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Last Updated: Friday, 1 June 2007, 11:51 GMT 12:51 UK
O' dogs and men...
Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Pit-bull terrier
Just in case...

Hello... In homage to Gordon Brown, I'm going to start the newsletter with a barrage of statistics. Well, alright, one statistic.

The last time anyone counted, across the UK, 70,000 people needed medical treatment after being bitten by dogs.

Dramatic cases of attacks by dogs grab the headlines - and the attention of politicians.

The terrible death of Ellie Lawrenson after an attack by a pitbull type terrier has prompted the government to review the law on dangerous dogs.

The Dangerous Dogs Act has become synonymous with bad legislation, but do we need new measures to tackle a growing problem?

We'll be out with Bradford's front line weapon against dangerous dogs - that's Terry the dog warden - and we'll be asking if doggie Asbos are an idea whose time has come.

Newcastle Brown for Hain?

Peter Hain
Peter Hain - hustings hunter

Another weekend, another round of Labour hustings.

The latest lucky town to receive the six candidates will be Newcastle.

The hustings there will take place against a backdrop of criticism from Gordon Brown - among others - that the contest is in danger of taking the Labour party backwards... or at least leftwards.

I'll be talking to Peter Hain, the man who says he wants to be the umbilical cord between the Labour party and its leadership.

You can't swing a cat these days without hitting a politician talking about climate change.

Yesterday it was George Bush, next week it's the turn of the leaders of the world's richest nations as they gather for the G8 summit.

Trading in question

Weighing scales
If only carbon trading was as easy as apples...

On the international scene, there is really only one game in town for tackling climate change - and that's something called emissions trading.

Put very simply, the idea is that countries get an allowance of carbon, which they can then sell if they don't use all the carbon to which they're entitled.

The theory is that by putting a price on carbon, the market will make it cost effective to reduce pollution.

But is this big idea the best idea?

Paola Buonadonna will be asking if it's the only option, or simply a load of hot air.

Maclean's Bill...

David Maclean
David Maclean comes in for some flack

And we know from your emails that the Conservative MP David Maclean outraged many of you by bringing forward a bill exempting MPs from the Freedom of Information Bill.

It was, ostensibly, to protect the correspondence between MPs and their constituents.

More cynical souls than I suggested it might have more to do with keeping MPs' expenses secret.

The bill now goes to the Lords - I'll be talking to the man who's going to be leading the opposition there, Tom McNally of the Liberal Democrats.

Wet noses, wagging tails - it all points to a healthy Politics Show on Sunday at 12 noon.

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