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Video clips of the week...

John Sopel

The Politics Show, around the UK, has a very varied outlook and sometimes out-take on Politics.

Here, you can view some of our "clips of the week", as they come from the nations and regions, and of course from the network programme too... I hope you will enjoy reliving those special moments...

Politics Max graphics

7 December 2008: Politics Max revisited

Politics Max revisits some of the reports he covered through the autumn and brings us up to date with where they are now - Sunday 7 December 2008

Politics Show's review of the year

7 December 2008: The Politics Show's review of the year

Relive some of the high and low points of politics through the lenses of the Politics Show's cameras - Sunday 7 December 2008

David Davis, Ken Livingston and Vince Cable

7 December 2008: Review of the year

Politics Show - Review of the year in politics with David Davis, Ken Livingston and Vince Cable - Sunday 7 December 2008

Alistair Darling c/o Getty Images

16 November 2008: The Alistair Darling interview

Politics Show - the Alistair Darling interview Sunday 16 November 2008

Ann Widdecombe

16 November 2008: Ann Widdecombe

Politics Show - Ann Widdecombe, the former Minister and reality TV contestant, gives advice on how to survive in the jungle. Sunday 16 November 2008


16 November 2008: Free swimming plans sunk?

Politics Show East has found that almost a third of pools in the region will not be taking up the Government's offer to let children and pensioners go swimming for free. Sunday 16 November 2008

Liam Fox MP

9 November 2008: The Liam Fox interview

Politics Show - the Liam Fox interview Sunday 9 November 2008

Alan Johnson

9 November 2008: The Alan Johnson interview

Politics Show - the Alan Johnson interview Sunday 9 November 2008


9 November 2008: Preserving war memorials

Robin Powell talks to two people who have waged long campaigns to preserve war memorials in the region.

Jon Sopel and Brett Winters

2 November 2008: Jon gets amongst Americana

Jon Sopel meets Brett Winters in Americana - a political memorabilia emporium...

Gillian Hargreaves

2 November 2008: Gillian Hargreaves in Virginia

Gillian Hargreaves reports from Virginia on the background to the Presidential election...

Phil Woolas MP

19 October 2008: Phil Woolas

Phil Woolas MP - the Politics Show interview

Nigel Farage

19 October 2008: Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, Leader UKIP - the interview


19 October 2008: Rows over nuclear planning

As the Planning Bill progresses through parliament, fears grow in the east that plans for new nuclear power stations along our coast will simply be steam-rollered through. Some say it will mean the end of local democracy.


19 October 2008: Seal slaughter battle

Nottingham campaigner, Mark Glover, wins a court battle in the fight to stop the slaughter of Canadian seals.

Lady in the street

19 October 2008: Downturn hits home

We report from North West Leicestershire where the economic down-turn is really hitting home.

Mark Denten

19 October 2008: Traders' trials in Sunderland

As the economy heads towards recession, we visit one Sunderland street to see how traders are coping.

Gabriel Mulamba

19 October 2008: A right to work...

A new campaign to give asylum-seekers the right to work. Lyttanya Shannon reports from Middlesbrough.


19 October 2008: Heart attack dilemma

If a heart attack strikes, time is of the essence. Emergency procedures have to kick in fast. But what if those services were closed down and moved? We look at one such situation in Cumbria.

Rows of cars

19 October 2008: Motor industry blues...

We look at the problems facing the motor industry at a time when demand is falling off as the economic crisis bites.

Local residents

19 October 2008: 'Sadly broke' in Bradley Stoke?

In Bradley Stoke - families are struggling with their mortgages, could the area become "sadly broke" again?


19 October 2008: Programmes for change

There are 10 major infrastructure programmes on a list to help build the region out of a recession...

Both sides of the mayoral debate...

19 October 2008: Mayor to go or stay..?

Voters in Stoke-on-Trent are being asked to vote in a referendum this week on whether or not they want to keep the city's elected Mayor system...

Max Cotton

12 October 2008: Politics Max in Rotterdam...

Politics Max investigates an issue that not only affects hundreds of individuals, but also an entire industry...

The Alex Salmond interview on the Politics Show, Sunday 12 October 2008

12 October 2008: The Alex Salmond interview

The Alex Salmond interview on the Politics Show, Sunday 12 October 2008.

