing. There is a great deal of discussion about controling the powers of Europe, where we do have a say through our elected MEP as well as the powers of our elected national Government.
Jean Cowie, North East England

You said two things on today's show which are wrong, and damaging to this country's long-term interests. Firstly, you referred to the US president as 'Leader of the free world'. He/she is not. People around the world (including myself) are fed up with the US president lecturing, haranguing, bullying and ordering them about, due to this continuing belief. We are free people, without needing the permission of the US president. We have our OWN union, the European Union, our 'trade union', which would be much stronger if certain politicians stopped treating the US president in this subservient manner, aided and abetted by certain political shows. Secondly, you ran a piece about black politicians. Unfortunately, you didn't tackle the elephant in the room. There are two kinds of black people - light skinned and dark skinned. The light skinned black people - like Barack Obama' - or actors in 'black comedy' - have skin which is only slightly darker than that of 'white' people (please compare him with the white people around him). This means that we can all point out black people who are doing well - but they are all light skinned, and presumably are seen by white voters and viewers as 'one of us'. Dark skinned black people are still doing badly on both sides of the Atlantic. You can see why this isn't mentioned too much, can't you? But treating the issue as a non-event is doing nobody any favours, it merely hides the ongoing discrimination against black people. On a happier note, happy 5th birthday.
Francis King, UK

This weeks show seems obsessed with the colour of someones skin colour, how sad. You then go on to say Britain needs more ethnic MP's, why? We select MP's on ability not ethnicity. Stop making segregation worse by going black black black all the time.
Christopher Kirby, England

I strongly hope that those who have previously been so supportive of Wendy Alexander in recent weeks are invited on to the programme to discuss her being reported to the police. Then we can see how much they truly support her.
Joseph Senior, Scotland

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