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Last Updated: Sunday, 21 October 2007, 13:57 GMT 14:57 UK
More stop-and-search needed
David Blunkett
Where that community find that they're the victims of crime, they'll want to co-operate with stop and search
David Blunkett

Former Home Secretary, David Blunkett, welcomes the call by the outgoing head of the Black Police Association, Keith Jarrett, for more stop-and-search.

He said: "We need proportionality. I think Keith Jarrett, from the experience he's had, is right that, where the community co-operate and want this, then there should be bravery by the police in terms of being able to do it.

"They shouldn't back off, just because they're having to deal with a situation where you've got black on black crime.

"We've seen, tragically, in my own city here in Sheffield... a black 16- year-old who was killed, dealing with, quite often, a community substantially of ethnic minorities, who want to have a safe community.

"I don't think we should just go about stopping people for the sake.

"It has to be in terms of targeted and intelligent policing, but it has to be with the co-operation of the community.

"To be honest, where that community find that they're the victims of crime, they'll want to co-operate with stop and search."

Better off benefits

Mr Blunkett went on to suggest that the decision to reduce Inheritance Tax - which only affects the richest 6% of estates - was a concession to the better off.

He said: "The question now is can a very small proportion of the population, in a democracy, with a diminishing turn-out in the elections, actually have a disproportionate effect on the way in which the government make decisions and make policy?

"The answer is yes, because in a democracy, any government, any party will have to take notice of, not just that small proportion who actually are aggrieved about a particular tax policy, but actually those who are aspirant about being in that position, and albeit that it's a small proportion, they can swing in the marginal seats, the vote, and therefore determine who the government is."

Mr Blunkett finished by complaining that the country was unduly miserable, citing recent defeats on the sporting field.

He lamented: "At the moment, we're in a pretty miserable period in Britain where we lose in Russia, we lose in Paris, we can't eat, we can't drink because it's bad for us.

"I think we've got to get out of that and we've got to have a bit more fun and we've got to have a bit more joy about looking to a much better world, a much better future and that future is better because we've had 10 years of a Labour government."

Tory reforms

Chris Grayling
The money you save in the very early days of getting somebody back in to work, should be reinvested into supporting the process of getting them in to work
Chris Grayling

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Chris Grayling, was challenged on how getting benefit payments back into work could pay for pledges on changes to the tax credit system.

He argued that his reforms would yield real returns - in the long term, saying: "Our estimate is, that the money you save in the very early days of getting somebody back in to work, should be reinvested into supporting the process of getting them in to work.

"It's the payment by results we talked about.

"We would look to divide the country into a number of zones, in much the same way the government's own advisors have recommended, to support people in those areas back in work.

"Those companies will be paid by the immediate savings that they made.

"But once you've got people back in to work, at that point you generate real savings to the Exchequer which can be reinvested in tax changes, in tackling the couple penalty in the tax credit system."

Let us know what you think - what price on care for the elderly?.

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