The Nick Clegg interview on the Politics Show, Sunday 12 October 2008

12 October 2008: The Nick Clegg interview

The Nick Clegg interview on the Politics Show, Sunday 12 October 2008.

Horse trainer

12 October 2008: Flightpath fight

The National Air Traffic Service is having to reconsider its plans for new flightpaths in the east, after overwhelming opposition, not least from the racing fraternity.

Newcastle station

12 October 2008: High speed changes?

Could Cumbria and the North East benefit from Tory plans for a high-speed rail network?

New Forest pigs

12 October 2008: New Forest furore

Danielle Glavin looks at why passions are running high in the New Forest over proposals for its future by the National Parks Authority.


12 October 2008: Cycle city...

We climb into the saddle and look into Bristol's uphill struggle to become the first cycle city...


5 October 2008: The slings and arrows at Stormont

Political correspondent Martina Purdy investigates the slings and arrows in Stormont's fortunes.

Politics cards

5 October 2008: Tory trumps...

Paul Barltrop visits the Conservative party conference in Birmingham and takes the political temperature with some of the top Tory prospects - and some trump cards...

Steve Wilkinson

5 October 2008: Are the disabled dis-abled?

Disabled campaigner, Steve Wilkinson, takes a frustrating journey by wheelchair around Newcastle to find out if the government's anti-discrimination laws are working...

Children and adult

5 October 2008: Early Intervention

Jane Dodge takes a look at how Early Intervention is beginning to work in the city of Nottingham.

Post Office sign

5 October 2008: Essex leads the way

Essex council is pioneering a post office rescue plan. Its 1.5 million rescue package to reopen half the county's post offices has begun.

David Cameron

5 October 2008: David Cameron interview

The Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, insists that the current economic situation approaches a "national emergency".

Ian Fleming

5 October 2008: "If I were Prime Minister"

Max Cotton explores the political thoughts of Ian Fleming in his centenary year - he was a man ahead of his times...

David Cameron

28 September: David Cameron - Q&As

Our political editor Len Tingle caught up with David Cameron at Haxby village hall for a question and answer session for the party faithful - and some undecided voters...

School pupils

28 September 2008: School by design

Robin Powell reports on the school that teachers helped to design. Is this a lesson for the government perhaps?

Liz Coulson

21 September 2008: Who picks up the tab?

With repossessions soaring, the government unveiled its housing rescue package earlier this month, but the East of England Development Agency is shocked and frustrated that it has to pick up the bill.

John Prescott and Charles Clarke

21 September 2008: The future of the labour Party

Jon Sopel hosts a live debate on the future of the Labour Party at their conference with John Prescott, Charles Clarke and Polly Toynbee.


14 September 2008: Gary Barker and Jon Culshaw lampoon GB

Gordon Brown's post cards from the edge... a cartoon delight of what Gordon may or may not have been up to on his summer holidays.

David Miliband

14 September 2008: David Miliband: no leadership battle

David Miliband has confirmed that he does not forsee a challenge to Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party...

Pole dancer

14 September 2008: Lap dancing controls

There are calls for tighter controls on lap dancing in the East Midlands - local councils are asking the government for more powers...

Morgan Tsvangirai

22 June 2008: Broadcasting to Zimbabwe

Gillian Hargreaves talked to Zimbabwean exiles in London - including the remarkable SW Radio Africa team.

Mike Russell MSP

01 June 2008: An honest politician

The Politics Show highlights MSP Mike Russell's performance while wrapping up a debate on Scotland's future.

Houses of Parliament

11 May 2008: MPs' expenses

Three Politics Show viewers examine the issues surrounding whether or not MPs should disclose everything about their expenses.

Max Cotton and Gillian Hargreaves on a tandem

13 April 2008: Obesity - a fattening crisis

Gillian Hargreaves and Max Cotton explore the issues around obesity and the government's role in getting us, the fattening public to be more aware of the lurking dangers...

Car being filled with fuel

13 April 2008: Biofuels - a hidden cost?

On Tuesday 15 April, 2.5% of the fuel that we put into our cars will be derived from plants and by the end of the decade, that figure is set to rise to 5%. But the government want to take even more ambitious measures too - but while this is better for the environment, is there a hidden cost, largely born by the developing world? Paola Buonadonna investigates...

