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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
Hain: 'Balance between individual liberty and security'.
Peter Hain
I think he [Gordon Brown] is right to say that we need tougher powers, but they need to be overseen by the courts and by Parliament
Peter Hain

Speaking from the hustings in Newcastle upon Tyne today, the Labour deputy leadership candidate and Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain said there has to be a "careful balance between individual liberty and security".

Mr. Hain was commenting on proposals from Gordon Brown for new anti-terrorist legislation.

Mr. Hain said: "I think he is right to say that we need tougher powers, but they need to be overseen by the courts and by Parliament, and try to be underpinned as well by an all-party consensus, possibly through the Privy Council, because that way, people will know we areż jealously guarding individual human rights."

Mr. Hain has said that if was elected, he would be the "umbilical cord" between the Cabinet and the party, and that he would be the voice of the party in the cabinet.

But speaking after a poll showed the majority of the Labour party wanted a 50% tax rate on high earners, and despite having called for it in the past, he would not back the plans.

Instead, he recalled an occasion in 2003 when he was scheduled to give a speech calling for higher taxes and was slapped down by other members of the government.

Lord McNally
Also on the programme, Jon Sopel interviewed Lord McNally...

He said: "I said four years ago that I thought we ought to look at raising taxes for the super-rich so we could reduce them for those at the bottom and those in the middle. I got my fingers burned then and I'm not going back there again."

Mr. Hain repeated his call for a "new culture of giving" rather than taxing people until their "pips squeak".

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