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Sunday 20 May 2007

If you got most of these lazy youths off the street and in to work we may not need so many people coming in from abroad.
Mr Baxter

She complains that the education system is letting people down by not training them to do the jobs that are available. But she adds: "Just bringing them (migrant workers) in willy nilly all the time is going to eventually cause a real crisis.
Linda Hudson

She's been staying with a friend in the North East and looking for work, but complains that she's received almost no response to at least 40 job applications. She says: "I just think it's because they're employing Polish people.

There already is a housing problem in the North East, there's been no social housing built for quite a long time. She adds: "There's been quite a bit of immigration - taxi drivers etc - in to this area. Some of the social housing that's left available is in an appalling condition. So I do think that they do have control over the north east of England.
Marion Merry

He says this country should be looking at taking on skilled workers from all around the world, especially from Africa. "Whatever money a skilled worker happen to make from this country, or unskilled worker happens to make money from this country, that money goes a long way to alleviate poverty in Africa.
Ralph Chima

He says it's not true that everybody can move freely within the Common Market - a point he says was made by Stephen Hughes, Labour MEP on our programme. Not true. Germany and France have stopped people coming in for 10 years. So what we should do is take people in where there is a need.
David Roberts

The people in this country don't need to take the jobs because they're on social security, they're on income support, they're paying no rent, they're paying no poll tax, they're paying 5 pound something a week for water rates. That's all they're paying. No wonder we need these Polish people.

He's a merchant seaman and says that work in the area has dried up - which is why he has to work away. On immigration into the region he says: "I don't think the Government understands the animosity on the streets
Sean Chapman

What's happened to the minimum wage? Surely the minimum wage should be higher than benefit, and then if people won't do the work then their benefit should be stopped. Because as long as you pay more on benefit you'll never get people back to work again. They should be given the choice, the low skilled, of working or no benefit and I think that would help the country a tremendous amount.
Mrs Forster, Stockton on Tees

A lot of the jobs they are taking, some are jobs that quite frankly most of the people these days won't take." She adds: "People don't want to work for small money these days.
Mary Pollack

He says the problem isn't immigration? The reason they're taking our jobs is that our employers are a pack of poachers. We've stopped training apprentices so we now have no apprentices to fill the jobs.
James Rutherford

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