David Cameron

16 March 2008: The Cameron interview...

Jon Sopel interviews David Cameron at the Conservative Spring Conference in Gateshead...

Sir Jeremy Greenstock

16 March 2008: Sir Jeremy Greenstock interview...

On the network programme, Jon Sopel interviewed Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

Adopted girl

16 March 2008: Overseas adoption

Every year, about 350 parents and would-be parents successfully adopt from countries such as China and Ethiopia. But it is a long hard process. See Gillian Hargreaves filmed report...

Parking notice

16 March 2008: Hospital car park charges

Patients in England look like being stuck with car park charges as health trusts claim they need the money for patient care.


16 March 2008: James Hickman returns

James Hickman used to train with Stockport Metro - one of the most successful swimming clubs in the country. He has been back to see his team mates and speak to the young swimmers there who have high hopes for the 2012 games.


16 March 2008: Financial education

Romsey MP, Sandra Gidley, has introduced a private members' bill to beef up financial education in schools to help counteract the growing debt culture.

Evelyn Morris

09 March 2008: Sack transgressing MPs?

Evelyn Morrison, Chairman, Old Bexley and Sidcup Conservative Association suspects the constituents feel that those MPs who are found to have committed serious wrong doings should be sacked.

The Day the Volunteers Quit graphic

09 March 2008: The Day the Volunteers Quit

To show how reliant our public services are on volunteers, we look at what would happen if they all suddenly quit...


02 March 2008: Pardon the Jargon part three

In an effort to de-mystify politics and cut through the flannel, the Politics Show's David Woodthorpe busts some political jargon easing your political understanding. This week, it is all about "Floor Damping"... can you guess?!

Booze patrol

24 February 2008: Drinking Patrol

Danielle Glavin has been out with the community warden in Chichester as they crack down on teenage drinkers...

Pardon the Jargon graphic

24 February 2008: Pardon the Jargon part two

David Woodthorpe busts some political jargon to ease your political understanding - this week we have a term that could be confused with your moggie...

David Maclean MP

24 February 2008: David Maclean interview

David Maclean MP argues that a plan to give police forces in high-crime areas more government funding could leave rural forces like Cumbria out of pocket.

Kendo mask

24 February 2008: Max and the free bus passes...

Max risks life and limb as he takes on the Silver Kendo Kids...

Pardon the Jargon graphic

17 February 2008: Pardon the Jargon part one

In an effort to de-mystify politics and cut through the flannel, the Politics Show's David Woodthorpe has something new for you. Pardon the Jargon promises to tackle the obscure language of politics. So just to get you going we'll start with an easy one. This week we have a word which is bandied about everyday in Westminster - in connection with pensions, communities and the health service.

Housing in Liverpool

10 February 2008: Is it really grim up North... or South?

The prejudices about the soft South and the grim North just won't go away. We've been onto the streets of Manchester and Chichester to find out who's really living the good life?

Angel of the North

10 February 2008: Happy birthday Angel of the North

Angel of the North - it is 10 years old but what has the Angel done for Gateshead?

Nick Clegg

10 February 2008: Nick Clegg interview

In an interview with Jon Sopel on the Politics Show, Nick Clegg, accuses British Olympic chiefs of a "real abdication of our moral responsibility" over raising human rights in China.

Trafalgar Square lion

10 February 2008: What is Britishness?

What does Britishness mean to you? Could it be Big Ben, eggs and bacon, the Queen or Wayne Rooney... Paola Buonadonna asks the public.

Ralph Reed

03 February 2008: Ralph Reed interview

On the black vote, Ralph Reed said: "If Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama, how in the world is she ever going to win the black vote? "But the reality is that if Hillary Clinton does become the nominee and defeats Obama, they'll figure out a way to get their core voters on board.

Birthday cake

03 February 2008: Happy Birthday to us!

Would you believe it - the Politics Show is five years old and to celebrate some of the serious moments, the fun and the revelations - watch this film. And, of course - keep watch every week for more...

Jesse Jackson

03 February 2008: Jesse Jackson interview

Jon Sopel interviews Jesse Jackson who says America is getting ready every day for a black President and Barack Obama will get "his nod" on the road to the Whitehouse.

Gordon Brown

27 January 2008: Gordon Brown in Davos 2008

Gordon Brown has rejected the charge that he dithered over the Peter Hain resignation and other issues and said that it was only the Conservatives who were accusing him of dithering.

