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Political pets' corner quiz...
Gary Barker's "cat"

There have been many pets in the corridors of power over the years... cats, dogs and would you believe a horse..? Test out your knowledge of political pets' corner...

Question 1
How did the last Downing Street cat, Humphrey, get his name?
A: It was a stray, and came with a name tag around its neck
B: In honour of the journalist John Humphreys, who had recently interviewed the Prime Minister
C: After Norma Majorís favourite uncle
D: After the scheming top civil servant in Yes, Minister
Question 2
Which of the following was not one of David Blunkettís guide dogs?
A: Lucy
B: Sadie
C: Ruby
D: Danielle
Question 3
Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell became famous for campaigning with his dog, Spike, which he dressed in what?
A: Spiked collar
B: Blue knitted jumper
C: Union flag waistcoat
D: Louis Vuitton dog hoodie
Question 4
What type of animal was Toby, Winston Churchillís favourite pet in later life?
A: A green budgerigar
B: A dalmatian
C: A Manx cat
D: A llama
Question 5
Which former Labour Deputy Leaderís dog, Buster, published his own diaries in 1998?
A: John Prescott
B: Margaret Beckett
C: Roy Hattersley
D: Dennis Healey
Question 6
Which prominent Conservative has a passion for cats Ė so much that her website has a section devoted to them?
A: Margaret Thatcher
B: Ann Widdecombe
C: Theresa May
D: Caroline Spelman
Question 7
London Mayor Ken Livingstone is famous for his love of which animal?
A: Goldfish
B: Frogs
C: Toads
D: Newts
Question 8
When former Conservative Chancellor Geoffrey Howe moved to Foreign Secretary he changed his dogís name from Budget, but to what?
A: Summit
B: Ambassador
C: Nato
D: Diplomat
Question 9
Conservative MP James Gray exercised his ancient right to ride a horse into Parliament to make what point in 2004?
A: The ban on hunting had been a disaster
B: The government should not resume the export of live horses
C: To promote riding as an eco-friendly form of transport
D: To urge MPs to open more bridleways
Question 10
Former Hong Kong Governor and European Commissioner Chris Patten has two dogs, named after which drink?
A: Whisky and soda
B: Bacardi and coke
C: Gin and tonic
D: Snakebite and black

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