Lord Coe

27 January 2008: Lord Coe talks up the Olympics for the East

Lord Coe: "There are huge challenges [the Olympics], but the prize is massive."

Sam Smith

20 January 2008: Sam West on Arts Council funding

Actor Sam West is unhappy about the current Arts Council funding decisions.

Car and caravan

20 January 2008: Life in the slow lane

What is it about caravanning that is so attractive? Many, including former Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, will say it is the very best way of holidaying. North West planners are in a dilemma over allowing greater caravan park development whilst conserving the environment.

Thornaby Town Hall

20 January 2008: Retaining Thornaby's heritage

Eileen Craggs reveals the campaign to prevent Stockton Council selling off Grade 2 listed Victorian town hall in Thornaby.

Nuclear sign

20 January 2008: Nuclear decision

West Cumbria is in line for 25m windfall if it votes to extend the nuclear waste facility at Drigg.

Nick Clegg

20 January 2008: Nick Clegg interview

Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, pledges improvements to road and rail services in the North East.


20 January 2008: Selling sex - time for change?

The East Midlands Politics Show asks if the time has come to follow Sweden's lead and make it illegal to pay for sex.

Simon Cracknell

20 January 2008: Simon Cracknell tells his story

Norfolk County Council had been considering whether or not to close day centres as part of a drive to modernise their day services to the community.

Prof Roger Boyle

20 January 2008: Heart Tsar, Prof Roger Boyle defends NHS spending on statins

The National Director of Heart Disease, Professor Roger Boyle, defended GPs being able to prescribe expensive statins, the drugs which help to reduce cholesterol.

David Miliband

20 January 2008: The full David Miliband interview

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has categorically ruled out a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, as a Bill for its ratification begins its passage through Parliament on Monday 21 January 2008.

Houses for sale

13 January 2008: Looking back on 2007 stories...

Danielle Glavin looks at some of the stories making headlines in the south in 2007.

Celia Barlow MP

13 January 2008: The prediction discussions continue...

Celia Barlow MP, Tim Loughton MP and Norman Baker MP discuss their political predictions from last year and try to predict what will be hot in 2008


13 January 2008: What's politically hot for 2008..?

Celia Barlow MP, Tim Loughton MP and Norman Baker MP discuss their political predictions from last year and try to predict what will be hot topics in 2008.

Ivan Lewis MP

13 January 2008: Personal Care Budget explained

Ivan Lewis, Minister for Care, explains the Personal Care Budget and how it will be going national after a pilot period...

Jayne Huxley

13 January 2008: Jayne Huxley and her Personal Care Budget

North West Political Editor, David Woodthorpe, reports on the disabled people who are taking control of their own care package...

Frank Cook MP

13 January 2008: Frank Cook MP deselected

Stockton North MP, Frank Cook, gives his reaction to his de-selection by the local party.

Quayside flats

13 January 2008: Buy to Leave...

There is a new housing term in Newcastle - Buy to Leave - properties are being bought but nobody takes up residence...

Easington Street

13 January 2008: Empty homes dilemma

Mark Denten asks why 40,000 homes in the North East and Cumbria stand empty...

Nuclear plant

13 January 2008: Can we afford to let the lights go out?

Within 12 years, we will be importing 12% of the UK's oil and gas needs, and with British Electric stating that we currently have a 1%-2% annual growth in energy requirement, what is the answer? Could we be about to revert to the nuclear option..?

Lotus Elise

13 January 2008: Biofuels ready to motor...

The East must be one of the perfect places for biofuels to be developed, but apparently there is not enough capacity in the UK. Lotus cars are one of the region's companies hoping to harness the new fuel for the future...

Martin Salter MP

09 December 2007: Martin Salter MP and a New Year wish...

Martin Salter MP, shares his New Year wish that may strike a chord with many...

Anthony Steen MP

09 December 2007: Anthony Steen MP's 'wish-list' of politics

Anthony Steen MP, as Chair of the House of Commons and House of Lords Committee on Human Trafficking, would like to see the eradication of this inhumane practice...

Anthony Steen MP

09 December 2007: Anthony Steen MP looks to 2008

Anthony Steen MP Totnes would like to see a society that is content with what it has, isn't seeking for more, enjoys what it has and shares its prosperity with others...

Anthony Steen MP

09 December 2007: Wine: "Grubbing Up"

Anthony Steen as Hon Advisor to the English Vineyards Association deliberates on the EU proposals to "support" the French wine industry through "grubbing up"...


02 December 2007: Christianophobia discussion continues...

The second part of our discussion on whether Christianity is unfairly treated by comparison with other religions. Should religions be involved in the provision of social services?


02 December 2007: West Sussex Christians

The work of Christian rock band Delirious, Christian radio station Feba and Christian TV station Vivid - all of them in West Sussex. The involvement of church groups in the provision of Sure Start schemes in the county - Religion in politics...


02 December 2007: Christianophobia discussion

Does Christianity get treated differently from other religions and are schools right to ban nativity plays - follow the discussion.

Video Diary graphic

02 December 2007: Julian's School kids' video diary...

In early December 2007, the government publish their 10-Year Children's Plan for England. The Politics Show invited children from Julian's School in South London to the Cab-Cam Video Diary to reveal what they thought should be in the plan...

Esther Rantzen

02 December 2007: Esther Rantzen - her fears for children...

Esther Rantzen talks about the problems facing a child growing up today... alco-pops, drunkardess, work, childcare... and she firmly believes that they should spend more time with their parents...

The petitioners at No 10

25 November 2007: Petitions for Gypsy and children's rights

On a cold and wet November afternoon, a group of Gypsies and Irish Travellers met up in central London and walked to Downing Street to present their petitions for Gypsy and children's rights.

Chris Hune and Nick Clegg

18 November 2007: Potential Lib Dem leaders clash

Relationships fray on the Politics Show within the Clegg and Huhne camps ahead of the Lib Dem leadership election.

Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne

18 November 2007: Mark Littlewood on the leadership fight

In his observations of the Liberal Democrat leadership fight between Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne, Mark Littlewood sees that the new Lib Dem leader will have to tackle voter apathy...

Max Cotton

18 November 2007: Max Cotton: environment trade off

The Politics Show's Max Cotton reports on a new power station that is sparking a debate over the position for coal in future energy production.

Chris Scott and Chris Davies thrash out the points of debate

18 November 2007: The Lib Dem debate in the pub

Chris Scott and Chris Davies [the "Drama Coach" and the "Spin Doctor"] dissect the performances of Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne in a Bristol pub...


11 November 2007: The Amazing Adventure of the Plastic Bag

From a mini series of political films from the young in the South East... A film produced by Year Three pupils from Balfour Junior School in Brighton. The film explores the dark side of a seemingly innocuous household item - the plastic bag. Up until now, it has been thought of as a useful item, but the film reveals that, if let loose, it can become a ruthless killer.

Man on a beach

11 November 2007: Revenge of the Rubbish

From a mini series of political films from the young in the South East... Using interviews, music and animation this film exposes the hidden side to Brighton's clean beaches with the help of local celebrity Fat Boy Slim. It was produced by Year Six pupils from Balfour Junior School Brighton.

Ed Miliband

11 November 2007: Ed Miliband and the Queen's Speech

Ed Miliband Cabinet Office Minister, talks about the first Queen's speech during Gordon Brown's leadership and how it has set out a number of new bills.


11 November 2007: Paola Buonadonna casing superbugs

Hospital acquired infections kill around 50,000 people a year across Europe, according to the European Commission. In 2008, the Commission plans to issue EU-wide guidelines on hygiene standards and control and prevention measures. Paola Buonadonna investigates the Dutch experience...

Max Cotton

04 November 2007: Max Cotton and the 1,000 ft hole

Max Cotton discovers a deep legacy of thousands of years of Cornish tin mining history. He uncovers just one of the hundreds of former tin mining shafts and drops a stone to hear as well as see the depth to which these holes go...

Nigel Hastilow

04 November 2007: Nigel Hastilow resignation

Nigel Hastilow decided to resign as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives in Halesowen & Rowley Regis rather than apologise for saying that Enoch Powell "was right" in a newspaper article about immigration. In an exclusive TV interview with the Politics Show West Midlands' Patrick Burns, he explains why...

Hazel Blears

04 November 2007: Hazel Blears - Challenging extremism

Hazel Blears is co-ordinating the government's "hearts and minds" strategy on terrorism which aims to bring terrorists to justice by challenging extremism and seeking to make young Muslims "comfortable" with their faith...

Ed Hussain

04 November 2007: Ed Hussain, the author of The Islamist

Ed Hussain, the author of The Islamist, responds to Hazel Blears' statement: "Ultimately, it is an interpretation of Islam in a certain light that gives credence to the activities of terrorists."


04 November 2007: Threats to the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath

From a mini series of political films from the young in the South East... A documentary film by students from Central Sussex College. It takes a closer look at the proposed changes that the students see as threatening the Princess Royal Hospital in their local town of Haywards Heath and, the NHS as a whole.

The UKYP debate

28 October 2007: UK Youth Parliament Debate...

From a mini series of political films from the young in the South East... A film by the Simon Langton School for Boys in Canterbury. This was their entry for the National Youth Parliament Competition organized by the Citizenship Foundation. They debated a proposed Bill to allow total freedom of the wearing of religious items in the workplace. In the competition they won prizes for Best Prime Minister, Best Leader of the Opposition and Best Backbencher. This winning film follows the debate that won Best Backbencher for Rebecca Moss..

Animated clock

28 October 2007: A day in the life of Eddie

From a mini series of political films from the young in the South East... A Day in the Life of Eddie... An animated film by Brighton Young Carers. Eddie is a talented athlete and is looking forward to going to the Olympic Trials when they come to his town. But Eddie is also a young carer and looks after his mum. On the day of the trials she is sick and Eddie struggles to find someone to help him...

Steve Russell

28 October 2007: Steve Russell's garden plans...

Steve Russell sees no reason why he should not make good use of his garden in planning to develop it for more housing...

Sir Menzies Campbell

21 October 2007: Sir Menzies Campbell and the East...

Sir Menzies Campbell talks about the relationship between the Liberal Democrats and the East region in what turns out to be his last interview as leader of the party...

Lady on benefits

21 October 2007: The Tory benefits policy

We played a clip of David Cameron's conference speech to Jo Sullivan, an Incapacity Benefit claimant from Merseyside - what did she make of the Conservatives' benefits policy?

Ivan Lewis

14 October 2007: Ivan Lewis - The Social Care Challenge

Ivan Lewis, the Minister for Social Care, said, on this week's Politics Show that social care is "one of the great challenges that now faces our country".

Elderly lady

14 October 2007: David Thompson - Focus on Social Care

David Thompson reports on the Social Care System in England and Wales and what it may mean for the future care of the elderly...

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

07 October 2007: Conservative 'Black Farmer' and conference lunch

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, the "Black Farmer" Conservative candidate for Chippenham, reveals another strong reason to come to the party conferences... but it may not be organic!!

Boris Johnson

30 September 2007: Boris for Mayor...

Boris Johnson delivers his thoughts on his fight for the position of Mayor for London...

William Hague

30 September 2007: William Hague - Tories ready

William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, told the Politics Show that the Conservatives were ready for an election. He said: "We certainly have the funding in place, the candidates in place, and we're ready with the policies for that election.

John Turner

30 September 2007: John Turner - Election logistical nightmare

An autumn election could be "the worst in living memory", according to John Turner, the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators.

For and against the referendum

23 September 2007: The European referendum question

Is Gordon Brown's honeymoon as Prime Minister going to be spoiled by a backbench rebellion brewing in the Labour Party over Europe. Birmingham Edgbaston MP Gisela Stuart wants a referendum over the new European Treaty but the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the PM don't agree with her...

Sir Menzies Campbell

23 September 2007: Sir Ming sings...

Could it be that Sir Menzies Campbell is attempting to win favour with North East voters with his rendition of the Bladon Races..?

Ballot box

23 September 2007: Compulsory voting...

Fiona McTaggart and Claire Fox give the two sides of the compulsory voting argument.

Lady Godiva's horse

23 September 2007: Lady Godiva rides again...

Lady Godiva's famous ride re-enacted in Darlington by campaigners for an elected mayor. Get that dancing horse...

Thatcher meets Fletcher

16 September 2007: The Thatcher confrontation

Margaret Thatcher gets more than she bargained for in the North East...

Bill Rodgers

16 September 2007: Lord Rodgers

Bill Rogers expresses his disappointment in Sir Menzies Campbell...

In his Autumn Political Cartoon Gallery, Gary Barker gives his own personal take on the politics of the week...

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